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The TOMO Bravo golf shoe is casual, comfortable, and modern.  Ideal for the walking golfer who wants a lightweight sneaker-style golf shoe that can easily transition into a post-round social environment.


The past few years have seen an uptick in golfers rejecting carts in favor of walking.  It’s the way the game was originally played, and it often enhances enjoyment in a number of ways.  Golf shoe companies have taken note of this and are designing shoes specifically with the walking golfer in mind.  TOMO is one of those companies, and though they don’t necessarily market themselves that way, their shoes are ideal for those who aren’t going to be taking a cart.

TOMO Bravo golf shoe


The TOMO Bravo is a modern sneaker-style golf shoe.  It has a variable knit upper that has almost a honeycomb look to it.  It is the most interestingly textured knit upper I’ve seen in a golf shoe to date.  My playing partners took note of them right away, asking, “New kicks?”

Right now, the Bravo is only available in Ink Black and Frost Grey.  While both colors are nice, the shoe’s unique, modern look would benefit from a couple of unique colorways.

TOMO Bravo golf shoe


When it comes to comfort, I say “Bravo” to this shoe.  Okay, I couldn’t help myself to that awful joke, but these shoes are seriously comfortable.  The footbed is pillowy soft and the mesh upper is very breathable.  I think it’s also worth mentioning that it was the very end of the golf season here in the upper midwest when I tested these, and my feet didn’t end up getting particularly cold.  This was a pleasant surprise.

TOMO Bravo golf shoe heel

The footbed is quite wide.  I think it would be a comfortable fit for someone with a wider foot, though I also found it comfortable with an average width foot.  Maybe my favorite part of the shoe is the pad on the inside of the heel.  This is always the first place that my golf shoes wear out so in addition to the extra cushion against my heel, I also appreciate some added durability.


Out of the box, the TOMO Bravo felt light and springy.  That’s nice,  but the fact that it feels just as good after walking 18 is what’s really impressive.

Where the Bravo excels most is on flat ground.  Walking down a fairway on level ground is an absolute delight.  Things get more complicated when the land starts to move.  Heading up a steeper hill or on a side hill feels considerably less stable.  It’s a function of the unstructured knit upper and is just a trade you have to make for that kind of comfort and breathability.

TOMO Bravo golf shoe sole

While the spikeless configuration of the sole is pretty subtle, it seems to produce adequate force.  It certainly isn’t going to lock you in the way a spiked shoe with a structured upper would but those for whom that is a big concern probably are looking elsewhere for their golf footwear.  Bonus: because of the sole, you can easily wear these to the store without it being obvious you’re wearing golf shoes.

The upper is surprisingly resistant to moisture, which is great.  I’ve referenced walking several times now so it’s worth saying that this shoe is not just for walkers.  It would be a great choice for anyone who prioritizes comfort on the course.

TOMO Bravo golf shoe toe


The TOMO Bravo is really well done.  It’s extremely comfortable, offers reliable if not exceptional performance, and provides versatility to be worn off the course.  It also has a unique modern look.  These will get plenty of play from me in 2023.

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  1. Basically, what Tomo has done is mashed together two great golf shoes from a competitor. They took the the TRUE Linkswear Knit and combined it with the TRUE Linkswear Lux Sport model. I guess you can’t blame them, TRUE makes the most comfortable golf/everyday shoes. My main complaint with Tomo shoes is the drop. Your heel feels much higher than your toes, that plus the high stack makes for a nice shoe to walk around in but not to swing under control and balanced. Maybe these will be different, if so they could have a hit on their hands.

  2. Terrible customer service. Avoid Tomo golf at all costs. You have been warned.

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