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Callaway Apex UW Utility Wood Review

50 Words or Less

The Callaway Apex UW Utility Wood is extremely versatile.  Very consistent ball speed.  Lots of fun to hit.

Check out the Callaway Apex UW 2024 HERE


As the lines between categories continues to blur – especially in the long game – OEMs like Callaway are offering golfers more and more ways to find the perfect fit.  Their latest is the Apex UW Utility Wood.  Offered exclusively in higher lofts, this club is built for versatility.

Check out another great long game option, the Callaway Epic Super Hybrid HERE


The Callaway Apex Utility Wood is either a very compact fairway wood or an overgrown hybrid.  Its shape is asymmetrical but not quite the traditional pear shape either.  The back edge is too square to be deemed a normal FW but too round to be a hybrid.  Its face is quite deep in fairway wood terms but about average for a hybrid.

With all these in between traits, the Apex Utility Wood could have been a visual nightmare, but I absolutely love it.  Something about it sits perfectly to my eye.  It has enough size to be very comforting, but it’s not unwieldy.

Sound & Feel

While the look of the Apex Utililty Wood walks the line between hybrid and fairway wood, the sound does not.  Pure impact produces that classic fairway wood “tink.”  As someone who rarely hears that sound from a traditional fairway wood, I was quite pleased with this noise.

When you wander off to the corners of the face, the Apex Utility Wood will let you know it.  The sound becomes louder and more dissonant.  You’ll also get a clear signal through your hands that your swing missed the mark.


Before I dive into my experience, let me explain a bit about the Apex UW.  First, it has a compact head that Callaway designed this with feedback from the Tour staff.  They compare it to their Apex Pro hybrid [review HERE] and Epic Speed fairway wood [review HERE], which tells you its aimed at better players.  In addition to having a head size between those two, the shaft length is in the middle as well, making it easier to hit for most players.  While you may think that everything about the Apex UW is a compromise between hybrid and FW, that’s not quite the case.  Per Callaway, the Apex UW launches higher than either of the aforementioned clubs, and it has forward tungsten weighting for a neutral ball flight.

Regular readers know that I get along with fairway woods like oil mixes with water.  That said, I’m endlessly hopeful about finding a perfect fit.  The Callaway Apex UW rewarded my optimism.

When I started hitting the Apex UW, the first thing I noticed was the smash factor1.5.  1.5.  1.5.  I’ve seen 1.5 with a fairway wood before, but consistently?  Almost never.  Even when my swing got sideways, the smash factor stayed in the 1.4s.  This club had my attention.

Then I started looking at the ball flight.  True to Callaway’s claims, that MIM’d tungsten was producing a neutral ball flight with very tight dispersion, another thing I rarely see in the long game. Finally, I turned my attention to the launch and spin.  The Apex UW was routinely launching in the mid-teens with spin around or just under 3,000 RPM (I was testing the 19 degree model).  I literally could not ask for anything more.

With a big smile on my face and a bunch of confidence, I tried to exercise the promised versatility of the Apex UW.  I won’t claim a perfect success rate, but I found the club more than capable of flighting the ball higher or lower as well as shaping shots.  As I wrapped up my testing, I knew that this club would be competing hard for a spot in my 2022 bag.


The reason that Callaway is offering so many options in the long game is that different players will vibe with different clubs.  Personally, I can’t remember having more fun with a long game club than I had with the Callaway Apex UW Utility Wood.  I found it to be versatile, easy to hit, and remarkably consistent.  If you’re struggling to find that perfect option for the top of your bag, give this a serious look.

Visit Callaway HERE

Callaway Apex UW Utility Wood Price & Specs

Matt Saternus
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  1. Great review, Matt. I’ve had my eye on this club for a while. As a lefty, I am disappointed they only offer this club in a 19° model with a fixed hosel. I game an 18° driving iron for a second tee club, so do you think a 19° UW would be better for long approaches and shots out of the rough? Would you expect more spin out of it? I am worried it would be a bomber for me. I can just get fitted I suppose :)

  2. The Apex UW is my favorite club I’ve hit in a long time. The head shape is just so versatile. I can hit lower, really controllable squeeze fades off the tee on tight holes, and also just hit down on it and blast the ball high out of the rough just like a hybrid. I love it so much I bought two — one with a Ventus Blue 8S (snagged for no upcharge thanks to a temporary glitch on PGA SS’s website) and one with a Ventus Red 8X that I’d pulled from something else. The Red 8X in particular is just a killer combination, and looks pretty cool to me too. I’ve been getting similar numbers to what you’re reporting with my 19* heads — slightly higher spin, in the low-to-mid 3,000s. Only issue I’ve run into is that it goes about as far as my 4W. Not a huge problem, though, because they’re very different ball flights, with the 4W going quite a bit higher. Anybody who’s ever complained about hooking hybrids ought to try this club, in my opinion.

