Callaway Apex 19 Hybrid Review

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The Callaway Apex 19 hybrid delivers strong performance in a clean, compact head design.  Don’t be afraid of its ‘players’ designation.


Looking back through the PIG archives, I discovered it’s been 3+ years since the last Callaway Apex hybrid release.  That’s not to say that Callaway hasn’t had great options for golfers during the gap, but it’s nice to see a familiar name on something new.  Callaway designers are renowned for implementing their latest technologies throughout the brand, so the Apex 19 hybrid seems poised for greatness.


With many hybrids morphing into fairway wood size, the Callaway Apex 19 hybrid looks compact and all business.  The black PVD finish crown is devoid of a chevron alignment aid and has a toe-centric shaping.

The sole of the Apex 19 communicates all the specs and technology – not easy to do in such a small footprint.  Face on, the club reveals a high toe and a dark grey, machined-looking finish replete with crisp white paint filled grooves.

Sound & Feel

At impact, centered strikes with the Callaway Apex 19 hybrid produced a crisp metallic crack with depth in the tone.  Off-center hits lost the distinctive tone but still sounded crisp.  It was nice having the audible feedback because there wasn’t as noticeable a distinction in my hands.

The club head had a slightly heavy feel which I prefer in a hybrid – especially when playing from the fairway or out of the rough.


Billed as a players hybrid, I was curious how the Apex 19 would perform with my less than tour caliber swing.  What I quickly discovered was an outstanding hybrid for golfers who can deliver reasonably accurate contact – regardless of swing speed. 

On the launch monitor at Club Champion in Orlando, the 20° 3 hybrid produced an average 1.48 smash factor and 3600 spin rate.  Those are great numbers, but more impressive to me was the high trajectory and near optimal 40° landing angle.  All combined, the Apex 19 is perfect for long carries and holding greens.

The strong performance of the Callaway Apex 19 hybrid is attributable to its Jailbreak Technology and Carpenter 455 steel cup face.  Jailbreak, as I’m sure you already know, stiffens the body and keeps the impact load concentrated on the face.  The Carpenter 445 steel allows for a thinner face and more energy return.  Combined, the result is faster ball speed.

The club head did set up ever so slightly closed, which, for my swing, resulted in a left bias.  I was able to get back to my preferred gentle draw by opening the club a skosh.  The neutral weighting of the Apex 19 allowed for shot shaping in both directions. 


Often a players club is associated with a lack of forgiveness, but I can tell you the Callaway Apex 19 hybrid maintains strong performance even when the strike isn’t pure.  That said, if you put a premium on forgiveness, check out the Callaway Big Bertha hybrid (review HERE).  For players of higher skill level or consistent swings, the Apex 19 is definitely worth some test swings.

Callaway Apex 19 Hybrid Price & Specs

Matt Meeker


  1. It’s not the player’s tag, but the price tag that keeps me from buying this club if I wanted it.

  2. Great review, thanks.

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