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Wilson Staff D200 Hybrid Review

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50 Words or Less

The Wilson Staff D200 hybrid is a consistent and simple club that truly accomplishes the intended goal of making longer approaches easy.

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My only real experience with Wilson golf equipment in the past was the Wilson Staff Titanium golf balls (don’t even try and tell me there was a better golf ball circa 1998) and a Wilson Wild Thing 7 wood which was one of my secret weapons.  The new Wilson Staff D200 hybrid was my first real foray into modern Wilson Staff golf and the experience exceeded my expectations.  As a staple in Europe and amongst European pros, I suppose I should have had more faith, but nothing ever beats in-hand experience with a piece of equipment.

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The Wilson Staff D200 hybrid has a fairly basic look at address with its matte black crown and medium foot print.  There is a noticeable offset at address that will give more of a forgiving appearance and a little bit larger face area on toward the toe to increase forgiveness on off-center hits.

Wilson Staff also implemented what they call a “progressive head design” across their hybrids.  The stronger the loft, the greater the head size and face curvature.  The increased head size is suppose to create more forgiveness and the face curvature affects the gear effect on shots across the face.

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Sound & Feel

At impact, the Wilson Staff D200 hybrid was full of surprises for me.  I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting when I hit the ball, but I experienced a really nice metallic crack that was reminiscent of a solid fairway wood.  Hybrids will often times have a hollow metallic ping, but this was not the case in the D200.  The pleasant surprise in the sound was also matched in the feel.  The club felt very solid at impact and off-center shots were very forgiving.  In regards to responsiveness, you know where you hit the ball on the face but your hands aren’t punished for your mishits.

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Like a lot of golfers, I tend to fight “the lefts” with hybrids and fairway woods.  It has been quite a journey for me to get the perfect shaft and head combos put together to help combat this problem as much as possible.  Interestingly enough, the stock Wilson Staff D200 hybrid battled this issue naturally for me.  My ball flight had a nice trajectory with a soft little fade to it.  The flight was pretty easy to obtain, and I just had to hit the shot.  The fade was minimal (about 7 yards) so controlling the shot was very easy.  The only issue I had was that I was experiencing a little more roll than I would normally look for.  If the 3 hybrid is being used purely for distance, not necessarily for soft accurate landings, you will be fine with the Wilson Staff D200 hybrid.

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I’ll put it to you this way: the Wilson Staff D200 hybrid certainly made an impression on me which will keep me from brushing off Wilson Staff products in the future.  The D200 hybrid holds its own with any of the other more popular names in the industry, and in some cases, I would say it even surpasses some of them.  With a price point of $170, you aren’t going to find many other hybrids that perform at this level.

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  1. Jim Bourne

    The hybrid 19* offers a great, solid feel at impact and a soaring trajectory. They can’t hide those pins anymore.

  2. Why is it that most all hybrid comments are about the 3, which is 5 Wood loft and not really an old guys club. Why is the 22 and 25 degree never mentioned. This is really stupid, and by the way I play the 22 and 25 and love em, along with the c200 Irons which are amazing. The Driver and 3 and 5 woods do a great job. Lets see you comment on the real Hybrids we use, the 22 and 25.

    • Variety of things to reply to here. First, we review what the companies send us and want us to review. They all seem to agree that the 3H/19 degree hybrids are the most in demand and used. Trust me, as a gear nerd, I pay attention to what other people have in their golf bags when I’m on the course. I will agree that I see a lot of 4H/22 degrees, but the majority is far and away the 3H.

      Generally speaking, the same points we speak to for a 3 hybrid will apply to the rest of the lineup aside from distances, which will differ among players anyway.

      Also, 19 degrees is approaching a fairly weak five wood, and the smaller mass will typically equal less yardage compared to a fairway wood (player depending of course).

      In regards to “old guys clubs,” come on, level with me here. I’m 32 years old and have had hybrids from 17 degrees to 25 degrees in my bag for the last 13 years. You can’t classify hybrids as “old guy” clubs, and I know A LOT of “seniors” I play with regularly that play 3 hybrids with a lot of success and are by no means near a single digit handicap.

      Don’t know if that answers your questions/comments that well but I think you have to consider the perspective and reality in it.

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