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CHASE54 Fall 2017 Apparel Review

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With high quality, performance-enhancing fabrics, CHASE54 brings you refined modern styling and on course performance with its Fall 2017 collection.


Have you figured out the name?  If not, see if knowing the CHASE54 tagline helps – For The Pursuit.  One under on every hole – the perfect scorecard.  CHASE54 strives for perfection in fit, feel, fashion, and performance.  I’ll delve into all of those points in this review of their Fall 2017 Boundaries Unknown collection.  I’m not used to named collections, but it gets even better.  Each release within the season has a theme, and for the Crush polo of this review that theme is Fractal Globe – which “showcases a fractured, distressed and messy structure of design elements for one to navigate.”  I thought it was a cool looking shirt when I first saw it, but now I’m thinking that CHASE54’s description alone should be up for an award.


Reading over the tags (which are nice in their own right) it was clear that CHASE54 is obsessed with performance.  Many apparel brands have clever names for each performance feature so that they can call out the ones being used on various pieces.  Not CHASE54 – they are all in with DRYFUSE, a fabric that has moisture wicking, breathability, stretch, and UPF40 all in one bundle.

On top of that, it has a silky soft hand, in both the shirt and shorts.  Marketing hype is one thing, delivering on the golf course is another, and CHASE54 does just that.  The Crush polo and Trekker shorts wicked away moisture and dried quickly.  My comfort in the polo was aided by the mesh ventilation panels along the shoulder blades.  The shorts provided unrestricted movement except for my shirt tail, which stayed tucked in thanks to the gription rubber around the waistband.  The polo includes 10% spandex blended in with the polyester which stretched freely with every move I produced.

Style & Fit

CHASE54 has a refined, modern style.  Shirt graphics are intriguing but not boisterous, and there’s variety to suit most every golfer’s fondness.  I love the colors and subtle fade to this Crush polo, yet I would never wear some of the prints on the website.  If you prefer solids but want to enjoy the quality of CHASE54, they have you covered.  I also appreciate a brand that doesn’t gloss over their shorts and pants.  The Trekker shorts have an extra seam across the back and slightly arcing front pockets that echo the modern styling of the tops.

The fit of the polo is as close to ideal for me as I can envision.  The shoulder seam sits right on the junction of my arm and shoulder, while the sleeve gently hugs and covers my bicep.  If you’re sporting gunboats don’t worry, there’s plenty of stretch in the material.  In the torso area the fit is mildly athletic – you don’t have to be a gym rat to look good, and you can stick with your normal size.  The shorts come in even AND odd sizes, with the 33” fitting fantastic around my waist, while the 10” inseam stopped at the top of my knees.  I thought the cut in-between those points was a bit full and out of sync with the fit of the polo.


In the crowded space of golf apparel, CHASE54 distinguished itself to me with high tech fabrics with superb feel and unique elevated graphics.  I found the fit of the Crush polo sublime, but that of  the Trekker shorts disappointing.  The Fall 2017 collection may be entitled Boundaries Unknown, but from my first look at CHASE54 I think it could be Boundaries Unlimited.

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