Big Max Dri Lite Feather Golf Bag Review

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The Big Max Dri Lite Feather golf bag is very light, as the name suggests.  Large top with three full-length dividers.  Plenty of storage.  Water resistant.  Well designed for walking or riding.


The Big Max Dri Lite Feather golf bag puts its reason for being right in the name.  This is a light weight golf bag that’s not afraid of a little rain.  But, as I found out in my testing, it’s capable of being much more than just your walking bag.


The Dri Lite Feather has a sharp, modern look.  The branding is prominent, but it’s a bit more toned down than some of the Big Max bags we’ve reviewed in the past, such as the Aqua Wave [review HERE].  Contrasting colors are used to highlight the key storage features.  My favorite touch is the feather logo underneath the primary handle.

The Big Max Dri Lite Feather golf bag is available in three colorways: black with red highlights, grey-black (shown here), and navy-white-red.


Light weight and water resistance are the primary selling points of this bag, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on key features.  The Feather has six total pockets.  On the back of the bag (below), the smaller pocket is insulated for keeping a drink cool.  The ball pocket is very large, capable of holding enough balls for a 36 hole day.

To the right, there’s an apparel pocket that covers the entire side of the bag.  You can fit a whole rain suit and then some.  The right side is also home to a velour-lined valuables pocket, labeled “Mobile Phone.”  You’ll also notice a “Dry Zone” label, reminding you that this bag is water resistant.

The left of the bag has my favorite feature.  There’s a large pocket below the padding, but there’s also a smaller zippered pocket.  Most bags just have one pocket on this side.  The second pocket allows you to keep things better organized.

In addition to the pockets, the Big Max Dri Lite Feather has an umbrella holder, glove holder, and a towel loop.  Fully loading this bag will definitely take it out of the featherweight category, but all this capacity gives it the versatility to be a cart bag, too.


The Big Max Dri Lite Feather features an 8.5″ 5-way top with three full-length dividers.  This is as large a top as you’ll find on a light weight bag, making it easy to slide your clubs in and out.  If you put fourteen midsized grips in this bag it will get a little tight, but this is as good as it gets in a light bag.

Turning to the namesake feature, the Big Max Dri Lite Feather is very light.  At just 3.5 pounds, it’s an easy carry, especially if you can avoid packing those pockets to the hilt.

Big Max doesn’t have a fancy name for their backpack straps, but they work very well.  Seen above, the mechanism that keeps the straps from getting tangled works perfectly.  Whether you prefer to carry the bag on one or two shoulders, it’s easy to adjust the straps and balance the bag comfortably.

Finally, the stand on the Big Max Dri Lite Feather works very well.  Big Max employs a hinged base rather than adding a “foot” to activate the legs.  I find this to be a more durable design, and it puts the bag in a sturdier position.  This base also works much better when putting the Feather on a cart.


The Big Max Dri Lite Feather lives up to its name as an excellent carry bag, but it also has great versatility.  Despite its light weight, there is plenty of storage for those that like to push or ride.

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  1. Did I miss the price?

  2. How might this stack up against the callaway hyperlite zero? Specifically straps (comfort), storage (insulated bev pocket better or worse?), and top dividers? Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t done any testing with Callaway’s recent bags, so I can’t speak to that comparison.



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