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VRST Golf apparel offers great fitting, stylish tops and bottoms.  Performance-ready fabrics that make transitioning from the office to the golf course a breeze.

vrst golf apparel


VRST isn’t a new apparel brand, but their venture into the golf space is.  The VRST website states that the new collection is “fit for the course and beyond.”  That’s a common concept these days as golf has become less of an event and more of an activity – one that has to flow with the bustle of daily life.


To my eye, the VRST Golf collection has a relaxed, casual look.  I like how the featured pieces pair well together, but can easily work with other items I already have in the closet.  Each of the pieces offers a bit of style without being overly fashion forward.  The Leaf Print golf shorts are my favorite – true standouts in the sea of typical solid colored shorts.

The polo may be considered a solid, but the heathered fabric adds visual interest.  And the color name “deep grape” certainly fits the brand’s style – clearly not intended for a stuffy martini bar.  The simple, inconspicuous logo does give the pieces ‘wear anywhere’ versatility.   I’m not big on hoodies on the golf course, but the vest offers a youthful vibe for those who are.

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vrst golf apparel vest and hat


The VRST Golf polo has a trim cut through the chest and mid-section.  Not tight, nor loose, in my typical medium size.  The sleeves just cover my biceps.  Nice neutral sizing overall.

With only even waist sizes, I went up from my preferred 33” to 34″ and was pleased with the fit.  Through the seat and legs, the fit was more generous than that of the polo.  The roomy fit was a friendly reminder to hit legs more often at the gym.

vrst golf apparel


All the pieces, sans hat, have really nice stretch – perfect for the gyrations of my golf swing.  For the record, the hat does have a nifty adjustable strap.  I could sense the breathability of the pieces, but moderate winter temperatures haven’t been conducive for testing the advertised moisture wicking performance.

A couple golf-centric features stood out in the VRST Golf apparel.  In the polo, the use of a shoulder panel instead of the usual seam atop the shoulder eliminates a potential friction point with carry straps.  With the shorts, the rear pockets are free of closure mechanisms.  No buttons to catch yardage books on or zippers to snag gloves.  And who doesn’t appreciate serious gripper elements in a waistband to keep your shirt tucked in neatly.

vrst golf apparel vest and polo


It’s always nice to bring new brands to our readers, and the VRST Golf apparel was certainly worthy of our closer examination.   The style offers broad appeal and flexibility to go from the course straight to dinner.  If you’re looking for a fresh brand, check out VRST Golf.

Visit VRST Golf HERE

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