Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Wood Review

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The Tour Edge Exotics C721 fairway delivers consistency across the performance spectrum.  Very stable with great sound.


When I first encountered the Tour Edge Exotics line a decade ago, the brand held an intriguing appeal.  My perception was that only those in the know, know.  Now I see an Exotics club in at least one bag of most foursomes.  That type of recognition is the result of Tour Edge producing highly regarded Exotics clubs year after year.  With that success, I was eager to test the new C721 fairway.


The sole of the Exotics C721 fairway has a lot going on, yet it doesn’t look busy.  The black and silver color scheme with simple white text gives the club a contemporary look.  As much as I was intrigued visually with the slipstream sole of the EXS 220 fairway [full review HERE], I found the smoothness of the C721 even more aesthetically appealing. 

At address, the C721 fairway is very attractive with a hint of triangularity in an otherwise rounded head shape.  The ridgeback that bisects the carbon composite crown is distinctive, and I found it a subtle, yet useful, aiming aid.  The glare off the deep gloss finish can be a bit distracting depending on light conditions.

Face on, the C721 looks wide and ready to conquer whatever conditions I might force it to deal with.  The etchings in the center of the face inspire focus.

Sound & Feel

The Exotics C721 is the best sounding fairway wood I’ve hit in recent memory.  Unprovoked, a friend trying the C721 proclaimed: “Wow, I love the sound.”  Mid-volume with a treble tone, the sound hitting a urethane ball is a crisp, semi-metallic ‘tick’.  Kudos to the Tour Edge designers who created such a rich, pleasant sound.

The sound and feel were consistent across the face.  Feedback was limited to strikes that waivered far from decent contact.  While some golfers might find that a negative, experiencing consistently strong results is a worthy tradeoff.


It’s always a nice feeling when your very first swing produces a good result, and the Tour Edge Exotics C721 did just that.  Whether testing on the range or putting it to the real test on the course, the C721 was very consistent.  Gathering launch monitor data at Club Champion confirmed the forgiveness and revealed solid performance numbers across the data fields.

With all the technology designed into the C721, it’s difficult to pinpoint one element responsible for the forgiveness, but the ridgeback certainly deserves a lot of the credit.  The titanium spine connects the face and the sole, harnessing power on contact across the face.  That face, Diamond Face 2.0, composed of 61 different shapes and five different thicknesses that act like mini-trampolines, also adds to the forgiveness equation.

Utilizing light weight carbon composite on both sides of the ridgeback on the crown allowed Tour Edge to focus weight low in the back of the of the C721 to optimize CG and maximize MOI.  As much as I appreciated the resultant high launch, it was the head stability that I really enjoyed.


Though the Exotics line is no longer only for those in the know, their clubs, like the C721 fairway, continue to perform at a high level.  I tested the C721 with the HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX, and as you can see in the chart below, Tour Edge has other great shaft options as well as loft choices.  With its consistent performance and wonderful sound, you’re going to want to try the Exotics C721 fairway for yourself.

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Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. I doubt that you’ve had time to compare the two, but would like to know your thoughts on how this compared to the CBX 119.

  2. I am firmly of the belief that they need to do away with the Tour Edge logo on the Exotics line and go with just Exotics, like they did on the CBX line. The Tour Edge logo is just so budget looking. I might be biased considering I carry 9 CBX clubs, but they are awesome and they look better than the current lineup.

  3. Based on your clubhead speed, how come you weren’t fitted into the Ventus Red?

    • I don’t recall the specifics Alex. But clubhead speed is only one factor to consider in shaft fitting.

      – Meeks

  4. Keith Woodruff

    Hi, I shoot around 85, my clubhead speed is about 95. But i hood the face at address and need some kick in the shaft to get the ball up. I will buy c721 3, and 5 . Which would be the best shaft for me? TY

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no way for me to credibly recommend a shaft without working with you in person. Swing speed is just one element of a good fit. I always advise people to work with a fitter before buying new clubs.



  5. cstrangegolf

    Like this clb. Easy to hit off the deck or tee. Can work it both ways. A touch spinny so might need to try a new shaft

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