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50 Words or Less

The Callaway Paradym fairway wood produces amazing ball speeds while offering plenty of forgiveness.  Rewarding sound and feel add to the appeal.

Check out the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max fairway wood HERE


Mirroring their bigger sibling drivers, the Callaway Paradym fairway woods are available in three models:  the standard featured in this review, the draw biased X [full review HERE], and, for stronger players, the Triple Diamond.  In designing the standard Paradym fairway wood, Callaway focused on what the majority of golfers desire:  high launch and a neutral ball flight.  As someone who fits that profile, I put one to the test.

callaway paradym fairway wood address


Every Paradym wood review we’ve published to date has featured a photo of the headcover in the Introduction, yet not one word about it has been written.  I suspect that’s because we can’t decide if we like it or not.  I love how the well-executed Paradym white stitching pops against the deep blue background, but the vinyl shine of that midsection makes my eyebrow furl in a questioning way.  The materials do feel luxuriously soft and the fit is great.  I’m still on the fence.

Moving on, at address the Paradym fairway wood has a lovely round shape that’s slightly toe-centric.  The deep blue crown reveals its carbon construction when the light hits it right.  The connector tabs of the body framework are visible, but not distracting.

Face on, you can also see the slight toe bias, but the shallow face height really is the more noteworthy element.  The sole of the Paradym fairway conveys a lot of information.  There’s the marbled blue “Forged Carbon” midsection, gold tungsten weight pod, “Jailbreak AI,” and classic Callaway logo.  Overall, the club has a unique, yet appealing look.

callaway paradym fairway wood face

Sound & Feel

Both my ears and my hands really enjoyed the results of contact with the Callaway Paradym fairway wood.  Whether dead centered or slightly off, strikes had a rewarding woodsy “snap” that felt like the ball stayed on the face for an extra split second.  I found the head very stable unless I wandered out towards the toe.  Feedback was subtle, but I was able to verify impact locations via the moist spring grass that left clear ball imprints on the face.


Overall, I was pleased with the numbers I was achieving with the 3 HL Paradym fairway wood, but I was ecstatic about ball speed.  I don’t recall ever posting a 1.49 smash factor with a fairway wood, let alone averaging that.  As Matt Saternus stated in his review of the Paradym X, “If you’re looking for pure ball speed in your fairway wood, I don’t think anyone tops Paradym this year.”

Callaway once again turned to A.I. to optimize ball speeds and forgiveness of the Paradym fairway wood.  The all-new Jailbreak Batwing moved the stiffening elements to the perimeter, stiffening the framework and allowing the face to flex more.  More flex equates to faster ball speeds.  The C300 maraging steel face itself was also optimized for each loft.

Weight distribution was the focus for delivering Callaway’s targeted high launch and low spin design.  To give themselves the freedom to distribute weight where most needed, the designers utilized a light weight forged carbon sole.  Next, they precisely positioned 23 grams of tungsten to set the CoG low and forward.  I found that low CoG made it easy to get the ball airborne from the fairway or rough.  Callaway doesn’t discuss the fluted rails of the sole, but from my observations, they seem to keep the club head flowing through the turf nicely.  Spin was a bit too low for me, but that’s something I’m confident I could sort out during a proper fitting session.

Need lower spin?  Check out the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond FW HERE

callaway paradym fairway wood


The Callaway Paradym fairway wood gives a wide range of golfers the opportunity to hit the ball high, straight and far – shot after shot.  With seven lofts, plus an adjustable hosel in both the 3W and 3 HL versions, Paradym fairway woods offer plenty of options.  Bottom line, if you are in the market for a new fairway wood this year, the Callaway Paradym is a must try.

Visit Callaway HERE

Callaway Paradym Driver Price & Specs

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  1. I have a Rogue Max 3HL (16.5 degrees) and wondering how much you gain with the Paradym? (interesting that the 3 and 3HL have an adjustable hosel vs. bonded for the Rogue)

  2. Agree – Rocketship.

    I also have the 3HL. Shallow head but no issue teeing up.

    Headcover – Back to the back 70’s vinyl classic look – not a fan but I do not use OEM head covers

    Feel – Very hot. Woodsy thwack that is pleasing. You can tell where you hit the ball by the feel – solid on center, a little hollow feeling on toe, hard on heel.

    Get fit for shaft.

  3. Bobby Blatimore

    Great review – I was excited to see that Callaway offered adjustability in the 3HL version, so I picked one up and have been very pleased with the results…essentially, I am getting 3 wood distance with a 4 wood loft and launch! I was hesitant to give up on my epic Max 3 wood because it has been solid for me, but the Paradym 3HL is becoming a new favorite in my bag!

  4. What shaft did you use Matt?

  5. Elgin Luke

    I have struggled with my Fairway woods for years and Iam 83 and. Play at my club in the Vets comp.,twice a week and always looking for more club fairway wood this might help me?

    • Matt Meeker

      Awesome that you are so actively playing. It depends on what you are struggling with Elgin. My hunch is you need loft and spin. The Paradym could certainly deliver with many loft options. As for spin, you’ll need to see how the stock shafts perform. Best option is to work with a qualified fitter.

      – Meeks

  6. James Ceneviva

    I got fitted on Thursday from a Callaway rep for the complete set of Paradym gaining about 30 yards on irons and about 40-50 yards on the Paradym Wood. In 10 days my will be done now time to step up my game. Very excited

  7. Chuck Zirkle

    Played with a old friend who is ten years younger than myself. He has played Titleist clubs for decades successfully. He recently converted to these new Callaway clubs and Chrome Soft ball. At 77 I was constantly longer off the tee with Titleist TSI3 all day with Prov1. He was longer with his irons. Checked lofts and his were 2* stronger. Will be purchasing the new T350 upon release and staying loyal to the brand. There is about six stroke difference in our handicaps. He is the better player and always has. Just do not see it, sorry Cally.

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