VA Raijin 74 Shaft Review

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The VA Composites Raijin is a versatile wood shaft made from premium materials with exceptional feel.  The 74 gram shaft comes in Stiff and X-Stiff only.


Victor Afable has been around the golf industry for years.  Most of our readers probably know him from his work that went into making Oban one of the premiere shaft companies in the industry.  After years of working alongside other people in the industry, Victor decided it was time to launch his own company.  Alas, VA Composites was born.  With the intention to use nothing but the best materials and precise designs, VA launched with the Raijin shaft.  Knowing the importance of the fitting process, VA has made their shafts available through the best fitters in golf.


No one will question your flair for style with a VA Composites Raijin in your golf bag.  Though half the shaft is plain white, you’re immediately drawn to the dragon graphics in the middle of the shaft.  I’ve played plenty of loud and exciting looking shafts in my day, but nothing has ever received the comments or intrigue that the Raijin has in my driver.  As a raging gear nerd, I enjoy the invitation to talk about this new shaft company when I receive these comments.


My VA Composites Raijin reviewing/fitting experience was interesting.  It was clear that the 54, 64, and 74 gram models all had similarities, but they were very different overall.  All three shafts shared a commonality of a smooth feel with a subtle hint of kick between the middle and butt sections.  The Raijin 74 felt responsive, stable, and consistent swing after swing.  That hint of kick mentioned earlier was the perfect communication to your hands that you released the club well. I found the Raijin 64 to kick a bit more, but someone with a higher swing speed may feel the same kick in the 74.

The Raijin may be a nice middle ground for players on the fence about whether they like a smooth flex profile or distinct kick.


My total yards with the VA Composites Raijin 64 and 74 were similar, but I had less spin with the 74 and 5 yards less carry.  I felt I could be more aggressive with the heavier Raijin 74, and it paid off sometimes, but I lacked the consistency of the 64.  Truth be told, I could probably adjust and play either the Raijin 64 or 74.  The fact is, I’m more comfortable hitting a tee shot with the Raijin 64 in my hands.

Out of intrigue, I tried the Raijin 74 in a three wood.  Off the tee, the Raijin 74 was one of the best fairway wood shafts I’ve ever tested.  Off the deck was good too, but I was most impressed from the results on the tee box.  The pairing of the Raijin 64 in my driver and the 74 in my fairway wood certainly has my attention for the offseason.


It’s early days in the VA Composites story, but I’m sure many exciting things are on the horizon.  For starting a new shaft company, the Raijin was a hell of an introduction for VA Composites.  The VA Raijin shaft was a great start for the brand in making a statement of high standards and attention to detail.  If the VA Raijin is of interest to you, contact your local Club Champion to set up a fitting like I did to make sure you get the right Raijin for you.

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