Big Max Dri Lite Silencio 2 Golf Bag Review

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The Big Max Dri Lite Silencio 2 golf bag employs a novel top design to keep your clubs from chattering together while you ride.  Loads of storage.  Water resistant.


When we look at carry bags, things don’t change too much.  Manufacturers use new materials to shave off weight and improve durability, but the designs are fundamentality the same.

On the other side of the aisle, however, cart bags often show us novel, innovative features.  The new Big Max Dri Lite Silencio 2 is one of those bags, featuring a top designed to keep your clubs quiet and dent-free.


Aesthetically, the Big Max Dri Lite Silencio 2 fits the mold of the modern cart bag.  The branding is prominent, but it’s short of Tour bag/billboard levels.  A mix of contrast colors and words are used to highlight the key features on the bag, just as we’ve seen with other offerings from Big Max like the Dri Lite Hybrid [review HERE].

The Big Max Dri Lite Silencio 2 is available in three colorways: black with red and white highlights, charcoal-white-black-red (shown here), and grey-black.  While I would love a blue option, I think each of these options is very sharp.  The grey-black is the most toned down, but the other two have a nice amount of visual pop.


While the top of the Big Max Dri Lite Silencio 2 is the headline feature, it’s not the bag’s only selling point.  Like most modern cart bag, it’s also very long on storage.

The back of the bag features three zippered pockets.  Each one is appropriately sized, with the ball pocket being enormous and the other two progressively smaller.  Each of the two upper pockets are deep enough that you don’t have to worry about things falling out, but you’ll be able to easily find your gear.

To the left there are four more zippered pockets.  The largest is big enough to accommodate a rain suit, and the two mid-sized pockets can hold a rangefinder, several gloves, or a snack.  There’s also a small, unlined valuables pocket.

The right side of the bag has the specialty pockets.  There are two velour-lined pockets for your watch and cell phone.  There’s also another large pocket for more clothing or even more golf balls.  On top of the largest pocket, Big Max included an insulated cooler pocket big enough for several cans or small bottles.

In addition to the ample storage, the Big Max Dri Lite Silencio 2 has a towel loop, velcro glove holder, and an umbrella holder.

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Finally, Big Max has responded to the popularity of motorized push carts with a battery pocket just below the shoulder strap.  Interestingly, this pocket is labeled “Rain Hood” despite the Big Max website calling it a battery pocket.  I actually prefer the labeled use – it keeps the rain hood on hand but completely out of the way.


The top of the Big Max Dri Lite Silencio 2 is unlike any I’ve ever seen.  Its mission is immediately clear: separating yours clubs and holding them in place so they don’t rattle together while you move around the course.  Per Big Max, it’s a 9.5″ top, but that’s almost irrelevant because of the design.  There are fourteen individual compartments, nine for irons or wedges, four for woods, and one extra large opening to hold a large putter grip.  Beyond the notches, you can see that the Silencio 2 uses height to keep your clubs apart: the iron compartments spiral upward as you move clockwise.

The height and club head notches are tremendously effective at eliminating club movement while you push or ride.  I have seen golf bags with similar goals, but this is the best.  Other top designs require that you clamp the shaft of the club into the bag.  With the Big Max Dri Lite Silencio 2, the club naturally falls into its slot with no additional effort required.

This ultra-organized top design improves the bag’s performance on the course.  Every club slides in and out without hassle.  You can find your clubs immediately, and it acts as a reminder to not leave any clubs behind.

At 8.1 pounds, the Silencio 2 is neither heavy nor light for a cart bag.  And, frankly, the empty weight is irrelevant because it’s going to weigh a metric ton if you load up all the pockets.  What does matter is that it’s easy to load in and out of cars and carts because of the numerous handles.  The primary handle on the back of the bag is big and beefy, and it’s flanked by two discrete handles nearer the top.  You’ll also find a soft handle below the ball pocket.  On the front, there’s a heavily padded shoulder strap and another soft handle.

Finally, the base of the Silencio 2 was designed to sit easily on a push cart like the Big Max IQ 360 [review HERE].  Any push cart user knows this is not something to be taken for granted.  There’s a small rectangular depression in the base to fit on smaller carts, and the overall footprint sits easily in a riding cart or larger push cart.


Sometimes novel golf bag features feel like a stretch, but the top on the Big Max Dri Lite Silencio 2 actually makes playing golf more enjoyable by removing a common hassle.  Add in the enormous storage capacity and you have a bag that’s perfect for pushers and riders alike.

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  1. I own a similar bag, same concept at the top for the clubs but the brand I bought was half the price. Since I walk nearly all my rounds, I found that pushing it around 18 holes was onerous, the increased weight really mattered compared to my regular bag. Plus, the bag I bought had two small handles (attached with rivets) instead of the 1 large one on this bag. I like this bag’s handle better since after short while, one of the handles on my bag broke off.
    So for me, if you ride all or most of the time, this bag w/b a great idea. If you push your cart around though, the weight was a turn off for me.

  2. 9handicapper

    Wow.. Bennington has been making this style golf bag for the last 20 years.. well built with quality.
    Mine still looks new after visiting 6 states over the last 10 years.
    That said, not a bag I’d throw over my shoulder with.

  3. Matt, thank you for the review. I have known about this Big Max golf bag, but have not yet been able to see one. This style bag that eliminates club chatter and wear is the only type I use.
    I have used the Bennington Quiet Organizer golf bags for more than a decade. They have a similarly-designed top with individual slots for each of the irons and wedges, a putter slot that accepts oversized grips, and a slightly different slot design to hold your fairway woods and/or hybrids. I believe they were the first company to produce this type of design. And, in case you are wondering about durability, the rubberized material used for the slots on the top is indestructible.
    I use mid-sized and/or oversized grips on my clubs. An important question to consider when having larger grips is whether the slots are large enough to accept your oversized grips.
    Being a golfer who is very particular about my equipment and especially my bag, I appreciate you reviewing this Big Max bag. Its design definitely puts it on my radar.

  4. That is a pretty cool bag! As a motorized cart user I like that it appears to have some nice touches geared towards that. My current bag is quite nice, but if I were to add features it would be another grab handle and better slots for each club. The Battery Holder pouch is also a nice touch as I keep my cart at my club but bring my clubs and battery home with me. Great review!

    • Thanks for the review! I’m a big fan of Big Max carts and rarely see them stateside compared to their competition. Would love to see y’all review a Jucad.

      If their bags are as well designed as their carts, I imagine these are a joy to use. What I don’t understand is, why does anyone need all this storage? What are y’all bringing on course?

  5. Silly question but does club length impact functionality!? If one plays irons one inch over does that change anything?

    • Matt Saternus

      That’s a very good question. I just did some informal testing and it doesn’t seem like +1″ should have any negative impact on the iron organizer.



  6. I really struggle to keep my clubs organised, typically when it rains (UK) or I get under pressure so this looks good for me. Does it take leftie clubs? I recall that the Wilson one doesn’t but nothing in the product description for the dri-lite.

  7. I havé 4 hybride Willy they do in the slot ore the head is to big to fit in it

    • Matt Saternus

      The head won’t fit into the iron slot the way an iron does, but it will still benefit from the layout and the staggered heights.



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