Tour Edge Exotics E723 Hybrid Review

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The Tour Edge Exotics E723 hybrid is one of the best options for long approach shots.  High, easy launch with plenty of spin.  Extremely forgiving.


Last year, the E722 hybrid was one of my picks for best of the year because it chose to be different.  Where many hybrids were chasing distance through lower spin, the E722 put a premium on consistency and holding greens.  The new Tour Edge Exotics E723 hybrid follows a similar path while taking forgiveness to even higher levels.


The Tour Edge Exotics E723 hybrid bears a strong resemblance to its predecessor, the E722 hybrid [review HERE].  Both feature a gloss black crown with a carbon fiber section.  The E723 does appear to be a little larger, especially from front to back.  Both are pear shaped, but the E723 is a bit fuller.  Overall, this hybrid is above average in size, bordering on the territory of a small fairway wood.

In the bag, your attention goes immediately to the raised middle section which states “MOI+ Maximum Forgiveness.”  The “Tour Edge Exotics” and “E723” are pushed to lower segments on the heel and toe.  At the back edge, there’s a replaceable Flight Tuning System weight.

In a side-by-side address picture, we can see that the C723 and E723 are related in name only.  The C723 [review HERE] is one of the most compact hybrids available; the E723 one of the largest.  You’ll also notice that there’s a large difference in face shape.  The E723 has a face that’s rounded at the heel, toe, and bottom edge, more like a fairway wood.  In contrast, the C723 has a square face, more like an iron.

Sound & Feel

The larger of the two 2023 TEE hybrids is also louder than its brother.  At impact, the Tour Edge Exotics E723 hybrid is average in volume with a mid pitch, metallic “snap.”  It’s akin to a fairway wood sound, but a little more throaty.

A good strike with the E723 hybrid produces a speedy feeling in the hands.  The ball seems like it’s gone just as contact is occurring.  Despite its size, the E723 provides good feedback on strike location through the hands.


What I loved about the E722 hybrid was that it was made for scoring.  Rather than chasing every last available yard, it gave golfers more consistency and the ability to hold a green.  Those two things remain true with the Tour Edge Exotics E723 hybrid.

The first thing I wanted to see in my launch monitor testing was how much spin the E723 produced.  I saw right away that it was built to hold greens, and further testing showed me how consistent it is.  Whether I hit the ball flush, thin, or in the heel, spin stayed in a tight range.  This is key not only for holding greens but also for producing predictable distance.  Even my very best swings did not produce outlier results.

Another key to consistent distance is robust ball speed.  Thanks to TEE’s Diamond Face VFT, the E723 creates create speed on center and off.  Pure strikes produced smash factors in the high 1.4s.  I had to nearly miss the face to get the smash factor as low as 1.38.

The third ingredient in the E723’s consistent performance is the easy launch.  This club, like its predecessor, uses RyzerSole Technology and a carbon fiber crown to push the CG low.  That low CG helps to elevate every shot – even thin strikes – to a playable trajectory.

With so much focus on landing angle, spin, and distance, it would have been easy to overlook the dispersion.  In fact, I did just that until I went back to review the data.  During my testing, I was taking for granted that almost every shot was landing within ten yards of my target line.  Keeping your left-to-right dispersion that tight at over 200 yards is a guaranteed way to shave strokes off your score.

Finally, new for 2023 is TEE’s Flight Tuning System.  This weight at the back of sole can be swapped out to modify swing weight or slightly change the club’s performance properties.  It comes with a 10 gram weight, but there are weights available ranging from 5 grams to 21 grams.  This opens up a lot of club fitting options and the ability to find your preferred feel.


If you’re looking for a club that you can use to attack flags at long range, the Tour Edge Exotics E723 hybrid is it.  It has plenty of distance thanks to high ball speeds, but the focus is on consistency, tight dispersion, and producing enough spin to hold the green.

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  1. Peter Nelson

    I will leave a lonely comment. I can’t speak to the e723 but I bought the e722 3 hybrid on a lark since it was on sale. It actually knocked the Ping G425 hybrid out of my bag. It is so consistent. From this review the e723 is just as good.

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