    • I’ve been considering one of these as well instead of a 4W, but mostly for approach shots. How have you liked it so far for this scenario? Also, have been considering the same blue/red shafts, leaning toward red for approach shots. Any recs on this from your experience? Thanks!

  3. is this club for mid to high handicap player?

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no reason that a 10-15 handicap couldn’t play this club, but there are more forgiving options out there. My general answer is always to get fit and find out what works for your specific swing.


    • I just purchased the UW 17 degree, to replace my 3 wood in my bag. I am a recreational golfer with HCP 15, and had problems with my consistency with a Stealth FW3. Yes, occasionally i could hit the middle and just smoke one, but that was a rare moment. Last year I was playing a TSI3 hybrid 18 degrees, and had issues getting it flying properly. Thought it was the shaft hzrdus smoke black, but now I realize that was a misjudgement. I have the Hzrdus smoke black 6.0 in this one as well. Just love it. With the UW, I have managed to get 10m longer averages than my FW3 and a clearly tighter dispersion. Also clearly longer than the TSI3 hybrid, and more consistent. I really don’t see a problem for anyone to use this club, even a higher handicapper. Just test it, and maybe the weight of the club is just right for you, as it is for me. This club is a hidden gem!!!

  4. With like for like lofts in 19 degrees would you find the performance benefits significant over the G425 hybrid?

    • Matt Saternus


      It will vary from player to player. The G425 hybrid is excellent, so it will come down to what the player is looking for and the look/length/lie that they are more comfortable with.


  5. Got any thoughts on how it compares to the Cobra F6 Baffler?

  6. Have you had a chance to hit the new Epic Super Hybrid? I’m curious how the UW compares to that offering.

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, I will have a full review of the Super Hybrid out in the next couple weeks.


      • Yes I have a 16 degree super hybrid so interested to see how this stacks up. My super hybrid is great off the tee, but lose a bit from the fairway compared to my pxg hybrid. Much harder to work the ball

  7. Justin Papa

    Hi Matt,
    Got the 21 as a gift for Christmas. My 4i is 22 degrees. I have read that this should go significantly longer than an iron of the same loft. Do you find this to be the case? I’m wondering if I should trade it for the 19 degree.

  8. I went after a hybrid a few weeks back and my fitter pulled this out with a HZRDS RDX Black in it. I get along ok with FW metals, but not so much with hybrids. I hit 3 or 4 shots dead straight, was able to work it some. Went right in the bag in place of my 5w and 2H. Now I have a spot in the bag for something else and I don’t know what to add! It was nice too be able to swing all out and hit it 230, but also choke down and dial back and hit it 200.

  9. If this club makes it into your bag this year, would it replace a fairway wood or hybrid. If yes, which one?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t carry a FW. I have open spots in my bag but the UW would likely replace my 18* hybrid.


  10. Hi Matt,
    Just ordered a set of the Epic Super Hybrids (3H, 4H and 5H)! Anxious to see your review to come! Think that, for me as a 20 handicap, the 3H in this series will be my UW!!
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Been gaming my 17* UW for a few rounds now and it’s replaced my SIM Ti 15* 3 wood. While I think the SIM Ti is arguably one of the best fairway woods of all time the UW generates all the performance and sits a bit more neutral, which means I don’t get the surprise hook from the middle of the fairway or off the tee. The flight from the UW is penetrating and the sound/feel on impact is incredible. It’s no surprise this thing is getting as much hype as it has been since launch.

  12. John Rodney

    I thought the old Callaway Heaven Wood was the best club ever for hitting distance shots out of the rough. Did you ever use one of those and how does this new one compare?

  13. Patrick Bulgaro

    Here’s a somewhat related question. question . If you were a mid handicap senior golfer struggling to launch a 3 wood with a decent amount of carry and could choose one club to fulfill that gap in your game that you can longer get done with your old 3 wood what. Club and / or manufacturer would you choose?

  14. Patrick Bulgaro

    As a senior golfer with a handicap in the 20’s I am having trouble launching my 3 wood with the kind of carry I used to. Do you have any suggestions for a club that be easier to launch ?

  15. Seth+Peterson

    Hey Matt.

    I’ve had my on this club since it was announced and glad to see your review. You say it will replace the CBX 119 if it goes I. The bag. Did you find the 19* apex uw to be about the same distance as your 17 cbx or would you be running into gapping issue or be considering the 17* UW? I’m curious cause I’m trying to explore options for between my driver and x-forged ut 18*. Thanks again for all you do.


