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adidas Tour360 XT-SL Golf Shoe Review

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Modern materials mix with a traditional look to make the adidas Tour360 XT-SL comfortable on your feet and your eyes.  Excellent stability and traction in a spikeless golf shoe.


Masun Denison, Global Director of Golf Footwear for adidas, may be the most authentic and enthusiastic spokesperson Matt or I met at the 2019 PGA Show.  His depth of knowledge about shoe design and players’ needs and his unbridled passion for the game were infectious.  Adidas had a huge variety of new shoe offerings on display, but the Tour360 XT-SL seemed to really have Masun excited.


Looking down at the adidas Golf Tour360 XT-SL, the shoes look very similar to the Tour 360 Boost 2.0 I reviewed last year.  The clean, rounded toe has a classic look and there’s no mistaking adidas’ iconic three stripes.  The side view blends the look of classic uppers and exposed Boost foam to create a sleek, modern golf shoe.

Flip the shoe over and the sole design makes a traction statement, despite being spikeless.  The multitude of X’s along with depth of tread gave me grip confidence before my first swing.  The Tour360 XT-SL comes in four colorways – three variations on white, plus black.


Right out of the box the Tour360 XT-SL had four noteworthy aspects: wiggle room in the toe box, secure fit midfoot, nice arch support and a slightly raised heel.  Walking in the shoes, three more features came to mind:  wide stable base, flex at the balls of the feet, and responsive cushioning.  Boost gave my step a noticeable bounce.

Inside the shoe, the sockliner is smooth and comfortable.  I like the leather heel lining and cushioning around the ankle, but like most adidas shoes I’ve owned over the years, there’s a bit of play around my heels – easily remedied by sock selection.  Overall sizing was spot on.  I recommend a break-in session at the range or playing just a few holes the first wearing.


The wide base and slight forward tilt of the adidas Tour360 XT-XL make my stance feel solid and grounded.  The 360Wrap (the striped saddle area) and the Torsion X stability bar (the big dark X you can see in the outsole) seem to harness and then transfer energy in the swing.

The X-Traction lugs provided grip in every ground condition I encountered.  Something my eyes didn’t pick up on initially was the varied heights of the lugs, which certainly helps maintain traction during foot movements on uneven terrain.


I can see why Masun was stoked about the Tour360 XT-SL.  Recognizing that golfers are trending towards spikeless golf shoes, adidas has done a marvelous job providing comfort while maintaining performance.  Personally, I like the convenience of putting on my golf shoes and driving to the course.  The mixed look of a traditional golf shoe and modern materials is well executed, making the Tour360 XT-SL appealing to golfers young and old seasoned.

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  1. The only issue with the “new” 360’s is the traction(or lack of) … in Orlando it may be a breeze, but when you play courses like Sequoyah National Golf Club or any of the “mountain style” golf courses (especially in the morning dew”) they don’t due much to hold on – most “seasoned players” leave them in their trunk and use their 2 year old spikes.

  2. So what is “spot on” sizing? I’ve always found Adidas sizing to be all over the place. I can always wear an 11 in FootJoy or Puma and 11.5 in Nike, but with Adidas I’ve gone from 10.5 to 12.5 in different models.

    • Matt Meeker

      My ‘stock’ size is 9.5 and I most often test in that size just for the comparison you talk about. So for these shoes, spot on was 9.5.

      – Meeks

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