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The Travis Mathew Druskin has a nice casual look and some golf functionality.  Consistent with laid back Travis Mathew vibe.

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I am a late adopter to Travis Mathew which has left me with some catching up to do, but I’ve gladly accepted the challenge.  The brand appeals to me because it makes really nice clothing, but doesn’t take itself too seriously and has a signature casual California vibe.  As I’ve built up the Travis Mathew section of my closet, I thought I’d try out the Druskin shoe this summer and see if it really serves as a good casual/golf hybrid shoe.

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In terms of comfort, the Travis Mathew Druskin is comparable to a simple slip-on vulcanized skate shoe or a Converse All-Star.  It doesn’t feel like you’re walking on clouds all day, but they aren’t painful on your feet for casual every day use.  The waxed leather shoe has two vent holes on the inside of the shoe and this provides breathability to make the Druskin a nice summer option.  I wouldn’t quite say I’d want to walk 18 holes in the Druskin, but I could definitely walk 9 and comfortably ride for 18 holes any day.

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I picked the Travis Mathew Druskin purely based on its looks.  The hardest choice was whether or not to go with the navy, dark grey, or light grey options because they all looked cool in a smooth, minimalist way.  I ended up going with the dark grey to wear to my day job and the light grey to wear with shorts when I’m just “chillin’.”  As mentioned up above, I like the look of this shoe because it’s perfectly laid back and simple.  Because of this, I’m able to wear them in a variety of different situations and they look like the perfect choice for the occasion.

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When evaluating the performance of the Travis Mathew Druskin, it’s important to determine the actual “performance criteria.”  Travis Mathew isn’t trying to convince anyone that the Druskin is being made to compete with $200 technologically advanced spikeless shoe, so it doesn’t make much sense to evaluate it from a purely golf standpoint.  That said, the Druskin is billed as a “golfable” shoe so we do have to look at how it holds up on the course.  On a day-to-day basis, I have found the Druskin to be a nice street shoe.  I wear it on a regular basis both to work and to run errands, and it’s fine for extended periods of time.  When I’ve worn the Druskin to play a little golf, I’ve found it to be better than if I wore a regular old sneaker, but still a little light on grip.  My view on the purpose of this shoe is that it’s a perfect shoe if you’re going to the club or golf course for dinner and drinks and want to play a quick 9 or hit a bucket of balls before or after.  The Druskin would be the perfect shoe to give you an appropriate appearance and some of the functionality you need for some casual golf.  From street to the course, the Travis Mathew Druskin will put you in business.

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There are a couple of golf courses around me that my extended family likes to frequent for dinner though they could not care less about the golf.  I happen to care about the golf so I like to show up a little early and hit a few balls or roll a few putts, but don’t feel like having to bring out the full bag and worry about changing my shoes before dinner.  The Travis Mathew Druskin fits my needs perfectly and allows me to not look entirely too casual when I sit down for dinner, while still giving me some performance on the course.


Price: $84, but currently available for $40 in many places.

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