Callaway Super Hybrid Review

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The Callaway Super Hybrid is a fusion of hybrid and fairway wood.  Very long and very low spin.

Check out the new Callaway Paradym Super Hybrid HERE


Regular readers know that I don’t get along with fairway woods, at least not well enough to bag one.  However, I love eagle putts.  This puts me in a perpetual quest for the longest hybrid I can find, so you can understand my excitement when I learned about the Callaway Super Hybrid.  By blending the playing length of a hybrid with the construction of a fairway wood, Callaway seeks to give golfers a better way to attack those long par 5s.


The Callaway Super Hybrid is big.  B-I-G, big.  It’s not as long from front to back as a fairway wood, but it’s not far off.  If you get past the size, this is a really attractive club.  The head is slightly asymmetrical, and the chevron alignment aid is centered.  Callaway’s signature crown is here, too: a strip of gloss black near the ball with carbon fiber covering the rest of the head.

Flipping the club over, you see a sole that’s interesting without being too busy.  The “Super Hybrid” branding is modest in size, putting most of the focus on the variety of shapes and finishes on the sole.  You’ll also notice the Jailbreak bars near the face and a weight plug opposite them.

Sound & Feel

If you had asked me to guess what a Super Hybrid would sound like, I would have said, “Loud.”  In fact, I would have bet the house on it.  I’m glad you didn’t ask me, because I would have lost my house.

The Callaway Super Hybrid is shockingly quiet.  Impact creates a small, staccato “click” that has more in common with an iron than either a hybrid or fairway wood.  This club is a silent assassin – if you hit into the slow players in front of you, they’ll never hear it coming.

What was not surprising was the way that this large head made all types of shots feel similar.  The sound was nearly the same all across the face.  Except for shots where I nearly missed the ball, the head does not want to twist.


Before I made my first swing, I knew that the Callaway Super Hybrid was going to require a little getting used to.  My brain had to reconcile that a head this big could be on a shaft this short with a lie angle this upright.  There were some clunkers to start with, but that was on me, not the club.

Once I stopped overthinking things, the Callaway Super Hybrid got very impressive.  Most important for me, it launched the ball high and easily.  It’s easily the highest launch I’ve ever seen from a 17 degree club, and it’s very forgiving of thin shots.

When I got the Super Hybrid on a launch monitor, what stood out was the ball speed.  Whether you think of this as a fairway wood or a hybrid, it’s a monster.  With a titanium face and body, plus a carbon crown, the Super Hybrid is built for ball speed.  On the sweet spot, off the sweet spot, it doesn’t seem to matter, the ball is going to come off the face sizzling.

Finally, the Super Hybrid is very low spin.  I saw this on the range and confirmed it on the launch monitor.  For me, a low spin player, the 17 degree model is actually too low spin.  I was launching the ball at a beautiful height only to watch it fall out of the sky and run like crazy.  This low spin will be a boon for higher spin players, and it does have me excited to test the 20 degree version for even higher launch with more spin.


If you’re looking to add a new weapon to your long game arsenal, consider the Callaway Super Hybrid.  It’s unlike anything else on the market with its larger head, shorter shaft, immense ball speed, and very low spin.  Make sure you get fit for the right loft and shaft, and you’ll be bringing par 5s into reach in no time.

Callaway Super Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. What would you think about putting a 43 in fw wood shaft in and adjusting the loft to 15 to replace a 3 wood?

  2. 9handicapper

    You would think Callaway would be marketing 25/27/29/31 degree hybrids to help those who really struggle out there….. seriously, how many “average” players get any assistance from their current 3/4 woods – the golf stores are filled with them.

  3. Gary Rapaport

    Tell me about the shafts they offer? I usually play stiff shafts in hybrids and woods. I play a lighter composite regular shaft in my irons. Age 68, handicap of six.

  4. If I was going for strictly distance, I should try the 17 degree loft?

    • Matt Saternus


      Probably, unless you launch it so low that you lose out on carry distance. Or, if you’re low spin like me, you could play a higher loft and still have optimal spin. In short: get fit or at least test the club in a couple different lofts.



  5. How would you compare this to the PXG 0317x hybrids, both Gen 1 & 2? In terms of launch, spin, distance, forgiveness? Thanks!

  6. Per-Erik Olsson

    Dis you test both stiff and x-stiff in the 17 degree Super Hybrid? Feel of the shaft? Spin-numbers?
    In Europe we need to shop blinde. Callaway do not sell them here. What was your carry and total lenght?
    Regards PEO

  7. Nicholas Faust

    What kind of distances where you getting compared to fairway wood? I would love a lower lofted hybrid to add to the bag and currently game rogue 3 and 4 hybrids.

    • Matt Saternus


      The Super Hybrid has ball speed equivalent to the very best fairway woods, so if you get the right launch and spin conditions, it will be as long or longer than a FW.



  8. Would you consider this in the same class as the Rogue X hybrid you reviewed a few years back? Is this similar size or even larger than the Rogue X (my current gamer)?

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t seen them side by side, but I don’t think any hybrid is quite as big as the Super Hybrid.



