Wilson Dynapower Forged Irons Review

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The Wilson Dynapower Forged irons pack elite ball speed into a more player-ish shape.  Great sound and feel.  Lots of forgiveness in a moderate sized club.  Very consistent.


Last year, Wilson brought back one of their many historic lines: Dynapower.  Among that family was the Dynapower irons, a set that lived up to the name with some of the best ball speed I’ve ever seen.  New for 2024 are the Wilson Dynapower Forged irons.  Can this set pack similar power into a more player-approved package?  Let’s find out.


I received the Wilson Dynapower Forged irons without warning.  As I unboxed them, I thought Wilson had sent the new Staff CB irons.  It wasn’t until I got a close look that I realized they were something different.

Those familiar with the clean, beautiful looks of the Staff line realize what a compliment that is, but I’ll say it plainly for those that aren’t: the Dynapower Forged irons look phenomenal in the bag.  They are extremely shiny, reserving the matte finish for the sliver in the cavity with the “Dynapower Forged” branding.  The chrome also goes a long way toward hiding the one visible technology – the Power Holes.

At address, the Wilson Dynapower Forged irons fit comfortably into the players distance category.  The top lines are average in size.  From heel to toe these irons are slightly smaller than average, but the face is fairly tall, making the hitting area comfortably large.  The offset is limited.  For the aspiring player or the skilled player who doesn’t need to look down at butter knives, the Dynapower Forged irons will have a lot of appeal.

Sound & Feel

Distance irons should sound and feel powerful, and the Wilson Dynapower Forged irons do just that.  On center, they generate a whip-crack “snap” that’s just below average in volume.  It’s one of the best iron sounds this year because it’s powerful without being too loud or non-traditional.

The feel of impact is fairly quick, but this is a case where the feel is really enhanced by the sound.  On it’s own, the feel is good but not eye-popping.  In concert, they create one of the best impact experiences in recent memory.

If there is a complaint in this department, it relates to the feedback.  The difference between pure strikes and mishits is minimal, and it’s not easy to locate the impact location through your hands.


In my review of the Dynapower irons [find it HERE], I noted that they had some of the best ball speed of any iron I’ve tested.  Wilson has pulled off an impressive feat in transferring that same speed into the smaller Dynapower Forged irons.

On center, these irons are extremely long.  They have mid launch and fairly low spin, so your shots will carry forever.  Depending on your golf ball and swing, there may be concerns about stopping power, but that’s why we always stress fitting.  But no matter what type of player you are, the added speed off the face is exhilarating.

I noted that there isn’t a lot of feedback in these irons, but that complaint is somewhat dulled by the excellent forgiveness.  My testing notes say, “Ball speed on repeat,” meaning that regardless of the swing, the same high ball speed number kept appearing on my launch monitor.  This is due to Wilson’s Variable Face Thickness and the Power Holes in the sole.  The Power Holes are also key to making the long irons so easy to elevate.

My only reservation about the Wilson Dynapower Forged irons is one I have about every high speed, lower spin iron: distance gapping.  And it’s not really a reservation, so much as a word of warning to potential buyers.  It is really important to get fit so that you have playable gaps between each club.  Depending on your swing speed and impact conditions, it’s possible that there’s a 20 yard gap between your 7 and 8 irons, but the 5 and 6 irons go almost the same distance.  Work with a fitter to dial in the shaft and tweak the lofts if necessary so you can get the most out of this set.


With their deep history and classic looks, Wilson’s Staff Model irons will always be the darlings of the gear nerds, but the Wilson Dynapower Forged irons show that the company is looking to the future, too.  These irons are as fast and long as almost anything you can buy without sacrificing great feel.  If you want to stand out from the crowd with both your club selection and your performance on the course, give these a try.

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Wilson Dynapower Forged Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Anonymous

    Pitching wedge and gap wedge are the same loft?

  2. Hey Matt,

    Long time listener, first time caller! I have to say I always enjoy reading your reviews! I didn’t see any reference to do the forged d9 iron, curious if you can comment on how they compare? Obviously I know it’s best to try them out myself but just curious if they’re similar or more forgiving?


    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you.
      Yes, they’re in the same vein as the D9 Forged. Similar forgiveness.



  3. Jim W Rosteck

    Matt do the PW and GW really have the same loft?

  4. The specs list the PW and GW both with 44 loft and 64 lie. Error?

  5. These look great. As far as “players distance” irons go, would you say these are more or less forgiving than similar sized irons? I am a game improvement iron player but looking to try some in this category.

  6. Fred Harkins

    What we see consistently in this type club is that the clubs are numbered one off I.e. 7 at 6 loft apparently to produce the impression of more distance.

  7. Jeffrey Angellotti

    Is graphite available. Play steelhead pros 2018 with graphite. Am a 10 an 67 yrs old. Can i play those

    • Matt Saternus


      Wilson has graphite available through custom ordering or you can get them through a club building like Club Champion with any shaft you choose.



  8. Hit the ’23 Dynapowers yesterday for the first time. Wide sole, heavy offset, big face. My eyes said no way..
    First swings since last fall due to cranky back issues so expectations were low. Wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to do a full swing. But the 7 iron was already set up in the simulator so
    I gave the back a test.
    I’ve been hitting the gym and seeing a chiropractor, so I hoped for the best.
    My normal 7 iron (from my original FG Tours were down to 140-150 (65 yrs old and the cranky back, mind you).
    Was my 175 club when I was a high single digit player 20 years ago.
    These ARE stronger lofts, but had no idea what to expect. 185 CARRY, rolling out to as high as 211.. Hit 15 to 20 balls and grabbed the simulator guy and asked if they were set to “steroids”. He said pleaded innocent and I switched heads to the forged Staff irons.. Still over 180 carry, with 203 roll out. I only take the carry seriously, but it was an OMG moment.
    The Staff is a butter knife, but it was close to the same distance, but with gorgeous looks and feel…also, I was dancing on the straight line, where as the Dynapower had some draw built in…
    The ball speeds were consistent and even the Staff was forgiving for a forged blade.. Will try it again soon to verify that its legit, but it elevated my mood yesterday!

  9. Greg Kuper

    Hi Matt!
    Would these be more or less forgiving than my FG 59s? Which would be more fun?

    Actually, though, thank you for reviewing these, and for so often reviewing Wilson Staff irons in general. These look fantastic!


  10. Hey! Great read, your articles are some of the best available for nerds like myself! I’m trying to decide on these new Dynapowers but am pretty torn on whether or not to get the forged vs. cast Dynapowers. I’m a mid-high handicap player trying to improve and would love to have a set I can improve with and grow into, ideally something I can play with for many years. Do you have any recommendations on which set might be better suited for that?

    • Matt Saternus


      My advice is always to get fit.
      To answer more directly, I think the idea of “outgrowing” clubs is massively overrated, so, barring a fitting, I’d opt for more forgiveness.



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