2023 Bettinardi Studio Stock 35 Putter Review

2023 bettinardi studio stock 35 putter sole

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The 2023 Bettinardi Studio Stock 35 putter is the first production version of their Box Car design.  A beautiful compact mallet with good forgiveness and Roll Control face for enhanced top spin.  Wonderful feel.


The putter market often feels like it only offers two choices: Ansers and spaceship mallets.  If you’re looking for something different, Bettinardi is the brand for you.  Their concise, thoughtful putter line up covers an array of shapes and sizes.  The new 2023 Studio Stock family features four models, including my favorite, the Bettinardi Studio Stock 35.


I don’t think there’s a putter maker in golf that does traditional mallets better than Bettinardi.  From their original shapes like the Half Moon Mallet [review HERE] to more standard fare like the Queen B #11 [review HERE], their eye for proportion and beautiful lines is unsurpassed.

The 2023 Bettinardi Studio Stock 35 is the first time their Box Car shape has reached a production line, and it does not disappoint.  From heel-to-toe it’s very compact, much shorter than an Anser.  That’s balance by a front-to-back dimension that’s roughly twice that of an Anser.  The sloped shoulders – my favorite part of this design – guide your eye to the cavity which frames the ball precisely.

Though it doesn’t feature Bettinardi’s trademark honeycomb milling, the face of the Studio Stock 35 is still a show stopper.  The extremely fine mill marks on the Roll Control face are mesmerizing.  A lined, open hex is all the decoration this face needs.

The sole of this putter provides a large canvas for big, clean branding.  All of the engraving is well-sized to fit the available space without feeling overwhelming or busy.

2023 bettinardi studio stock 35 putter headcover

Finally, the head cover – which is now made in-house by Bettinardi – showcases the bold green and black color scheme.  I like the choice of dark green as it’s something we don’t regularly see, and it makes me think of The Masters.  My only complaint is a well-worn one: the use of Velcro instead of a magnetic closure.

2023 bettinardi studio stock 35 putter face

Sound & Feel

The 2023 Bettinardi Studio Stock 35 may be the softest-feeling Bettinardi putter I’ve ever used.  Well struck putts are absolutely buttery off the face.  Additionally, because it’s a milled putter, not an insert, it never crosses into feeling mushy, even on long putts.  Finally, the Studio Stock 35 feels good across a little more of the face than your typical Bettinardi.  Feedback is still very good with mishits feeling a bit firmer.

Striking a Tour ball creates a very dull “tock” that enhances the soft feel.  It’s a little too responsive to be a “thud,” though you might get that sound from one of the very softest balls.


Weighing in at 358 grams, the Bettinardi Studio Stock 35 has just a little more heft than your average putter.  It comes with only one neck option, a slant neck, that creates 3/4 shaft offset and a toe hang around 4 o’clock (1/3, per Bettinardi).  This makes it an easy fit for players with moderately arcing strokes.  Golfers looking for a face balanced putter will find it in the Studio Stock 9 and 16.  The Studio Stock 14 [review HERE] has slightly more toe hang.

With its smaller, one-piece, milled head, the Bettinardi Studio Stock 35 offers forgiveness on a par with Anser-style putters or other compact mallets.  On short range putts, you don’t need to be perfect to find the cup. As you get into longer putts, striking the ball off-center can leave you in danger of the dreaded three putt.

What I enjoyed most about using the Studio Stock 35 is that it gave me a fresh look with a familiar feel.  I’m a longtime Anser-style player, but I have a wandering eye, especially for putters.  What typically keeps other putters out of my bag is the sense of having to learn something new.  When I get the impulse to change, I want to see something different without having to relearn how to putt, and that’s exactly what I got from the Studio Stock 35.

Finally, Bettinardi continues to offer a very wide range of specifications when you order a putter through their website.  Lengths range from 33″ to 38,” and the loft can be set anywhere from 1 to 5 degrees.  Lie angles are offered from 67 to 73 degrees.  Studio Stock putters comes stock with a Lamkin Deep Etched Sink Fit grip [review HERE].  I like the classic pistol shape of the standard size, but a jumbo size is available, too.

2023 bettinardi studio stock 35 putter


Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your putting or just add something beautiful and new to your rotation, the 2023 Bettinardi Studio Stock 35 is a fine choice.  Bettinardi’s first tier craftsmanship is on full display in this unique design.  Best of all, it’s an easy switch to make for the Anser-style player searching for something new.

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  1. I’ve always liked Betts. Have owned about 10 of them since the early 00’s – the first was BB43. I admire the robotic, industrial look of this Stock Studio and the sloped shoulders. I recommend that people roll one before purchasing the putter.

  2. Beautiful looking putter, I wish the heel to toe was longer. Tried this at PGA SS and it rolls beautifully and feels amazing, but way smaller head/toe than most other putters out there.
    Great review as always from PIG

  3. The most exceptional Bettinardi I have ever rolled. The SS35 boxcar shape is special. It’s all-around perfect. Different putters fit different players and this one suited my eye immediately. The compact shape is so nice. A precision instrument.

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