Wilson Staff DUO Soft, DUO Soft Optix, and DUO Soft Spin Golf Ball Review

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The new Wilson Staff golf balls – DUO Soft, DUO Soft Optix, and DUO Soft Spin – feel unlike any other golf ball.  Solid performance and fun color options.


Opening a box of golf balls doesn’t usually put a smile on my face, but when I saw the new Wilson Staff DUO Soft Optix I was grinning ear to ear.  In a variety of bright neon colors, these balls are a constant reminder that we’re playing a game that’s supposed to be fun.  Of course, there’s nothing fun about a golf ball that doesn’t perform, so I put the new DUO family through its paces on the launch monitor and the course.

Learn more about the golf ball from Wilson Staff’s golf ball expert Frank Simonutti HERE


I’ve heard the feel of the Wilson DUO Soft described as a being like whacking a tennis ball or a super ball.  Unsurprisingly, no one I know has compared it to any other golf ball, because it is unique in the game.

From the driver through the wedge, you can really feel the DUO Soft compress against the face of the club and explode off it.  Its a feel that makes even the slower swingers feel like Dustin Johnson.

Interestingly, the DUO Soft feels a bit firmer with the putter.  This is likely due to the Ionomer cover.  It’s not a hard or clicky, but it’s firmer than a urethane-covered ball.

The difference in feel between the DUO Soft and the DUO Soft Spin is negligible.  If you’re really looking for it, the DUO Soft Spin is a touch firmer, but I defy anyone to tell the difference during a round.


Yes, Looks in a golf ball review.  The Wilson DUO Soft is available in a rainbow of colors as DUO Soft Optix.  Neon pink, yellow, green, and orange are available and make finding and identifying your ball much easier.  Plus, they’re just fun.  If you don’t want to go bold, there’s also a matte white women’s ball available.

I played a single ball for an entire round and found the color to be very durable.  There was no scuffing, loss of color, or dulling of the finish.

Short Game

The expectation with a non-urethane ball is that there will be less wedge spin.  This was the true of the Wilson DUO Soft balls in some situations but not others.  On full swings, the DUO Soft and DUO Soft Spin had just as much backspin as the top selling ball in golf.  Where the gap appeared was on partial wedge shots of about 50 yards.  On these shots, the DUO Soft had about 25% less spin than a tour ball.  As I moved to even shorter pitches, the gap between the DUO Soft and the tour ball became quite small again.

The DUO Soft Spin had slightly higher spin than the DUO Soft, but the difference was not huge.  If you want every last RPM, try the DUO Soft Spin, but I think most players will be satisfied with the DUO Soft.

Long Game

One of the major selling points of the DUO Soft is the low spin off the driver, and it definitely delivers there.  I played numerous rounds with the DUO Soft and felt like I hit much straighter drives than normal.  On the launch monitor, I saw spin that was slightly lower than normal, which matched my on course observations.  If you need to drop a little spin to maximize distance and hit more fairways, the DUO Soft and DUO Soft Spin can help.


The Wilson Staff DUO Soft family of balls deliver in expected and unexpected ways.  I knew the feel would be outstanding, and the performance was also excellent.  What came as a surprise was the fun of playing a neon ball and the tremendous value at $20/dozen.

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  1. You should consider reaching out to OnCore Golf and testing their range of balls. I tested their different models in a swing simulator over last winter, and found the ball that I liked most (due to feel and accuracy). I started using them full-time this past season, and won my first tournament on the Golf Channel Am Tour. If you’re open to the idea of trying new equipment, and haven’t succumb to the peer pressure that “.. all the COOL KIDS use ProV1’s”, you’ll be surprised with their product.

    and, “no” – I don’t work for them, I just really believe in their product.

  2. Matt, Asking an opinion. Some players, like me, use player irons that are really better suited for lower handicapped players. I have tried some of the well-known cast irons but they provide me no satisfaction regardless of the result because of the lack of feel. I have hit the Duo’s and on anything reasonably struck they feel marshmallow soft (in a good way). Wondering if you think they might be a good option for someone who likes that soft feel at impact but should be using more game improving irons. Just a thought.

    • Matt Saternus


      Funny that you ask, because I was just hitting the DUO Soft with a set of players irons and a set of SGIs last night. Without question, the DUO Soft changed the feel of the SGI irons 100%. It certainly did not make the SGI feel like the players iron in terms of feedback, but the experience did underscore how much the ball matters when it comes to feel.



  3. Bob Isitt

    I still have 8 sleeves of the Duo Soft balls from a year ago. Is there really a difference between that ball and your new Duo Soft i.e. 6% shallower dimples make that much of a difference? I’m wondering if I need to buy the new ones even though I still have 8 sleeves.
    Also: People are telling me my Duo Soft ball is more for colder days and that I should go to the Bridgestone E6 on hot days. Thoughts?

    • Matt Saternus


      First, I would stop listening to anyone who said that kind of thing. It makes zero sense. If you like soft feel, why wouldn’t you want it in all weather?

      I haven’t test the new Duo against the old head to head, but I doubt the performance difference would be very noticeable.



  4. Bruce Jordan

    On 6/3/18, at Sprain Lake Golf Course in Yonkers NY I made my first Hole in One on the par 3 13th hole (177 yards) using the Wilson Staff Duo ball and a Taylor Made M1 5 iron.

  5. joseph corona

    Friday the 13th was a very lucky day. I was playing Indian Boundries just outside Chicago and on the 17th hole I used a 9 iron to go 136 yards. I hit a good shot and the excitement began building when we were not able to see ball. I approached the cup and there it was IN THE HOLE. What a great feeling.

  6. Clive Richards

    Hi there,
    Whilst recently in the USA for six weeks I bought some Wilson DUO Soft ( Women’s white ) golf balls
    If I ordered six boxes of four slieves ( 72 golf balls )from you on line , are you able to deliver to the United Kingdom

  7. Annemarie smith

    Your content was much informative & helpful than other contents. It helped me a lot. I’ve bought the Wilson Staff golf balls from your suggestion & the experience was cool. Thanks for sharing this amazing content.

  8. william lang

    I played 9 holes in 38-degree weather with light rain, I live in the PNW so that is pretty common weather this time of the year. I play several balls pro v1, brightstone RSX, and super soft. The Wilson duo soft felt the best very soft and It flew better in the cold air a little further, about 1/2 club with irons the pitching and chipping, the strong part of my game was very close. 20 dollars a box new delivered to my doorstep, I’m sold. I`m off to 3 mouths of warm weather in the south of portugal spain be fun to see how they work in good dry weather. cheer`s .

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