Callaway Paradym X Fairway Wood Review

callaway paradym x fairway wood sole

50 Words or Less

The Callaway Paradym X fairway wood creates enormous ball speed.  Easy to launch off the turf.  Strong draw bias that can be moderated with hosel adjustments.


Last year, Callaway raised the bar for ball speed in a fairway wood with their Rogue ST models [review HERE].  For 2023, Callaway claims go be going even farther.  Their player testing showed gains of up to 7 yards, so, as someone always looking to bring more par 5s into reach, I was eager to put one to the test.

callaway paradym x fairway wood address


Callaway describes the Paradym X fairway wood as having a “stretched” footprint.  While it’s definitely longer than average from front-to-back, it’s certainly not the largest draw-biased FW of this year.  Moreover, I think the shape- symmetrical and slightly triangular – is slimming and very appealing.  I also like the matte front edge of the crown as it camouflages the size a bit.  The very shallow face sits a hair closed in the neutral position, but this is adjustable.

On the sole, there’s less of the divisive blue than there is on the Paradym driver [review HERE].  The “Paradaym X” branding dominates the middle of the club.  My favorite element is the gold Tungsten Speed Cartridge which looks stunning with the blue.

callaway paradym x fairway wood face

Sound & Feel

I was in love with the sound of the Callaway Paradym X fairway wood from the first swing.  Good contact produces an authoritative, powerful sound somewhere between a “snap” and a “crack.”  It has some bass to it that you can feel in your chest; a signal that you’ve crushed one.

This sound pairs with a feel that’s more solid than fast – a sledge hammer, not a nail gun.  Centered contact is a little more crisp with mishits feeling slightly subdued.  There’s more than enough feedback through the hands to know where you struck the ball.


With memories of driver-like smash factors from Rogue ST, I took the Callaway Paradym X fairway wood straight to the launch monitor.  It did not disappoint.  My first swing registered a 1.48 smash factor, and subsequent quality strikes went as high as 1.5.  These speeds come in part from Callaway’s Jailbreak Batwing Technology which pushes the stiffening elements to the edge, allowing the face to flex more easily.  If you’re looking for pure ball speed in your fairway wood, I don’t think anyone tops Paradym this year.

Since this is Callaway’s “most forgiving shape,” we should next turn our attention to consistency.  Thanks to an AI-designed face and high MOI, ball speed stays high all the way to the deep heel and toe.  I saw smash factors staying north of 1.4 even on bad mishits.

When it comes to launch and spin, Callaway bills the Paradym X as “highest” launching with “low” spin.  This is the result of the Tungsten Speed Cartridge pushing the CG low and forward.  For me, this low CG plus the shallow face was extremely easy to elevate.  Even thin shots got into the air.  The only drawback is that the shallow face may be uncomfortable for players who hit their FWs off the tee.  With regard to spin, the Paradym X FW has low spin potential, but the spin can jump up a bit on poor strikes.

callaway paradym x fairway wood crown

Finally, there’s the draw bias.  Callaway states that the Paradym X FW has a “slight” draw bias due to a combination of a more upright lie angle and a Forged Carbon toe patch that pushes weight toward the heel.  In my testing, I saw a fairly strong draw bias.  However, unlike some draw biased FWs, the Paradym X is adjustable at the hosel.  That means the face can be opened slightly to negate some of that draw bias while still enjoying the benefits of high launch and forgiveness.

Want to ditch the draw bias?  Check out the Paradym fairway wood HERE

callaway paradym x fairway wood sole close up


The addition of adjustability makes the Callaway Paradym X fairway wood a great choice for a much wider array of players.  If you want more distance and primarily hit your fairway woods off the turf, there aren’t many better choices.  Whether you’re a slicer or not, this club could earn a place in your bag.

Visit Callaway HERE

Callaway Paradym X Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. Nice read. Going to test this against my Rogue 3W, compare numbers.

  2. Matt,

    Curious if you reviewed the standard Paradym FW and if so how that compared to the X model? Did you prefer this to the Rogue ST?

    • Matt Saternus


      I did not test the standard Paradym, that review is coming from Matt Meeker.
      I’m very impressed with several of the Rogue ST models as well as the Paradym X. I’d need head to head testing to pick a winner for my game.


  3. Dale Femrite

    Be aware that the 3 wood is the only one with an adjustable hosel.

  4. Matt – you called this out as being great for off the turf, have you tested anything that would seem to shine for more of a tee-centric usage?

  5. Thank you for the review. Thinking of the regular Paradym. I liked the Rogue ST Ma, and if this is a club longer, well that is persuasive.

  6. kevin dahl

    I got the 3 HL and didn’t realize until I got it home that it wasn’t adjustable. $339 for a non adjustable club is ludicrous

  7. Love all of the reviews and write up’s, but have a question. I was trying to consider upgrading, and comparing this review with Rogue FW review, it seems like club speeds were basically same, but distance much shorter with Paradym and Rogue ST compared to Rogue (‘18 version). Am I missing something?

    • Matt Saternus


      While we know it’s inevitable, we have consistently stated that A) the numbers are not everything and B) numbers from one review should not be compared to numbers from another as apples-to-apples. Sometimes a particular club is just a better fit for a given tester, sometimes they’re having a good (or bad) stretch of play. Ultimately, these reviews are a starting point; you should get equipment that’s fit to your swing.


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