Tour Edge Hot Launch C524 & E524 Driver Review

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The Tour Edge Hot Launch C524 and E524 drivers offer high-performance on a budget.  The Hot Launch C524 driver is a traditional setup for those looking to get the most out of their swings, the Hot Launch E524 driver maxes out forgiveness.


Despite what most OEM advertisements would have you think, it’s not compulsory to spend $500+ on a new driver.  Tour Edge makes golf clubs all the way through the bag and they do it with the expertise and attention to detail one would expect from any of the top OEMs operating today.  I have been impressed with every club I’ve tried from them.  This will be my first look at their more affordable “Hot Launch” line of products.


Tour Edge produces a C and an E model in each of its iterations.  To simplify the difference, the C (above) is more of a players’ shape while the E (below) is more of a max forgiveness shape.  Here, that means the C524 driver appears with a traditional shape that is a balance of rounded and teardrop, while the E524 driver is longer from front to back with a shorter face from top to bottom.

The face of the C524 appears square at address while the E524 has a noticeable amount of offset, which causes it to appear closed at setup.  Those chronic slicers may find comfort in the looks of the E524, but it was a bit jarring for me.  The C524, meanwhile, appears very comfortable and natural, comparable to many OEMs standard driver models today.

You’ll notice a carbon fiber crown on both models, broken up by a solid T-shaped piece the company calls “Ridgeback technology.”  In addition to serving as an alignment aid, Tour Edge says that this element helps support solid sound and feel.  These drivers look modest from a materials and branding point of view.  There’s nothing flashy, but they don’t appear flimsy or cheap.

Sound & Feel

In terms of sound & feel, both Tour Edge Hot Launch drivers are very comparable.  They feel springy off the face, if not quite “explosive.”  The accompanying sound is mid-high pitched and not overly percussive.  While some drivers sound kind of like hitting a snare and a kick drum at the same time, the deep resonance of the bass is more or less absent here.  It isn’t a bad sound, by any means, but it lacks a bit of the satisfaction you might get from a driver that costs twice as much (or more).  Feedback through the hands is present, and slightly more noticeable in the C524 than the E524.


These drivers perform well.  Although the looks, sound, and feel of the clubs didn’t blow me away, I can’t lodge any complaints about their performance.  While I saw similar ball flight and launch monitor characteristics between the two, I did notice a few key differences.

I tend to be pretty high spin with any driver you put in my hand.  This proved to be the case with these two as well.  Unsurprisingly though, there was a difference between the two models, with the more forgiving E524 driver spinning about 800 revs higher on average.  Of course your results may vary, but the 2800 average produced by the C524 driver represents close to an optimal number for me.

I also saw a difference in launch angle, with the E524 driver launching noticeably higher.  While it flew higher, it didn’t carry as far as the C524 driver because of the excess spin.  In this case, I’d hope to get tighter dispersion, but that wasn’t the case here.

If you look at some of the other driver reviews I’ve done recently, the launch monitor numbers don’t represent much of a departure at all.  I don’t want to encourage any direct comparisons because tests happen on different days and my results can vary quite a bit.  But, in the context of the price of these drivers, the performance they offer is quite impressive, especially with the C524 in my case.

One aspect where the Tour Edge Hot Launch E524 and C524 drivers depart from what many other drivers offer in today’s market is adjustability.  There is no adjustable hosel for either and there is only one stock shaft option, which I think is a great one for many of the players who will be considering these drivers.  The C524 is available in 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees while the E524 comes in 10.5, 12.5, and 15 degree heads.


The Tour Edge Hot Launch C524 and E524 drivers make a huge statement by offering top-level performance at a basement price.  They completely dispel the notion that you have to pay $600 to get a decent driver that is brand new.  There are subtle but meaningful differences in the design and performance of the clubs, so consider getting fit if you have any uncertainty about which model makes the most sense for you.

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Tour Edge Hot Launch C524 & E524 Driver Price & Specs

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