  9. Dave Dundon

    Why would they not sell it in Europe, and looking at the USA there is along lead in time for club?
    Is it becuase it is that good that they have sold out or not taken off and not producing, any thoughts?

    • Matt Saternus


      I have no idea. If I were guessing, I’d say that Callaway underestimated the demand for this club and is now backordered.



  10. Aarun Randhawa

    Hi Matt,

    Love your reviews.
    How do you see Super hybrid against Apex 19 Hybrid?
    Is Apex 19 better than it’s previous version significantly?


    • Matt Saternus


      The Apex and Super Hybrid aren’t comparable in my mind. The Apex is a players club, an iron replacement whereas the Super Hybrid is all about distance.



  11. Hey Matt,

    I’m debating between the Super Hybrid, the Rogue X Hybrid, & the Big Bertha OS Hybrid. I’m a self taught slightly above average golfer, my 3W solid but have issues with control at times (mostly when I’m tired). Any thoughts on best bang for distance AND control?

    • Matt Saternus


      All three are good choices. If you’re buying stock, I would put a good bit of stock into which shaft you’re getting. Ultimately, if you want the best performance, you need to try them yourself and get fit.



  12. Matt,

    Thanks so much for the quick response. Your reviews are dope af and always much appreciated. I’m usually swinging a regular flex shaft but stiff flex on my Driver


  13. Matt,

    I’m strictly looking for a higher launch & softer landing (don’t much care about the distance) I just got the Super hybrid. What setting should it be on the club to achieve this?


    • Matt Saternus


      For most people, the softest landing will be achieved with the highest loft setting.



  14. Patrick Workman

    Looking to replace my 5 wood which is a rogue. Would you go with the 17 and loft up or the 20 and loft down?


    I would like to get maximum distance with an open face at address, would you go with a 20 and decrease the loft or the 17?

  16. Hi Matt. I’ve just subscribed to your site as I’ve been looking for a 3 wood replacement in a hybrid. Excellent reviews by the way. I have 2 Callaway steelhead XR 3 and 4 hybrids which I love. And would buy a 2 if they ever made one. So which hybrid would you recommend out of the Callaway Super 17 degree. Or the ping g410 or CBX. I basically want a low launch low loft 3 wood replacement. Many thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      The Super Hybrid seems like the obvious answer as a FW replacement, but the caveat is that it needs to fit you well to achieve maximum distance. The G410 is not a distance monster, it’s just a great all around hybrid. The CBX is low spin and low launch, so you need solid speed to max that thing out.



  17. I am late to this party but picked up a 20 degree on Callaway’s Pre-Owned site for a song. I am amazed at how long this club is. No hooks, easy to launch and just flies!

  18. Randy Siedschlag

    Thinking of considering this as I struggle with my 3w, so much so I hit a 2i DI. If this is as forgiving as it sounds I might be game for it. Hard to say how I would combo it. Do I go 17 with a 3H as well or 20 and 3H. One for more height and the other more distance. Man I wish my fitter was around.

  19. Art Rodriguez

    I have seen reviews on the super hybrid 17 degree that have been adjusted to 15 degrees. But when I received my super hybrid from callaway preowned it only adjusts to -1 degree. Can I change out the optifit to one that will adjust -2 degrees?

  20. Is it difficult to hold greens with the Super Hybrid because it is low spin?

  21. Randy Siedschlag

    So I have been out with this twice and it is great as a tee club but stiff having issues off the deck. Could that be shaft related or is this a club that should be fit with the ball a little forward you your stance to get the most lift? I am gaming the 17*.

  22. Todd Albrigo

    Hi Matt. Super Hybrid or Ping 425 7 wood for a good 200 +/- yard weapon that is good for hitting into greens with? From what I’ve been reading and seeing, the Ping 425 7 wood has it over this for the trajectory/decent angle. A bit more forgiving too. Correct?

    • Matt Saternus


      If you want a softer landing, I would go with the G425 for sure.



    • Matt, How does this compare to the Taylormade Sim2 Ti fairway woods and would the 23* be a good addition between my 19* Sim2 Ti 5 wood and 5 iron? I have a yardage gap I need to fill in that slot. Also I play Tensei AV Blue Xstiff in my woods so should I go S orX in the Tensei orange?

      • Matt Saternus


        I haven’t hit the new TM fairway woods, so I can’t offer a comparison there. We will have a review of each TM FW coming in the next couple months.
        Regarding shaft flex, my suggestion would be to try both in a fitting.



  23. Trygve Hillesland

    Is there a lot of offset, i strugle with that some hybrids feel closed ang goes left.

  24. There is a second shaft available. The Japanese models have a Mitsubishi Diamana h45 uniflex shaft, which is in my 20 degree Super Hybrid. I play Senior shafts on my Driver and my other hybrids, but decided to try this shaft. Have not played it enough to decide if I am going to stay with this shaft. The upside is I have a spare Tensei CK Blue driver shaft the I can have cut to fit this club.

  25. cstrangegolf

    Highest and farthest I have ever hit a hybrid off the tee. Off the deck it didn’t perform as well.

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