Tomo Vol. 1 Remix Golf Shoe Review

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The Tomo Vol. 1 Remix golf shoe is lightweight and wonderfully comfortable.  Wide base and solid traction make them solid performers on the course.  Stylish design adds to the appeal.

Tomo Vol. 1 Remix Golf Shoe


After my own testing and before sitting down to write this review, I pulled up the original Volume 1 review via the quick and easy search function on the PIG website.  I wanted to get a sense of the “remix” aspect of the Vol. 1 Remix name.  I discovered Tomo gave the shoes the perfect name.

Check out the TOMO Bravo HERE


The Vol. 1 Remix has a contemporary style that looks great on the golf course as well as in the club house.  The speckled midsoles add visual interest while blending nicely with the knit uppers.  Branding is limited to TOMO on the heel tab and an embossed “T” at the tongue.

The sole of the Vol. 1 Remix offers a more bold message, with its red background and large format black TOMO lettering.   The translucent layer of the traction elements gives the shoes an air of mystery as to their golf-centric design.

Visually, the sole is the key to identifying the Remix from the original Volume 1 [review HERE] – both in width and tread design.


Right out of the box the Tomo Vol.1 Remix exuded comfort.  The stretchy knit uppers felt like they were gently hugging my feet.  The soft insoles were also inviting, and, according to Tomo, are 30% thicker than the Volume 1.

The Vol. 1 Remix may be the lightest shoes I’ve ever worn.  Tomo states they are the lightest they’ve ever made.  Even though they’re light, the shoes offered ample cushioning.  I tried to wear the shoes sans socks once, but the interior end of the tongue was a bit rough for my enjoyment.

Tomo Vol. 1 Remix Golf Shoe toe


I’m used to some structural resistance when I try to twist my feet with both shoes planted, so the flex in the knit uppers of the Vol. 1 Remix was a bit alarming at first.  But then I recalled an aspiring pro telling me about swinging on ice, the thought being that all the weight transfer forces should be directed straight down.  Any lateral forces would send you slipping on the ice, so any flex I imparted was wasted energy.

The other design feature that aids in stance dynamics is the wide footprint of the sole.  My photos don’t capture the width in the forefoot, but it’s definitely noticeable in the heels.

Tomo Vol. 1 Remix Golf Shoe sole

The variety of traction elements, both in type and orientation, make the Vol. 1 Remix solid performers across the typical ground conditions encountered on the golf course.  I really liked the gription the shoes provided on hard, packed dirt and tightly mowed turf.  The depth of the treads may not be the best for foul weather but neither are knit uppers.  That said, the Vol. 1 Remix uppers are water resistant and kept my feet dry when I strolled through grass after a brief rain.

Tomo Vol. 1 Remix Golf Shoe


The more times I wear the Tomo Vol. 1 Remix, the more I like them.  They’re so comfortable I find myself slipping them on even when golf isn’t on the agenda.  If you want to still have a bounce in your step at the end of the day – literally and figuratively – check out the Tomo Vol. 1 Remix golf shoes.  My only issue at the moment is that they aren’t available in additional colorways.

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