Big Max Aqua Wave Golf Bag Review

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The 100% waterproof Big Max Aqua Wave stand bag is built for comfort, functionality and, most of all, to keep your golf gear dry.

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Big Max push carts have received rave reviews on Plugged In Golf over the years for their innovative folding and ease of operation.  In fact, Big Max has been the number one trolley company in Europe for over 15 years.  It’s no surprise that Big Max is also the number one golf bag brand in Europe – except that we had never put one through PIG testing.  That changes now.


The Big Max Aqua Wave utilizes contrasting trim colors to create a stylish stand bag with a Euro flair.  That flair stems from the sheen of the fabric and the puffy look of the general structure of the bag.  Branding on the main pocket is large, but the funky font of the black text makes a nice visual accent.  I understand labeling pockets to highlight features, but I think the lined “Value Pocket” got lost in translation.

The Aqua Wave is available in four colorways:  red, black, yellow, and white.


The Aqua Wave’s main feature is that it’s 100% waterproof.  Big Max calls the waterproof system – fabric, seams and zippers – Drop Stop, and I’ll tell you about performance in the next section.

Another noteworthy feature is the two handles molded in the top that provide great leverage loading and unloading the bag from the trunk.   Those who enjoy a few beverages on the course may be interested in knowing I was able to get five cans in the lined “Cooler” pocket and that drain holes provide relief for melting ice.


I found the straps of the Aqua Wave very easy to adjust and quite comfortable on my shoulders.  My only critique would be that when carrying the bag on just my right shoulder, my elbow rubbed on the outside strap.

The leg mechanism takes a deliberate push to initiate, then really pops to full extension.  The 8.5” four way top accommodates a full complement of clubs.  I found the “Value Pocket” a bit small in both volume and opening size.

Being waterproof, all the zippers take a little extra effort but it’s worth it knowing your gear is staying dry.  And yes, this bag is legit waterproof.  I put towels in the pockets, let it sit out during a classic Florida downpour, and there wasn’t a hint of moisture in the bag.


At 4.2 lbs., the Aqua Wave fits that nice segment of bags suitable for walking yet with enough capacity for routine cart use.  The real differentiator is being waterproof.  If you weren’t familiar with Big Max golf bags before, put them on your radar.

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  1. My question is? I stay dry 4 up whatever Titleist bag. And I’ve found that I hate the pivot system for the legs and I think the bag tapers so I use a 3.0 super stroke and mcc+4 and with 14 clubs in the bag the grips get all hung up and I have to force clubs down to the bottom. Does this bag fit like 16-18 clubs easily which I would think would be enough room at the bottom of the bag. What all these manufacturers need to do is flair the bottom of the bag out. Because putter grips are getting bigger, club grips are getting bigger, and people are getting bigger lol. Just I can’t believe that I’m only person who has this problem.

    • What you describe Sean is indeed a fairly common occurrence depending on leg mechanics and position of the bag when pulling/replacing clubs. I didn’t encounter anything beyond a reasonable amount of grip rub with this bag. You may want to check out a 14 way bag.

      – Meeks

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