  16. Just got my 19* with 6.0 stiff 70g shaft….absolutely love this club….fills a perfect gap for me at 215 carry and it is so easy to hit and has a really penetrating flat flight (no ballooning). It was also pretty much arrow straight…though could put a baby draw or baby fade on it as well. Can’t recommend highly enough. Gamer!!

  17. Angel Maldonado

    No swing stats?! You always post your numbers after testing a club. I’m a numbers guy & always look forward to comparing them to mine. You can post them here, for me. 😊
    I get my 17* UW tomorrow. Looking forward to hitting it. Bye 5 Wood.

  18. Tony Danchuk

    Hey Matt, always enjoy reading your reviews! Can you please take photos of the club in the playing position? I think many better players would really like to see how the club looks at address. I’ve been reading your reviews for years, keep up the good work!

  19. Matthew deegan

    Keep my 19 degree Callaway titanium 5 wood and drop my Sim 2 21 degree hybrid for the 21 degree UW? Will it go higher AND longer than the hybrid?

    • Matt Saternus


      The Apex will be better for some, the hybrid better for others. My advice is always to get fit before making changes to your bag.



  20. Hi Matt, does a hybrid shaft or a fairway wood shaft fit in the UW?

  21. I keep seeing great reviews for this club but it is impossible to find it on a fitting cart. I have tried contacting Callaway and can’t get any more support than what is on the web site. I would hate spending any money on a club without being fitted for it.

  22. Hey Matt, I am looking for a new hybrid and am deciding between 3. The CLk, Tsi2, and the Apex UW, I’m a little over a 20 handicap, any thoughts ?

    • Matt Saternus


      My advice is always to get fit. Those three are substantially different from one another, so I expect you’ll see a big difference in how they perform.


  23. hey matt question. i’m playing apex pros 23 degree four iron and next is a cobra speed zone 3wood turned to 14 1/2 degrees was wondering which loft utility wood would best fit. not too familiar with how the lengths effect distance in hybrids/ woods as i prefer irons. thanks in advance

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no way for me to know for sure outside of a fitting, as there are a lot of factors to consider. If you’re not going to get fit for the club, I would probably aim for the 19* version.



  24. Kyle Thornton

    Matt – like you I’m in love with this club. Have two in the bag..: I just can’t seem to crack the shaft. I prefer to play them shorter, and hot melt the head. That doesn’t jive well with a classic wood shaft (ie my current ventus). Curious, your WITB showed you play this with a hybrid shaft… did you drill out the head to accommodate a .355/370?

  25. The Pro at my club turned me onto this club, he calls it his “secret weapon”. I carry two in my bag, a 21° and a 19°. I use the 21° like a 4 iron or hybrid. It launches the ball high and it stops on a dime. Just yesterday I hit it off a tee into a 192 yard par 3 and the ball finished in front of the divot by about two feet. I use the 17°instead of a 4 wood, and I get about 210 carry and 225 total. It launches the ball on a mid-high trajectory, releases and then runs forward. These UW’s are quite honestly the best long clubs I’ve ever used and at 61 years old, I’ve had many long irons, hybrids and fairway woods in my 46 years of playing golf. I’ve never stood over the ball with a long club in my hand and felt more comfortable and confident!

  26. Hi, if you replace your hybrid with the apex uw, is it the longest club after your driver or do you game something else? I consider to use 17* apex uw instead of spoon, have never felt comfortable with spoon. Do you think it would be smart or should i just practice more with spoon? Scratch player

    • Matt Saternus


      Personally, I only carry the driver and UW.
      I don’t think there’s any virtue in beating your head against a wall with a club you don’t like.



  27. I have searched for the Nippon Modus3 GOST 0.335” tip shaft but the only one I have found is the 0.370” hybrid shaft. Nippon’s website only lists the 0.370” version and no retailers carry a 0.335” version. Do you have a source where the 0.335” version can be purchased? I play the 0.370” hybrid version in a TSi2 hybrid but would love to try the GOST in a UW.

    • Matt Saternus


      I got mine directly from Nippon. Try contacting Shaftology in Illinois: (630) 520-0452


  28. Todd Devine

    Thinking this could replace both my Srixon ZX driving iron, AND my Cleveland Hywood.

    Question….when you say it’s geared towards “better players”, please elaborate. Is this based primarily on swing speed, or consistent contact?


    • Matt Saternus


      Both. There are more forgiving options out there. Also, while it’s billed as having a “neutral” bias, a lot of players find that it favors a cut over a draw.


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