Adidas Tour360 22 BOA Golf Shoes Review

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The Adidas Tour360 22 BOA golf shoe is an athletic shoe that tunes your fit perfectly.  The outer BOA Fit System is comfortable and adds stability all while incorporating recycled waterproof materials to keep feet dry.


The Adidas Tour360 has been Adidas’s marquee golf shoe for years.  The BOA version eliminates laces and adds a feature to perfect the fit.  Highlights for the 2022 model include an outer wrap that helps with stability, interior padding that molds to your foot over time, and recycled materials for those looking to better the environment.  Is the new Adidas Tour360 22 BOA system beneficial for the weekend golfer?  I took these to the course to find out.


First thing that popped out when I opened the box was the BOA closure dial that replaces traditional laces.  This wire closure attaches to an outer canopy of sorts that tightens the shoe.   When suited up, the BOA wrap gives the shoe an athletic look.  It reminds me of something I’d see on a football field, which is a refreshing break from the traditional golf shoe style.

Although the shoe is mostly white, the orange sole really pops and adds a touch of flare.   The Adidas Tour360 22 BOA also comes in an all black version as well if white isn’t your thing.  Colors aside, the entire outer layer of the shoe is made of leather and other waterproof materials that can be easily cleaned to keep them looking new for an extended period of time.

New for 2022, the spikes on the bottom are noticeably wider but not replaceable.  The heel and sole are comprised of the foam material which we have seen before.


The Adidas Tour360 22 BOA golf shoes were more comfortable than I had anticipated.  The foam insert and sock liner padded my foot well and became more comfortable with time.  The BOA Fit System made it easy to adjust the tightness, but it is limited to the top of the foot and ankle.  It doesn’t affect the toe box area at all, but it helped solidify my foot inside the shoe.  I would’ve liked to see the BOA closure produce a wider spectrum of tightness.  The difference between the tightest setting and the loosest setting was not as much as other BOA closure systems I have used.

The back of the shoe has an extra high ankle tab that acts as a shoe horn.  This is particularly useful since the shoe opening is not adjustable.  The tab is also flared away from the ankle which prevents blisters from developing.   Sizing is spot on so I would recommend going with your typical golf shoe size.  


When I put these on, I immediately noticed the wide base and extra interior padding.  The foam sole and larger spikes made me stand taller and yet still well connected to the ground.   I had plenty of confidence to make an aggressive swing in any condition.  I also enjoyed the ease of pulling the BOA knob out and releasing some tension throughout my round.  This was a feature I didn’t know I needed.

The BOOST foam insert was comfortable and reliable in keeping my foot from aching after 18 holes.  I had no issues walking in these for an entire round.  The sock liner and padded collar made a big difference.  I’ve tested a lot of shoes and these are among the most comfortable golf spikes I have ever owned.

As mentioned earlier, the leather recycled materials are totally waterproof and kept my feet completely dry even in the wettest conditions.  Considering this is an almost all white shoe, I appreciated the absence of cloth materials for cleaning sake.  I was able to wipe dirt and debris off with a damp cloth to get them looking brand new again.

The Adidas Tour360 BOA golf shoes are listed at $250 a pair and come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty against any defects.  The laced version costs $210 and can be seen HERE.


The Adidas Tour360 22 BOA shoe has the looks of an athletic shoe but it carries a ton of performance tricks up its sleeve.  The wide spikes allow for traction while the BOA Fit System helps fine tune your fit.  If you crave more stability and support in your shoe and hate tying laces, try the 2022 Adidas Tour 360 22 BOA golf shoe.

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