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Wilson Staff D350 Irons Review

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The Wilson Staff D350 irons produce long, high, straight shots.  Light total weight but with good swing weight.


In an era when some companies have six or more iron models on the shelf, I really appreciate what Wilson Staff does.  They’ve identified three types of players – F, C, and D for Feel, Control, and Distance – and they design an iron for each.  The latest iron set for the D player, the D350, uses a blend of hybrids and irons to provide maximum forgiveness and plenty of distance.


As you would expect from a super game improvement iron, the Wilson Staff D350 is large.  There’s a thick sole, a thick top line, and long face from heel to toe.  You also get a lot of offset to help the ball into the air and keep it from going right.

While the address look is typical for a SGI iron, the cavity is not.  Wilson Staff kept it traditional with a white/black/grey color scheme and clean branding centered around the Wilson Staff shield.

The D350 hybrid, however, is not identifiable as an SGI club at address.  The head is average sized and symmetrical with a small white alignment mark on a matte black crown.  We’ve heard some call on Twitter for Wilson Staff to make the D350 hybrid available individually, and the look is a big part of the reason why.

Sound & Feel

While the D350 iron had the look that I expected, the sound and feel surprised me.  I was anticipating the hot, thin, click-y sound that most distance irons produce.  Instead, I got a robust, mid-pitch impact sound that’s somewhere between the click I expected and the thump of a forged iron.  Impact feels very solid, though there is minimal feedback on mishits.

The D350 hybrids hit a note similar to the irons.  They have a very solid feel and a mid-pitched sound.  Again, I’m surprised that Wilson Staff didn’t go for that hotter feel, but I’ll trust that they know what their players want.  Also, a club doesn’t have to sound long to be long, which brings us to performance…


When Wilson Staff says that these are distance clubs, they mean it.  In my first launch monitor test with these clubs, I was carrying the 7I 200 yards! 

Part of what makes these clubs so long is their light weight.  It was immediately noticeable to me when I picked up these clubs that they were much lighter than my gamers, and swinging them felt effortless.  While the total weight is low, Wilson Staff did keep the swing weight in the standard range – D2 for the irons and hybrids.  For me, this made the switch to the D350 really easy.

In addition to being long, the D350 is extremely forgiving.  Wilson’s Speed Sole Technology makes the whole face hot so that mishits retain most of their ball speed and distance.  I also found that mishits did a great job holding their line.

Wilson Staff is offering the D350 in a variety of configurations.  Finding the right mix of hybrids and irons is key to getting the most out of these clubs.  The irons are available from 4 through SW, and the hybrids are offered from 3 to 6.  I would strongly recommend working with a fitter to find the best set make up and shaft.


Wilson Staff set out to make an iron set that produces long, high, straight shots, and they succeeded on all counts.  The D350, in whatever configuration you play, makes it easy to launch towering shots with plenty of ball speed.  If your iron game needs a boost, work with your fitter to dial in a set of D350s.

Buy the Wilson Staff D350 Irons HERE

Wilson Staff D350 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Looking at the specs I see a 4 degree difference between the PW & AW but between the AW &SW 8 degrees difference in loft. That seems like a really large gap compared to almost every other iron set I’ve ever seen.

    • Matt Saternus


      I noticed that too. It’s possible that it’s a typo on Wilson’s part, but I lean towards it just being a big gap that may work for the target player.



    • Joeg Voll

      I’ve been looking all over for a D350 4 iron and I can’t seem to find one. Do they exist???

  2. I’d love to get my hands on those hybrids. I’m really annoyed that they’re not offering them separately for purchase!


    VERY GOOD IRONS I bought a set of these and love them. I have gained 10-15 yards longer with my 7 irons. Thanks for the review. I bought the 5-GW iron set but am looking to get the hybrids. Great work by Wilson Staff in making a great set of irons

  4. Matt,

    I am in the market for new irons and hit these and was making much better contact than any other club I tested at the time. I have more of a sweeping swing rather than a digging one. Considering 4 or 5 Hybrid and then 6-AW. For a high handicapper like myself is there a particular wedge strategy. 52,56,60? What specific wedges are the most forgiving/ best all around for someone trying to improve.

  5. I have been playing D350 irons now about 4 months and I have hit some of the longest shots i have ever made. I am hitting my 7 iron longer than i have in a long time. I like the high ball flight. All in all a great set of irons.

  6. Robert Harley

    Were can I try these clubs in the Milwaukee WI area?

    • Matt Saternus


      I would expect any big box store (PGA Superstore, etc) would have them. You could also check Wilson’s site for a demo day near you.



  7. Hubert meagher

    WoW!! WoW!!! This is by far the best iron set and hybrides that you can get for the price… tried the callaway roghe and i was still getting better distance!! Bought the driver and 3 Wood , and now hi play the 3 Wood in the fairway because its to much easy to hit-it strait and long… recommand this for everyonne

  8. I have been playing these irons since January and have hit shots longer than ever. I love these irons and my game and scores have improved.
    Anyone looking for a long forging iron should play these irons.
    Thanks Wilson for making a great set.

  9. Richard AP Gear

    I tried these at an American Golf store in Sidcup, my son was in the background repeating Ping, Ping, Ping. The problem for him was these were always >5yrads longer and higher than the equivalent Ping or any other of the top brands which were all about the same. He had a go himself with the same result. So I now have a set.
    Give them try.

  10. Hi,

    I am only a beginner golfer and are looking in the market for a set of irons which are highly forgiving. Would the Wilson D350’s be a set that you would recommend?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, the D350s are a fine set for a beginner. Do make sure you’re fit for the right shaft, length, and lie.



  11. Allan Deuchar

    Replaced my di9’s with the graphite d350. 5 to pitching wedge. The flight is much higher and very straight. I am 72 years old with serious wrist problems but still play off 11 handicap and a lefty Highly recommend these irons for the slow swing speed golfer. Probably 15 yards further carry. The graphite shaft looks great and the light shaft is much easier for the older player. Very impressed and as always the price is lower than the likes of ping, Taylor made or callaway.

  12. Did the amount of offset in these irons cause a hook?

    • Matt Saternus


      Offset does promote a more right-to-left ball flight, but these irons didn’t hook or draw the ball more than any other offset iron.



  13. Richard Primeau

    I’m a intermediate player with 12 of handicap. This irons are adapted for me or I must choice another set of Wilson??

  14. Got a demo set of 2 hybrids and 6-GW in graphite for $300 and sold my 15 year old Steelheads for $150. They appear brand new. Happy happy camper.

  15. Hi have purchased a set of d350 irons missing 4iron compenste 4hybrd happy light weight swing feel best of both worlds cavity blade feel good because its only about 2shots one that counts

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