Tour Edge Exotics C723 Hybrid Review

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The Tour Edge Exotics C723 hybrid puts a new twist on their players hybrid.  Higher spin allows for more shot shaping and better performance into greens.  Good distance on center.  Built for better ball strikers.


Few golf clubs have held a spot in my bag longer than Tour Edge Exotics hybrids.  The original CBX and the CBX 119 [review HERE] were staples for many seasons.  As a result, TEE’s players hybrids are some of my most anticipated releases every year.  Not only are they consistently strong performers, I’m a big fan of how Tour Edge Exotics leans unapologetically into giving the high level ball striker what they want.  All of this set the excitement and expectations very high for the new Tour Edge Exotics C723 hybrid.


As is the norm, the Tour Edge Exotics C723 hybrid is one of most compact hybrids of the year.  From fron to back, there aren’t any slimmer.  This – combined with the slight pear shape – give the head a slightly stretched look from heel to toe, despite it being no more than average.  As with many players hybrids, the face and toe are squared and iron-like.  Compared to last year’s C722 hybrid [review HERE], the C723 has a little more bulk in the toe making it less symmetrical.

In the bag, the C723 hybrid puts the focus on the Flight Tuning System weight near the face.  All the branding is in lower sections at the toe and heel.

You don’t need a side-by-side picture to know that the two Tour Edge Exotics hybrids are related in name only.  Unlike many OEMs which require you to squint to see the differences between their models, Tour Edge Exotics makes it obvious.  The C723 is one of the most player-y players hybrids; the E723 [review HERE] is nearly a fairway wood.

Sound & Feel

The Tour Edge Exotics C723 hybrid has an impact sound that’s crisp and metallic.  It’s a bit like the “tink” of a fairway wood, but it’s lower pitched.  The volume is a touch below average.

In the hands, impact feels solid with a little snap on center.  Feedback from this club is very clear.  Both the sound and feel become noticeably dull when you leave the center of the face.


For several generations, TEE made some of the lowest-spinning hybrids in golf.  Faster swingers seeking more distance gobbled them up, and some could be considered modern classics.  The Tour Edge Exotics C723 hybrid represents a change in direction as they seek to fill a different need.

In the modern game, hybrids get used in many ways.  For the skilled ball striker who wants to hit their hybrid into greens and artfully shape their shots, the C723 hybrid is the ticket.  While not high spinning, the C723 hybrid is higher spinning than many of its peers.  That extra spin is what will allow better players to attack the flag from long distance without fear of their ball running through the green.

Despite its slightly higher spin, the C723 hybrid is not short.  This is thanks to ample ball speed from the Diamond Face VFT.  For a compact, players hybrid, I was surprised by how robust the speed was across the face.

Similarly, I was pleased with how easily the C723 launched the ball.  My expectation is that such a compact hybrid requires a quality strike to get the ball airborne.  TEE’s RyzerSole is very effective at elevating even thin shots.  This is not a super high launching hybrid, but it does a good job of getting most shots to a playable trajectory.

The one area where the Tour Edge Exotics C723 hybrid can get a little scary for high handicap players is in dispersion.  Though heel and toe strikes do retain a lot of ball speed, they can get pretty far offline.  This is the tradeoff for all that shot control.  If you need a club that will keep you on the straight and narrow, consider the E723 hybrid instead.

Finally, Tour Edge Exotics has built a good deal of adjustability into the C723 hybrid.  At the hosel, players can turn the loft up or down 1.5 degrees.  There’s also a three degree range for lie angle.  The Flight Tuning System is new for 2023.  This sole weight is 10 grams, but can be swapped for weights ranging from 5 to 21 grams.  Players can use this to fine tune the swing weight and make different lengths playable.


While many golfers have loved TEE’s low spin bombers, the Tour Edge Exotics C723 hybrid opens the door to a different range of players.  Skilled ball strikers who want to attack the pin from long distance will love the shot control that this club provides.

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Tour Edge Exotics C723 Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. Matt,
    Which loft did you test? I play original ZX7 irons and also the Geom Moe irons. Im considering the 23 degree C723 to replace the 22 degree ZX7 4 iron. What has your experience been with this type of hybrid vs an iron with slightly less loft. I feel like this hybrid is most comparable to irons vs the chunkier fairway wood style hybrids that have roll and bulge faces. Is that a reasonable assumption if I can’t get fit in my area for this club?

    • Matt Saternus

      I tested the 19 degree model.
      For me, there’s still a substantial difference between a hybrid and an iron, even when it’s a players hybrid. That said, some of those differences and big benefits in distance and forgiveness.



  2. Was the C723 hybrid’s spin significantly more than the C722 hybrid?

    • Matt Saternus


      It was not a significant difference for me, but I will offer the caveat that I’m a fairly low spin player, so your mileage may vary.



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