Radmor Fall/Winter ’21 Apparel Review

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With an eye on sustainability, Radmor blends comfort and performance in their Fall/Winter ‘21 apparel collection.


At Plugged In Golf we’re always on the lookout for new companies.  When Radmor hit my radar, their clothing caught my interest, and I loved the logo.  Creating a different style isn’t easy in the crowded golf apparel industry, but I liked what I saw.  Paying closer attention to their messaging, I realized Radmor isn’t just trying to be different, they are out to make a difference. 

Radmor is driven to be a good citizen of the environment that we all enjoy playing in.  Primarily focused on environmental stewardship through the materials used in their clothing, Radmor strives to utilize natural, cellulose based fibers and minimize the use of polyester. 


While the west coast receives a lot of style association, most of that is focused on Southern California.  Radmor’s style has an upper west coast vibe with deeper, richer colors and pieces that look cozy comfortable.  The Cypress Five-O Corduroy Pant and ‘Vintage Ombre’ Baty Pimaformance polo shown above capture that expression.

I pondered if a logo forms part of the style equation.  At first, images of giant logo’d shirts from some brands invaded my thoughts.  Shaking off those over the top branding efforts, my appreciation for the Radmor logos grew – and yes, that’s plural.  In addition to the wide eyed ball peeking from the golf hole logo that’s incorporated across the apparel line, the Radmor polos I tested also have their simple ball going in the cup logo [which is also part of the “O” in RADMOR] on the back shoulder.


Overall I’d categorize the fit as athletic.  You don’t have to be in your mid-twenties, gym rat prime to comfortably wear Radmor apparel, but it is best suited for guys that have some respect for their physique.  I went with my typical medium in polos and enjoyed the sizing.  The arm holes had a tailored fit that extended through the sleeves themselves which covered my biceps.  The elimination of excess fabric that hangs from the arms offers a cleaner look.

While the corduroy pants had a normal fit, the blue Five-O Knit Performance pants were form fitting.  I’ll elaborate more in the performance section below, but the Five-O Knit are so comfortable that I find myself wanting to wear them during all waking hours.  Radmor pants are available in odd and even waist sizes and come in a single length: 32”.


Both polos I tested were constructed of a 94.5% extra-long staple pima cotton/5.5% elastane fabric blend that exhibited amazing stretch during the rigors of my golf swing.  I mentioned the cut of the sleeves above, but beyond the clean look, the seamed construction (look close at the blue Taylor BobRad Ombre polo) provided for unfettered movement in what Radmor calls ‘MoRE|ERoM’ (Extended Range of Motion) – clever.

When I first slipped on the Five-O Knit pants, the tight fit was a bit concerning.  After a few deep knee bends, my concerns evaporated.  The 96% organic cotton/4% elastane knit blend offered ample stretch, even when I switched to a full putt-reading squat.

Temperature and humidity dipped below 80 during my testing, but it was still hot enough to evaluate the natural breathability and evaporative properties of the cotton shirts and pants.  Both turned out to be excellent.  Quantifying how comfort impacts performance is challenging, but the Radmor apparel sure evokes memories of commercials with the tag line: “The touch, the feel of cotton, the fabric of our lives.”  And when temps drop, the heavy construct of the Perkins sweatshirt is sure to provide comforting warmth – on and off the course.


The photo above may not be the most glamorous, but it captures the environmental consciousness of Radmor.  The seemingly simple bag is not only made of recycled ocean plastic, but it was stuffed with three items.  Instead of six bags in my shipment, there were only two.  Whether you’re wanting to support responsible companies, looking for uber comfortable apparel, or just find the logo adorable, Radmor is a brand worth a closer look.

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  1. Matt, you mention you wear a medium. Curious to know your height, build. I know they inclose sizing specs but seems fit is all over the place these days.

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