Tour Edge Exotics C721 Hybrid Review

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Powerful and consistent ball speed makes the Tour Edge Exotics C721 hybrid a strong performer.  Pleasing sound and stable feel add to the overall appeal.


Long time readers of Plugged In Golf may recall Matt Saturnus’s affinity for Tour Edge Exotics hybrids.  In fact, I can’t recall the last time one wasn’t in his bag [check out his current setup HERE].  As such, I was pleasantly surprised to have the opportunity to review the latest Exotics hybrid – the C721.  With expectations high, I was headed to the range for testing before the delivery truck was even off my street.


The C721 hybrid shares a family resemblance with its bigger brother fairway [full review HERE] yet retains its own identity.  At address, the modest sized, pear shaped head of the C721 hybrid should be appealing to a wide array of golfers.  I like the large window of carbon weave in the crown, but glare off the deep gloss finish can be a bit distracting in the bright sun.

Mimicking the carbon weave of the clubhead in several panels, the headcover has a distinctive look and overall high quality feel.  The distinctive look continues on the sole of the C721 hybrid with fascinating arcs in the heel and toe sections.  Add in the silver framework, plus the mini-diamonds (more on that later) in the C721 triangle and the club takes on a modern look.

Sound & Feel

The crisp, snapping-branch sound of the Exotics C721 hybrid was nice on its own, but it was the depth of the tone that elevated the sound and made it pleasant to my ears.  Reading the tech info on the club, it turns out that this isn’t an accident – Tour Edge designers put an emphasis on sound quality and strategically located sound diffusion panels in the head.  Well done, folks.

Whether a solid strike or a slight mishit, the C721 felt stable.  I actually wrote down ‘gentle’ in my field notes to capture the absence of twist I so often encounter with the smaller heads of hybrids as contact wavers.  Not that I couldn’t tell when the ball found the perimeters of the face, but overall this is not a club for golfers seeking feedback on every swing.


I didn’t need a launch monitor to note the great consistency in flight and carry, but a quick session at Club Champion confirmed by observations.  It also revealed the C721’s huge smash factor that hit 1.50 nearly every swing – a number typically only found in top performing drivers.

Fast ball speed, the all important numerator in smash factor, can be attributed to the hyper-steel Diamond Face 2.0 composed of 41 different shapes and seven different thicknesses that act like mini-trampolines.  The face material and design also add to the consistency in both performance and feel.

At 19°, the Exotics 3 hybrid produced a penetrating trajectory that elicited thoughts of being the perfect fairway finder on shorter par 4s for me.  The C721 comes standard with a 5 gram backweight, but Tour Edge also offers 10 and 15 gram weights to dial in the club and optimize performance.  My KBS TGI 70 shaft matched up with the Tour Edge swing speed chart nicely, while the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX is stock for faster swing speeds.


Beyond the swing speed chart mentioned above, if you like websites with loads of tech, Tour Edge Exotics is tough to beat.  Tough to beat can also describe the Exotics C721 hybrid overall.  Modern looks, wonderful sound, plus strong, consistent performance.  This is a hybrid you’re going to want to try out for yourself.

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Tour Edge Exotics C721 Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. Sounds great. But how does it really compare to it’s predecessors, like the EX10 or the CBX. It is really any better or just a different look. I only use Exotics FW and hybrids in my bag.

    • Matt Meeker

      Sounds like you would be the perfect person to let everyone know if you get the chance to hit the new ones Walter. I don’t have any experience with those models you listed.

      – Meeks

      • Well I won’t be buying one this year but maybe next year. These new ones appear to have a bigger head than the past ones, is that correct or is it just the picture that makes it look that way. I’d like to try them and I like that they have a changeable weight which makes it easy for SW changes. What I don’t like about the changeable weight idea is it is always hard to get extra weights from TE after they come out with the next new model the following year. I’d say to TE don’t put a weight port in if you’re not going to support the sale/supply of extra weights for a few years following the launch.

        • Matt Meeker

          I wasn’t able to compare them side by side with the prior model Walter so I can’t offer anything regarding size.

          – Meeks

  2. Okay thanks.

  3. Jordan Evans

    According to the Tour Edge website the new C721 hybrids are smaller than the EX 10 hybrids. The new 4 hybrid is 110 cc head volume vs 122 cc volume for the EX 10 4 hybrid.

  4. I live in the UK and Tour Exotics are just appearing at the large golf shops. I bought a virtually new one off ebay.
    I was amazed at the performance from the hybrid. Without any testing on the range I played a round and it was, for me the best hybrid I have ever used. Shots went straight and I didn’t hit one bad shot. The bonus, great looks and acoustics

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