Voraus Through Touch Golf Glove Review

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Voraus Through Touch Golf gloves offer a premium feel with a technological twist.  Touch screen compatible pads on the fingertips allow golfing and utilizing smart devices like phones and GPS.


The game of golf has been around since the 15th century.  But now, in the 21st century, golf has evolved.  That evolution has extended to golfing apparel, and specifically, golf gloves.  Voraus, a German word that means ahead, or in front, is an apt name for a golf glove that definitely aims to be ahead of the times.  Their goal is to make a golf glove that can be used on smart devices, and, in that, they succeeded.  


The Through Touch series of gloves comes in black and white.  The accents in green are visible in both models, replicating the Voraus checkmark logo on the Velcro patch.  While the glove is predominantly made with Cabretta leather, they also utilize a number of other materials including rubber for their logo and lycra mesh (the green on the back of the glove). 

To me, the visuals of the gloves look a bit sleeker in black.  The technology disappears into the glove with both being black.  The white, while more traditional, looks a bit strange, as though you got your fingers dipped in ink.  


If you’ve felt Cabretta leather, then you know what the feeling of this glove is like.  Soft, supple, and smooth.  There’s definitely a premium texture.  With that being said, the touch-screen sensitive pads on the pointer finger and thumb don’t feel as solid as the rest of the glove.  

The Voraus gloves work great across different kinds of tech from my testing.  However, while swinging a golf club they feel a bit unstable.  Putts and little chips felt fine, but for the longer clubs there was a “loose” feeling in the tips of the fingers.  Not that the material would fall or rip off, but I felt with enough use, those pads could slip or cause some kind of shot error.  Golf is already hard enough, so the glove shouldn’t really be adding to that.  


These gloves performed just as well as advertised.  After a number of early-season cold driving range visits, these looked to have hardly any wear.  Even after several chilly rounds, these gloves held up exactly as well you would expect a premium golf brand to.  

There was a bit of discoloration from sweat and the grips of the clubs, but I’m expecting to be able to continue to use these gloves for a number of rounds and practice sessions.  With regard to durability, the value is solid as these are about the same price as other premium golf gloves.

While performance in these sections usually relates to how the equipment holds up on the course, with Voraus gloves, it’s important to note these also performed great with electronics.  I was able to comfortably and successfully use the glove to navigate my iPhone, iWatch, and several other electronics with ease.  I was also able to do so even after getting the gloves wet with sweat. 


I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Voraus golf gloves continue to expand, offering more styles and perhaps a bit more refinement.  If they could address the thicker, slightly loose finger pads, it’d be exciting.  While these gloves are a solid idea, it seems to be a product that’s solving a bit of a nonexistent issue.  After all, you could use your ungloved hand to use a phone, or just simply take off a glove if need be.  But regardless, it’s great to see innovations, no matter the size, in our great game of golf. 

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  1. Sorry, sounds like innovation for the sake of innovation. Creating something just because you can. Fixing a problem that doesn’t exist.

    • Hey Mike, I agree. Not exactly a big problem that a lot of people were demanding an answer for! I do think these gloves certainly would be more useful during Fall or Winter golf depending on where you play. During the Summer or Spring where it’s warm… noticeably less useful.

  2. But 9 out of 10 golfers only wear one glove… In fact more golfers that don wear gloves than those that wear two…
    At the same time why put touch points on the index finger of the left glove? That would mean you would need to hold your Smart device with your right hand which requires you to use two hands anyway…
    As a designer, I think this is a poorly thought out product. Solves nothing and only creates extra cost. A waste of labor and dollars for production.

    • It’s true. And not only that, golfers usually wear their glove on their “off” hand. Meaning… your ungloved hand is the one you’re using for the round! Haha. I don’t disagree with the critiques. I think the glove works, and that certainly counts for something, but it’s not the most essential golf product I’ve reviewed that’s for sure.

  3. Anonymous

    More and more golfers are starting to wear a glove on each hand. This type of glove comes in very handy for those golfers using a touchscreen golf watch. Also great in cold early season and late season rounds

  4. My wife has fragile skin and needs 2 gloves. Also addicted to smart phone. So this glove fits a true need. (I don’t need one though).

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