Wilson Staff D7 Hybrid Review

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Lightweight by design for increased club head speed, the Wilson Staff D7 hybrid rockets the ball high and straight.  Six lofts to fit your gapping plus a budget friendly price.


This review brings us full circle on the Wilson Staff D7 family of clubs.  With a major change in name and looks from the D300 series, the D7 series remains focused on improving distance for golfers who could use some extra club head speed.  Does the new D7 hybrid meet the family standards?  Let’s find out.


There’s no mistaking that the royal blue pinstripe on the crown and fill in the sole cavities of the hybrid show true D7 style.  The family “W/S” crest looks sharp positioned on the toe.  The matte grey UST Mamiya Recoil shaft pairs nicely with the face looking down the club, but the white paint fill on the grooves seems a bit heavy.

The shape and size of the D7 hybrid head is typical of the category, while the tall face inspires confidence in heavy rough.  The deep black, glossy crown picks up reflections and can create some distracting glare as evidenced in the photos.

Sound & Feel

The first thing that jumped out at me was the heavy feel of the head – and I liked it.  Not only did it let me feel where the club head was throughout the swing, but it also provided a wonderful sensation of acceleration in the hitting zone.

Not surprising, impact felt super solid with a matching hard metallic sound.  Feedback was minimal, a feature easily given up for the stability of the D7 hybrid.


Although the head felt heavy, overall the club is lightweight – by design.  Like the other clubs in the D7 family, the hybrid’s materials and construction are focused on making the club lightweight for increased club head speed and distance.  What I found was a hybrid that consistently produced a high, straight ball flight.  Reviewing my field notes I had ‘rocket’ written down – an appropriate one word descriptor.

Despite the smaller size of the hybrid, Wilson Staff engineers were able to incorporate the two main features of the fairway woods that drive performance.  To increase stability while reducing weight, the crown is constructed with four thin cast pockets.  The face, also lightweight and thin, is made from Carpenter Custom 455 face, a super strong alloy used for the shells of rockets – an interesting connection with my notes.


Off a tee or from the fairway, the Wilson Staff D7 hybrid launched the ball high offering the opportunity to hold the green.  Out of the rough, the heavy feel and stability of the head gave me the confidence to ‘fire away’ at the pin.  If you’re a golfer who’s lost a little speed, the D7 hybrid is definitely worth a try.  And if you’re looking for solid performance at a more than fair price, the D7 hybrid is hard to beat.

Wilson Staff D7 Hybrid Price & Specs

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