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The CaddyDaddy Phoenix travel cover is a large bag that will accommodate your clubs with room to spare while also providing mid-level protection.

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When it comes to picking out a good travel bag to protect your golf clubs, it’s easy to get confused by the wealth of options.  CaddyDaddy’s largest travel offering, the Phoenix, aims to make the golfer’s travel easier and safe by providing adequate storage space and strong protection for your precious cargo.

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At first glance, the CaddyDaddy Phoenix travel cover is a relatively plain black bag with a rigid top, a couple of side pockets, and some solid straps.  I’m that guy that’s always terrified my luggage will attract too much attention when I travel and accidentally walk off with me, so the modesty of this bag is a good fit for me.  Undoubtedly, it’s an unmissable large golf bag, but it isn’t big and bright screaming “take me away with all of my expensive content!”

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My time with the CaddyDaddy Phoenix has been pretty short thus far, and most of my testing has been an effort to simulate different travel situations since I haven’t flown anywhere with it yet, but I feel confident in saying the Phoenix is a nice quality bag, especially given the $110 price point.  The EVA molded top is sturdy, the zippers are heavy duty and strong, the wheels are solid with good roll and maneuverability, and the padding is sufficient.  All in all, the Phoenix has stood the abuse of me literally throwing it around and off of things around my house with no damage to my clubs.  I would still recommend, as always, traveling with something like a Stiff Arm in your bag to protect your clubs.

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Design & Performance

The best feature of the CaddyDaddy Phoenix is the strapping system inside the bag.  While your golf bag will fit safe and snug, the internal straps do a great job of locking the bag down so it doesn’t shift around, but also so your bag stays in place so the protective components of the Phoenix will work as designed.  I tested the EVA molded top by hitting it with various things and dropping what I will call “suitcase-weight objects” on it to see if would take a good bit of abuse and still protect my clubs.  While I would still do my best to avoid this actually happening, the Phoenix did take the abuse and clubs remained undamaged.

The Phoenix is also easy to maneuver and handle when fully loaded.  The in-line skate wheels are a nice size and make for a smooth ride as you pull it along.

I have two gripes with the bag, and one of which really doesn’t have much to do with its purpose of protecting your clubs.  First, I wish the bag had a little more of a solid structure to it.  When wheeling the Phoenix around with my bag in it, it would sag a little in the middle which didn’t give me the most confidence when thinking of what would happen if someone’s luggage fell on it at that soft point.  Second, I feel like a hard shot to the side or top pockets could result in crushed golf shoes.  I would have liked to have seen either a little heavier padding or a little more solid structure.  That said, I would still use the pockets and they would not be a deal breaker for me.

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Traveling with your golf clubs is always a worrisome experience considering the amount of things that can go wrong.  Assuming your clubs don’t get lost in transit, you still need your clubs to arrive in one piece.  While travel bags can be expensive, it’s an investment that more than pays for itself each time your clubs arrive to the final destination safe and sound.  The CaddyDaddy Phoenix is a nice option that gives a golfer plenty of protection, good mobility, and enough storage to make sure all of their golfing supplies safely make the trip.

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