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The adidas Tour360 24 golf shoes provide ample amounts of comfort, stability in its replaceable tornado spikes, and a fully guaranteed waterproof outer shell.


Adidas has once again built upon its success in the Tour360 golf shoe.  Its debut was almost 20 years ago, and while we have come a long way in terms of shoe technologies, the adidas Tour360 24 remains as one of the most popular golf shoes in both the pro and amateur ranks.  PGA Championship winner Xander Schauffele is likely the most prominent regular wearer of the Tour360 and has even had some influence in the design over the years.  We reviewed a pair to see how these can benefit golfers in the amateur category.


The 2024 version of the Adidas Tour360 golf shoe has changed back to a more traditional look.  I looked back at some of their previous releases, and this year’s model looks much more similar to the 2018 Tour360 shoe [review HERE].

Three black stripes wrap the entire mid foot and are raised away from the body of the shoe.  A perforation pattern sits under the stripes and lines the shoe’s opening while the remainder of the outer shell is one leather piece from heel to toe.  The sole is mostly covered in TPU material with the adidas BOOST foam positioned under the heel.

Tour360 fans will be happy to see the return of the removable tornado spikes in this year’s model.  Two spikes sit under the heel while the remaining five are scattered between the arch and toe of the sole.

The adidas Tour360 24 golf shoes are available in black, white, white/navy, and white/spark as seen in this review.


The Adidas Tour360 24 golf shoes provide comfort in all the right places.  They were easy to slip on while the lacing does a solid job of tightening the shoe without any pinching or pressure points.  The toe box provides ample amounts of room side to side with a slight narrowing towards the front.  This could almost pass as a wide shoe in the mid foot area which is something to consider if ordering online.

There is a good amount of arch support.  At first this didn’t seem like a big deal, but after 18 holes, it reduced the amount of soreness I got, even when riding in a cart.  The heel is snug and locks my foot into place with an interior sockliner to prevent blistering around the top of the shoe.

The TPU spiked sole does have some rigidity, but the cushioning and BOOST foam allows for custom molding to match your foot and gait over time.  I found the ideal level of comfort was after the first couple of rounds when the shoe started to form to my foot.  This could also be easily achieved by wearing these around the house or yard a few days prior to their maiden voyage.


When I first got the adidas Tour360 24 on the course, a large part of what I liked is that I forgot I was wearing them.  There was no discomfort or issues that took my attention away from golf.  This should be the ultimate goal of any golf shoe.  Under closer examination, the Adidas Tour360 24 golf shoes performed at a level I would expect from a shoe with “Tour” in the name.  They provide enough grip to withstand aggressive swings, protect your feet in any condition, and generate feel that elicits stable and balanced golf swings.  All while being forgettable, in a good way.

For more aggressive swings with longer clubs, the seven replaceable tornado spikes and pegged TPU base reduces the chance of slipping or sliding.  For those that play in wet climates or just prefer dew sweeping rounds, these offer something to latch onto any turf condition.

Speaking of wet conditions, each pair of adidas Tour360 24 golf shoes comes with a one year 100% waterproof guarantee that keeps feet and socks completely dry.  I had no problems with dew or rain getting in my shoes.  The only downfall to the fully waterproof upper is that it doesn’t breathe quite as well as other shoes.

Lastly, each pair of the adidas Tour360 24 golf shoes create the stability that made it so popular for the last 19 years.  The stability is derived from the insole support and custom-molded fit that make my feet feel securely connected to the ground, providing a stable foundation for nearly any type of swing.  The lengthened TPU base that bridges the arch of the shoe also maximizes surface contact and anchors feet to the ground, adding more control on full swings.

The adidas Tour360 24 golf shoe comes in at $200 a pair.


Adidas built upon their flagship shoe in 2024 with the Tour360.  This model revives the more traditional style with replaceable tornado spikes, warranty backed waterproofing, and custom comfort whether walking or riding 18.

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