Adidas Tour360 22 Golf Shoes Review

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The Adidas Tour360 22 golf shoe is an athletic shoe with stability, padding for comfortability, and recycled waterproof materials to keep feet dry.


The Adidas Tour360 has been Adidas’s marquee golf shoe for years.  Highlights for the 2022 model includes an improved traction system for better stability, interior padding that molds to your foot over time, and recycled materials for those looking to better the environment.  Two-time major winner Dustin Johnson has worn the Adidas Tour360’s exclusively since their inception.  Why?  By the end of this review, you should have the answer.

Check out the BOA version of the Tour360 22 HERE


First thing that popped out when I opened the box was the color scheme.  Although mostly white, the blue and orange really pops and adds a subtle touch of flare.   The Tour360 22 comes in five different colorways if this type of flare isn’t quite your cup of tea.

Colors aside, the entire outer layer of the shoe is made of leather and other waterproof materials that can be easily cleaned to keep them looking new for an extended period of time.

New for 2022, the spikes on the bottom are noticeably wider but not replaceable as seen in previous models.  The heel and sole are comprised of the foam material which we have seen before.


The Adidas Tour360 22 golf shoes were more comfortable than I had anticipated.  The foam insert molded to my foot shape and got more comfortable with time.  The built-in sock liner also provided padding for comfort, but moreso helped solidify my foot inside the shoe.  This kept me from feeling like my foot would slide and move too much inside.

The mid-top height around the ankle contributed to the overall stability but could potentially be a recipe for blisters.   Using the right sock height was key and should be considered by anyone taking these out for the first time.

Moving on to fit, the inner sock lining makes it a bit more snug at first, so if you’re in between sizes, go with the bigger size.  I usually am between a 9.5 and 10 on most shoes and the size 10 worked perfectly.


When I initially put these on, I immediately noticed the wide base.  The width made me feel well connected to the ground, almost cemented into the turf beneath me.  I had plenty of confidence to make an aggressive swing in any condition.

Speaking of conditions, the Adidas Tour360 22’s leather materials are totally waterproof as proven with the kitchen faucet test.  Not only did these stay dry inside but the partially recycled materials made it easy to keep clean.  Just wipe any dirt or debris right off with a damp cloth, and they’ll look brand new.

As I started wearing these, I noticed the foam heel cushioning will get you up a little higher off the ground.  For me, any golf shoe with some lift to it makes me feel like I can get a slightly better swing on the ball.  It’s not necessarily a good thing for everyone but something to note before purchasing.

These are certainly among some of the most comfortable fully spiked golf shoes I have ever tested.  With spring coming and soggy rounds inevitable, these will be perfect for keeping my feet dry and stable.  At $210 a pair, not only are you contributing to a shoe with a reduction in environmental impact, but the recycled materials will help extend the life of your shoes by keeping them clean and fresh for every round.


The Adidas Tour360 has the looks of an athletic shoe but it carries a ton of performance tricks up its sleeve.  The wide spikes allow for traction with an ergonomic foam sole that forms to your foot.  If you crave more stability and support in your shoe without losing the comfort much like 2-time major winner Dustin Johnson, check out the Adidas Tour360 22.

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  1. I have worn Tour 360s forever and have 2 pairs in my current rotation. Always found them, and other Adidas golf shoes, to be the best fitting for me and very comfortable and stable. I’m not sure about these however. I want spiked or spikeless not some hybrid where if you happen to walk on pavement for any length of time (coming across the parking lot to the tee, etc.) the spikes are likely to wear out more quickly. At $210 per pair that may be too high a price to pay for shoes that may not last over time and far more expensive than previous models too. I’ll wait and see on these to see how they last for people.

  2. They really need to bring back the adipower line. A spiked shoe with boost that doesn’t cost 200 bucks is necessary. The codechaos line that replaced it is super ugly and doesn’t have a spiked option.

  3. Not sure who would want to pay $200 for golf shoes and not be able to replace the spikes. I have had many pairs where the spikes were replaced three or more times in their lifetime. Additionally I will never return to the days where new shoes could cause blisters. With the wide array of shoe choices I can’t understand who would take a chance on these.

  4. Tried these recently but wound up returning them. I will say, stability-wise, they’re pretty exceptional. But for the wide foot gang, these are perhaps Adidas’ least friendly release in recent memory. The materials are just too rigid to make these work if you’re a wide-footer, compared to, say, the Solarthons or ZG21s. I’m hoping they eventually start to offer these in wide sizes.

  5. Love my Black 360 22’s. Comfort, stability, quality, style, it’s all there. My feet usually get tired after 18 but not with these. The Boost foam is amazing. Also these don’t cause blisters. 3 stripes for life!

  6. Agree with previous comment. Not being able to replace spikes is seen as a money grabbing exercise by Adidas who want us to fork out for new shoes. Shame.

  7. These shoes are terrific. Broke them out for the first time walking bethpage…probably not the smartest move. No blisters, no issues. The spikes/durability concerns are fair…but only time will tell there.

  8. My wife came home and surprised me with the black and white tour 360s last night. I played 18 this morning and big difference in stability and comfort than anything I’ve worn before including my Nike’s. The spikes are big and placed axactly where your feet should be on address. Wear them and youll know what i mean. This is the best shoe out there. They’re expensive and the spikes aren’t replaceable but this is a quality shoe that benefits performance. Just buy a new pair when they wear out. Spike life could be 1 year could be 5 years depending on use and care.

  9. Dave McTavish

    Just purchase the tour 360 22 they have great stability but after three holes had a blister on left heal by the time I got to the 9th hole had to remove these for now both heals are blisterd can’t see these as a walking shoe I play 18 holes 5 days a week very disappointed for my first pair of Addias golf shoe purchased from sport chek

  10. Adidas says you should get 200 rounds before the spikes wear out. I play 4 rounds a week so they might last 1 year??? My previous tour 360 shoes lasted me 3 years before replacing so I will be sending this new pair back pair back. Also, THERE IS NO MENTION OF NON REMOVABLE SPIKES ON THE WEB SITE WHERE I PURCHASED THE SHOES (PGA SUPERSTORE)!

  11. Hope I didn’t make a mistake by getting these non replaceable spikes. It didn’t even dawn on me that they were not replaceable till I had already bought them otherwise I may have rethunk it. I’ve worn Tour 360 since they first came out for the exceptional stability they provide over most other brands and have been very happy with the functionality of the 360 concept. As mentioned only time will tell on the longevity of the spikes….fingers crossed.

  12. If i knew that you couldn’t replace worn cleats on this shoe i wouldn’t have bought them.The cleats are worn already.

  13. Liam coleman

    When I first started wearing these they tore both heels off of me, decided to leave them be for a while to allow my heels recover but every time since then it’s the same thing. End up having to take them off after 8 or 9 holes. I have found that the insole is to high resulting in my heel been raised and ribbing off the foam at the back. I removed the insole and that seems to of work although their now not as comfortable.

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