BIG MAX DRI LITE Hybrid Golf Bag Review

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The BIG MAX DRI LITE Hybrid golf bag is a full-featured, water-resistant stand bag that works well whether walking, riding, or pushing.  A very comfortable carry.  Smart, well-designed storage.

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While there are some golfers who only walk or only ride, most of us would like our bags to be versatile.  The BIG MAX DRI LITE Hybrid golf bag is not only versatile, it excels in every application with a host of smart features.  Plus it will keep your gear dry should you get caught in the rain.


BIG MAX tends to go a little bolder than other companies with their branding and color choices, and that’s seen in the DRI LITE Hybrid.  From every angle, you can see either BIG MAX or DRI LITE Hybrid logos.  BIG MAX also likes to indicate the features and functions of the bag by labeling the cooler pocket, the “Air Channel” padding, and the waterproof pocket.

In my opinion, the bag looks very sharp due to the subdued base color with splashes of bright red.  For those that want more “pop,” I’d suggest one of the colorways with a white base.  The BIG MAX DRI LITE Hybrid golf bag is available in five colorways: white/navy/red, silver/black/red, charcoal/black/red, white/black/orange, and black (seen here).


The namesake feature of the DRI LITE Hybrid golf bag works perfectly.  I’m sure there are technical reasons why they say that it’s “water resistant” instead of “waterproof,” but in a practical sense, the pockets are waterproof.  Thanks to the combination of materials and waterproof zippers, nothing in the pockets got wet even when I sprayed the bag with a garden hose.

BIG MAX also did a great job incorporating all the little accessory features that make a bag pleasant to use.  There are two velcro tabs for a glove, an umbrella sleeve, a towel loop, and an insulated cooler pocket.

Finally, the DRI LITE Hybrid has seven pockets, including the cooler pocket.  What I like about the storage on the DRI LITE Hybrid is that each pocket is the right size.  The jacket pocket runs the length of the bag so you can stash rain gear and the rain hood.  The ball pocket is huge for those of us who believe in carrying lots of ammo.  You can fit a six pack in the cooler pocket.  However, the other four pockets are reasonably sized so you can get your stuff out of them without a flashlight.


The DRI LITE Hybrid is loaded with clever features, but its on-course performance is even more impressive.  Let’s start with the 14-way top with full length dividers.  While I certainly don’t mind less organized tops, it’s undeniably more convenient to slide every club in and out of its own sleeve.

The next feature to highlight is the Hybrid Stand System.  BIG MAX has engineered a solid base so there’s nothing to break and no hassle with fitting this on a push cart or motorized cart.  There’s also a strap to lock the legs in when it’s on a cart.  When they are in use, the legs snap in and out easily and feel very sturdy.

Another design element that you may not notice but will appreciate is the bag’s height.  It’s 1 inch taller than normal to fit better onto BIG MAX (or other) push carts.  If you’ve ever had a bag that didn’t sit correctly on your push cart, you understand that this is not a small thing.

Finally, the BIG MAX DRI LITE Hybrid has the most comfortable backpack straps I’ve ever used.  They’re highly adjustable, and there’s ample padding on every surface that touches your body.  The bag weighs about 4.5 pounds, so it’s a very viable walking bag unlike some “do it all” bags.


My first experience with BIG MAX bags has left me thoroughly impressed.  The DRI LITE Hybrid golf bag does everything it says, performing beautifully whether walking, riding, or pushing.  The waterproofing is a bonus on top of the other thoughtful features.  If you need one golf bag to do it all, this is worth serious consideration.

The BIG MAX DRI LITE Hybrid golf bag retails for $229 on their website HERE.

Matt Saternus


  1. Danny Lowery

    Where do they sell them

  2. Doug Phillips

    It seems like a very fine bag – light enough, visually cool with all the right pocket features. I would be inclined to be all in except for the 14-way divider. Don’t like that feature at all.

  3. Zach Lawson

    Does the bag also come included with a rain hood?

  4. Matt, would you say this bag is on par with sun mountain as far as quality? Thank you

  5. I just got the Stewart X9 follow electric golf cart to carry my bag. My Titleist walking bag does not work because of the weight distribution. It seems to be top heavy and does not allow the follow feature to work. Even though I tried adding weight to the bottom pocket of the bag. Do you think this bag would work? Or do you think the standard larger cart bag would be better? Thank you!

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not familiar with the Stewart cart so I can’t say for sure. This bag is taller than average which makes me think it would not be as bottom heavy as you want.


  6. Robert Blackett

    Do you know if the carrying straps are removable for when the bag is used on a cart? Thanks

  7. Stephane Gayet

    Nice review. Thank you.
    I have a question concerning the 14-way tops. I have a putter with a grip Super Stroke 3.0. Are the openings wide enough so I can easily put and take my putter ?

  8. Haggai Kathewela

    Hie what material is the bag,ie how compact is it to endure sun,easy wear and tear?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have any long term testing on this bag, but the construction feels comparable to any other high quality bag that I’ve tested.


  9. Wilbert warren

    I just purchased a big max golf bag 14.0 dri lite no travel top

  10. Ishwar Singh Parihar

    I’m glad I found this hybrid golf bag! It’s perfect for my needs.

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