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Wilson Staff C300 Driver Review

50 Words or Less

The Wilson Staff C300 driver has meaningful adjustability and good forgiveness.  Very strong performer.


Over the last few years, Wilson Staff has reestablished themselves as one of the premier iron companies in golf.  Whether it’s the FG Tour V6 for the better player, the D350 for the high handicapper, or the C300 for everyone in the middle, Wilson has something for everyone.

Where the company is still trying to find their groove is in the woods.  Though they’ve had some quality offerings in the last few years, nothing has broken the public perception of Wilson as an iron company.  The C300 line represents their latest, best effort to break through that barrier.


Any discussion of the C300 driver’s looks has to start with the red crown.  One thing that I didn’t appreciate until I saw it in person is how dark and rich the red is.  This is not a shiny Crayola red like the Nike Covert driver.  This is a deep, matte red that eliminates glare.

Once you’re past the color, your eyes are drawn to the Power Holes on the front of the crown.  The two black ovals surround the Wilson Staff shield alignment aid and frame the golf ball at address.

If you can get past those non-traditional elements, you’re left with a beautifully shaped driver.  It has a tall face and the slightest bit of pear shape.  By modern standards, it is fairly compact from front to back.

Sound & Feel

Impact produces a solid “thwack” that’s slightly louder than average.  I didn’t mind the extra volume because the sound has no sharpness to it, no metallic “ting.”

When you catch the ball perfectly, there’s a slight bouncy feeling that’s really pleasant.  You get the sense that the ball is trampolining off the face.  It’s akin to smacking a Duo Soft ball – soft and satisfying.


Power Holes.  Whether you love the name or hate it, it certainly has people talking.  And more importantly, they seem to do their job.  I found that I was getting very solid ball speed even when I was striking the ball on the heel or toe.

Just as important, I found the spin rates to be robust.  On pure strikes, the spin was quite low – I was regularly under 2000 RPM.  When I hit the ball on the bottom of the face – the highest-spinning part – I was keeping the spin in the mid-2000’s.  This translated to distances on mishits that weren’t wildly short of my pure strikes.

Lost in the discussion of Power Holes is the fact that the C300 driver has meaningful adjustability.  At the hosel, you can tune the loft down one degree or up two degrees.  This also changes the face angle.

To further dial in your shot shape, you can move the weights.  There are three weight ports, and you can set the driver to promote a draw, fade, or neutral ball flight by moving the heavier weight plug.  I found that the weights provided a noticeable but not overwhelming change.  If you’re a chronic slicer, putting the heavier weight in the heel is not going to change your life.  However, if you play a fade and want to make sure that your occasional heel strike doesn’t go wildly to the right, you’ll find the adjustment very helpful.


Time will tell whether the Wilson Staff C300 driver proves to be the product that breaks through to mass appeal.  What I can say for sure is that this driver has the performance to be in the discussion with the best of 2018.  If you’re bold enough to rock the red, give the C300 driver a try during your next fitting.

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Wilson Staff C300 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. I’m a big fan of Wilson Staff. Love their golf balls and have enjoyed their clubs through the years! This reminds me of the Taylormade R7 CGB Max Limited driver but better!

  2. Numbers look solid as can be. Just not sure I would want to look down that that crown 10+ times a round. Just like a putter… if I have to look down and I don’t find it visually pleasing, it may be a show stopper. A matte black option would have been nice.

  3. My issue is that I wish Test Data was better represented. OK, We know the numbers look good with a 102mph swing speed. How do the look at Senior Swing Speeds and Joe Average Swing Speeds? The Big Boys will want to know what a Tour Type swing speed looks like. We want to know Who this driver is good for because, like every other piece of golf equipment, I can’t believe it’s good for everyone.

    • Matt Saternus


      No single piece of equipment is the best for everyone, which is why we are constantly restating the importance of being fit.


  4. I have played 4 rounds with my C300 Woods and I find the Driver amazing. The sound is good, and the Ball goes rabbit on the ground. Drives that look normal for me are longer that normal. At 79. and coming back from a stroke my clubhead speed is about like a School zone speed limit but I am getting over 200 where with the “best” Drivers it is around 180+. There rest of the Woods are also in line with the Driver. I have the Reg. shaft and it is perfect. I recommend that any one looking for distance and accuracy at least try it. And, the Irons are just good.

  5. Tom Allison

    The C300 is one of the best drivers on the market today. I am 66 years old and have a R Speeder Shaft.
    I frequently play with guys that have Epic and PXG. I am longer, and more importantly straighter.
    For guys that are north of 60, the Wilson C series, provided excellent playability and value.

  6. Edvard A

    Tried the C300 paired with HZRDUS Black 6.0 75gram at this weekend’s demo day at my home course and was very pleased with it. Nice traditional shape, didn’t mind the color at all. After some dialing by the fitter, adding more weight to the toe I produced some of the best drives in my life. ~115 mph swing speed, +3 degree AOA, driver head neutral 10,5 degree resulted in close to optimum figures. What baffled me the most was the result of my standard misses, heely strikes didn’t suffer as much distance loss as with my current gamer and most important they didn’t leak right either. They would easly be in play out at the course. Got to try more drivers aswell but the Wilson will be a strong contender to my next driver for sure.

  7. I just purchased the C300 driver yesterday after trying a host of drivers that included Titlelist, Ping, Cobra, Exotics and Taylormade. The test results during my fitting was amazing. My grouping was dead center, my distance was consistent and the feel & contact was better that the other drivers. I actually like the red head. It is different than the standard black and is eye appealing. As I stated, I just purchased the club yesterday, and am looking forward to getting out to see how it fairs on the course.

  8. Chuck Connor

    Can I purchase weights that are heavier than the 6 Oz

  9. Josh Giesige

    Good stuff. Been reading what i can about the C300 as it’s at the top of my offseason list. Looking fwd to finding a place to hit it and compare performance to others. Thx!

  10. Can you get the inserts for the holes in the driver from anywhere

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