Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Fairway Wood Review

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The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Fairway Wood is perhaps the fairway wood with the most technology packed into it in 2023. This low-spin bomber is a great option for those looking to get the most distance out of the top end of their bag.


Although it’s not spelled the same way, Callaway’s Paradym clubs are supposed to invoke the idea of a “paradigm shift.”  That idea is defined as a fundamental change in underlying assumptions.  It’s clear then, that the new Paradym wood is meant to be something new in what Callaway typically offers year over year.  I wanted to find out if the club was worthy of the name through some experimenting.


Opulent, futuristic, techie, and compact.  Those are the words I would use to describe the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond fairway wood.  The blue carbon on the top of the club, which I thought looked a bit strange in photos, looks beautiful in person.  It’s wholly unique and feels like something out of a golfer’s bag from years in the future.  That carbon leads into a thin grey topline with no sight dot, producing a clean and player-preferred look at address. 

Where most club colorways this season have gone primary colors like black, red, and blue, the predominant color on the sole of Paradym is gold.  That rich unique color evokes an extremely premium impression.  There are also minor panels that echo the blue from the top, but they are subtle, as well as silver accents that accentuate the rail designs of the sole.  

The headcover also gives off a futuristic vibe.  The main feature is a thick, glossy, blue line that features the Callaway logo and the word Paradym in white.  Along the sides of the headcover are accents of white and gold. 

Sound & Feel

Turf interaction from the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond fairway wood is extremely pleasant and smooth all over the face.  However, higher strikes on the face felt substantially sharper.  With a smaller more squat profile than that of its competition like the Stealth 2 Plus fairway (review HERE), I found it was easier to hit off of the ground and produce higher launch.  It also has a deeper, thick, punchy sound that produces a solid “thwock.”


It’s not just the name and appearance of the Paradym that makes it feel like it’s from the future.  There is a ton of technology present in the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond fairway wood, and each one has a tangible performance benefit.  

The weight savings from the carbon crown, coupled with a 21-gram tungsten cartridge in the sole of the club, allows the positioning of the center of gravity to be pushed low and forward, promoting low spin for max distance.  While it’s not the lowest-spinning 3 wood I’ve tested, it spun with surprising consistency that easily held greens on reachable par 5’s.  

Batwing technology isn’t reserved for Batman’s fighter jet either, you’ll also find it here in the Paradym fairway wood.  For those unaware, the batwing tech is the newest iteration of the Jailbreak face technology.  Structures on the sides of the club face stiffen and stabilize the body of the club and increase ball speed.  Combining that with C300 miraging steel face cup design, that tech made a discernable difference in performance, leading to very consistent ball speeds and resulting shots, for me. 

On top of all of that tech, the hosel is extremely adjustable.  That allows either you to further dial in the club to meet your exact wants and needs.  The sleeve allows for the addition of up to two degrees of loft, the subtraction of one, and the additional option of a draw setting.  In the standard setting for me, it was deadly accurate. I really didn’t find any fault with the club at all.  Not to mention it was workable.  


Overall, the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond fairway wood is the best I’ve tested in 2023. With how consistent, long, and straight it performed, it made me wonder just how many of these I could put in the bag.  With fairway woods being some of the least used clubs in the bag, dependability is key.  The Triple Diamond model feels like it could be as easily named Five Stars.

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  1. Is it just me, or do the Triple Diamond fairway heads look ‘more square’ in neutral position than the regular Paradym?

    • Hey Matt,

      Nope, not just you. It’s definitely slightly fade-biased. To my eye, it looks slightly more open than the typical Paradym head.


  2. Christopher Amsden

    Nice review. Is this Triple Diamond OK for mid handicappers with medium to slow club head speed? I like the sound of this club, if my limitations won’t get in the way. Thanks, Chris

    • Matt Saternus


      I would not recommend it for the player you describe, but there will be exceptions. The answer is always to get fit.


    • Hey Chris!

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it! — I agree with Matt, this club isn’t necessarily designed for those types. With that said, if you launch the club high enough, the low spin will get that distance up. You’d just need to pair this with a light, high-launching shaft if you were someone like you described. A fitter would be your best resource undoubtedly.


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