2023 Bettinardi Studio Stock #14 Review

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A traditional but timeless blade, the 2023 Bettinardi Studio Stock #14 is a mid toe hang putter that sports a premium finish and soft feeling for performance and style in one package.


For 2023, Bettinardi has released two sets of widely available putters – the Queen B series (reviews HERE) and the Studio Stock series.  The biggest difference between these two are the finishes and the face millings.  The Studio Stock has a horizontal groove pattern which is historically more popular with Bettinardi Tour players.  What makes these putters so unique and desirable is something I will uncover in this review.

2023 Bettinardi Studio Stock #14 putter address


When I pulled this putter out for the first time, the one word that came to mind was “timeless.”  The shape has a traditional styling to it with its 303 stainless steel body and offset plumbers neck.  For 2023, Bettinardi designed their Studio Stock #14 with forest green accents and black lettering.  The horizontal milling face pattern deemed “Roll Control Face” works to improve consistency in putts which I will discuss later on.  The toe and heel are milled differently in a circular pattern with the trademark Bettinardi hexagon logo etched on the heel side.

At address, the leading edge is sharp and free of any alignment aid.  The flange is slightly wider than previous models and hosts a singular black alignment line.  The soft edges and clean lines elevate the look to compliment the glare-reducing matte steel finish. 

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2023 Bettinardi Studio Stock #14 putter face

Sound & Feel

Strikes in the center of the face yield a compelling sound that is as lavish as the looks.  Well struck putts generate a deep, muted “tock.”  The sound changed pretty quick outside the center of the face as it got a bit higher in pitch and more clicky.  This is exactly what I would expect in terms of feedback in a player’s style blade.

The feel of the Bettinardi Studio Stock #14 is more consistent than the sound and is easy to fall in love with.  There is minimal vibration through the hands, regardless of face contact.


Much like blade irons, a blade putter requires precise center face contact for the best results.  The Studio Stock #14 putter is a perfect example of a beautifully milled blade which should be geared towards a better player.  Or at least, a better putter.  However, there is a notion that suggests that a putter that simply looks and feels the best will elicit the best results.  Maybe this putter falls more in that category because the longer I used the Bettinardi Studio Stock #14, the more I enjoyed seeing it in my bag and looking down at it just before a putt.

I found it easy to acclimatize myself to the Bettinardi Studio Stock #14 as the face milling produces putts that just feel right.  The Anser-style putter with soft edges and deep grooves make the ball roll consistently off the face and make judging distance control less demanding than expected.  I found the mid length putts were the most consistent distance while longer lag putts were close behind.  Once I was able to match the arc to a square face at impact, it was game over.  

Each Bettinardi Studio Stock #14 putter comes with their tour shaft and a Lamkin Sink Fit grip.  Each head has about 45° of toe hang with the plumbers neck, which is preferred for players who have a mid arc stroke.  Bettinardi is also one of the only brands that offer half inches in their stock lengths which range from 33 inches up to 38 inches.  Of course, all of their putters are proudly made in the USA, specifically Chicago.  

2023 Bettinardi Studio Stock #14 putter sole


The Bettinardi Studio Stock #14 is a traditional, timeless style of putter.  The details of the diamond blasted finish pair well with the polished edges and sole that exude a premium look.  Couple the style with the soft feel of their patented Roll Control Face milling and you get a putter that not only looks good but also puts a consistent roll on every ball.

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