Callaway Epic Super Hybrid Review

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The Callaway Epic Super Hybrid has huge ball speed and impressive forgiveness.  More versatile than the original Super Hybrid.  Wide array of lofts offered.


As I noted in my recent review of Callaway’s Apex Utility Wood [read it HERE], there are more long game options than ever before.  Whether you’re looking for distance, consistency, forgiveness, or low spin, you can find it somewhere.  In the Epic Super Hybrid, Callaway has made it clear what golfers will get: “the DNA and technology of a driver.”  If you need a hybrid that can bomb it, that will be music to your ears.


Compared to almost any other hybrid, the Epic Super Hybrid is big.  It’s long from front to back and has a very tall face.  The shaping gives is a stout, slightly boxy appearance.  Looking at the ESH versus the original Super Hybrid [review HERE], the ESH has a slightly more streamlined toe but is otherwise very similar.

The sole of the ESH is quite busy.  “Epic Super Hybrid” covers the toe side.  Opposite that, you’ll find the number and loft designation.  In the middle, there’s a weight port and the Jailbreak AI Velocity Blades.

Sound & Feel

When struck well, the Callaway Epic Super Hybrid sounds like a fairway wood with a high pitched “tink.”  This is a fitting sound for a club that’s built to bomb it.  The feel of impact matches this sound – light and quick off the face.

Should you mishit a shot, you’ll find that the sound loses it’s sweet soprano and gets a little more “thud”-ish.  You’ll be able to feel those mishits clearly in your hands, but it never stings.


Callaway promotes the Epic Super Hybrid as having “driver DNA” because it’s designed primarily for ball speed.  That ball speed comes from a titanium body, titanium Flash Face, and Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades.  It didn’t take many shots on the launch monitor to see that driver DNA come through.  Even with 18 degrees of loft, the smash factor was consistently in the high 1.4s and often at 1.5.  For those that don’t speak launch monitor, that means the club was generating as much ball speed as possible for my club head speed.

The forgiveness and stability of the Epic Super Hybrid is also notable.  In addition to Jailbreak and Flash Face, Callaway uses 90 grams of tungsten weighting to ensure that imperfect swings still create good results.  Even my poor swings still had excellent ball speed and launched on reasonable trajectories.

Compared to the original Super Hybrid, the Epic Super Hybrid is a more versatile club.  It launches high and easily like the original but with more spin.  The spin is still low overall, so the ESH is very long, but now it’s easier to hold greens and shape shots.  This newer model retains the adjustable hosel so you can set the exact loft and face angle you prefer.

As they often do, Callaway has provided a helpful chart comparing the Epic Super Hybrid to two of their other current hybrids, the Apex 21 [review HERE] and Big Bertha B21 [review HERE].  The most obvious difference is that the Epic Super Hybrid has a titanium face and body where the other two are made of steel.  The ESH is also the only one with a 2H loft option (16 degrees).


If you need a longer long game option but don’t get along with fairway woods, the Callaway Epic Super Hybrid needs to be on your must-try list.  This club is incredibly fast and easy to hit.  When you add in the array of available lofts and adjustability, it’s an option that can work in nearly any set up.

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Callaway Epic Super Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. Matt, thanks for this review, I have the 16 degree and absolutely love it, especially off the tee.

    What’s the biggest difference you think between this club and the new apex hybrid?

  2. Gently forgiving BEAST!

  3. Mark Stutler

    Wait a minute!! $399 for a danged hybrid? No way that performance justifies the cost.

  4. This club has been on my radar for a while now and I’m re tooling my bag soon especially my Hybrid options. I currently play a 21 and a 19 hybrid. Going to dig deep to see how this club could replace my 19 degree to basically give me a little more firepower on certain shots. Hybrids can be great depending on the lie and conditions. My fitter and I both agree we need to make sure it will blend perfectly with my 4W which I love but tinkering is fun. Some members at my club who picked this club up last Fall absolutely swear by it however as long as you can properly dial it into your bag properly. Looking forward to my results and will report back. Great review as always.

  5. Jason Debly

    I have purchased several 2022 Epic Super Hybrids and all I can say is “wow!” I am a 22 handicapper and need forgiveness off the fairway. A 3 wood off the fairway is difficult for me to hit well because the shaft is just too long for me. But, the Super Hybrid shafts are substantially shorter such that I can hit the ball, get good distance and enjoy the forgiveness. But, I can’t get over the distance!

    If you struggle with long irons and fairway woods, consider this line of clubs.

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