2021 Bettinardi Studio Stock 7 Putter Review

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The 2021 Bettinardi Studio Stock 7 makes one of their best head shapes available to the masses.  New face milling feels great.  Strong performer in the mid-mallet class.

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Sitting between the “golf jewelry” of the Queen B line and the workhorse BB Series are the Bettinardi Studio Stock putters.  For 2021, this line is packing a new face milling and several highly sought after head shapes.  In this first review, I tested one of Bettinardi’s signature shapes, the Half Moon Mallet Studio Stock 7.

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The Studio Stock 7 uses Bettinardi’s HMM (Half Moon Mallet) shape, which is one of their best original designs.  This head shape is often used for Tour or custom shop putters, and it’s great to see it widely available again.

At address, the Studio Stock 7 is shorter from heel to toe than a standard Anser, but it’s longer from front to back.  The cavity is about the same width as an Anser, but it looks a bit larger given the smaller shoulders and bumpers.  My favorite thing about this design is the slope of the shoulders.  Overall, it has a compact, powerful appearance.

The bright red headcover brings to mind the 90’s Bulls and Bettinardi’s Chicago roots.  It’s probably the best stock headcover the Studio Stock series has ever had.

Black, white, and red continue to be the color scheme on the sole of the putter.  There’s a good bit of text on the sole, but it’s confined to the edges which keeps it from being visually overwhelming.  Finally, as with all Bettinardi putters, the face milling needs to be mentioned.  The 2021 Studio Stock putters have the new Roll Control Face, and the precision of this milling is something I could stare at for hours.

Sound & Feel

On some of Bettinardi’s longtime face millings, the feedback can quite demanding.  I was curious to see if the new Roll Control Face would follow in that tradition or offer a slightly larger window for pure feeling putts.

When struck well, the Bettinardi Studio Stock 7 is butter.  It’s quiet and low-pitched with the kind of soft, rewarding feel that will keep you on the putting green until dark.

If you mishit a putt, the Studio Stock 7 lets you know without being unpleasant.  Slightly off-center putts sound a little higher pitched, but they feel about the same as long as you stay in the bounds of the Roll Control Face.  Though the sensation is still soft, your hands will tell you where the ball met the club face.


The 2021 Bettinardi Studio Stock 7 putter comes in one configuration with specs that are typical of modern mid-mallet putters.  It weighs in at 358 grams, just a touch heavier than standard.  This is a face-balanced putter, making it ideal for players with a minimally arcing or straight stroke.  In addition to customizing the lie and length, Bettinardi make standard and jumbo Lamkin grips available.

When it comes to forgiveness, this compact mallet is on par with most Anser-style putters or traditional mid-mallets.  On short putts, a small mishit will still end up in the cup.  As you get to long distance putts or more significant misses, you will see a wider gap between your best and worst efforts.  If you need more forgiveness, Bettinardi has you covered with their new INOVAI putters [review HERE].

Finally, there’s the new Roll Control Face.  Per Bettinardi, this is “scientifically engineered with an asymmetrical design groove profile that promotes top spin at impact.”  Bettinardi uses the Quintic system in their fittings, so I trust that they have the data to back up their claim.  I don’t have the ability to measure ball roll and remain agnostic about the benefits, but if you want to see more immediately top spin, the 2021 Studio Stock putters are certainly worth a look.


To me, the 2021 Bettinardi Studio Stock 7 putter is one of their best offerings in recent memory.  I love the head shape, the design is beautifully executed, and it has wonderful feel.  The new Roll Control Face shows the company’s willingness to push themselves and bring innovation to golfers.

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  1. Nice review on a gorgeous putter, Matt. I am anxious to try this out even though I think I need something with a bit more toe hang/arc. So…..it sounds like the new Bett won your respect, but your SWAGs still have stolen your heart, LOL?

  2. Great review, have been awaiting this to get posted as I am very interested in this specific model. You said it best, one could spend hours looking at the milling on these Betti putters, just amazing craftsmanship.

    • Thanks for the review. I am split between this putter and BB45. Read your review on that as well. As I can’t try the putters before buying, what was the difference in feel? Which performed better? Does 358g feel much heavier compared to the 350g head of BB45? Will be going with standard size grip. Any input will be much appreciated for me to make a decision.

  3. Great review Matt, I have been looking at these the last few weeks since I love this head shape. Currently rolling Swag Savage Too, obviously feel is very subjective thing especially when it comes to putting but any comparison between the two?

  4. Is the roll face the same idea as the Bobby Grace face? His is a slightly rounded face to help with topspin.

  5. Love the shape. Beautiful Lines and reminds me of my Swag Savage Too, but the Studio has a little more flare.

    But I really like the Swag Savage Too. It’s in the bag with two other Betts (Inovai 6.0 and BB39) trying to knock it out … but no. I really like the milling on the Savage Too – it is simple, you can feel the ball, and it gives you great feel and a little tink.

    The Studio 7 looks like a great addition and the milling is something to demo.

  6. Hi. Thanks for the review. How does this putter compare to 2021 Studio Stock 28 in terms of feel and performance? I am split between the two but unable to try them out before purchasing. I understand it is all personal preference but would appreciate any kind of input so that I can choose between the two. Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t hit the Studio Stock 28, so I can’t offer any input on that, unfortunately.


    • Matt Thieme

      I just had a putter fitting at Club Champion and tried both the SS7 and SS28. The SS28 toe released more. If some toe hang works better for you the SS28 might be good. I have a very straight stroke and the SS7 was the much better fit for me according to the fitter. That’s me though.

      I’ll add that the SS7 had a shorter blade length than the SS28.

  7. I bought this putter hoping for great things but I find it does not have a flat bottom and rocks causing the ball to stray. I feel this is a major fault. and this new putter is now getting put in the garage

  8. I bought this putter and benched a 2 yr old studio stock 28…..I just love it and might buy a backup because at some point they are going to stop making it

  9. Bought 2 of these and one has deeper more.m pronounced grooves on the face. Is this common? Which is more product correct?

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s very interesting, I don’t know that different versions were advertised by Bettinardi. I would suggest contacting the company for clarification.



  10. Hey Matt. Thanks for the review. How does this putter compare to Evnroll er2 in sound, performance and feel? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have much experience with Evnroll putters, so I can’t offer a knowledgeable comparison.



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