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The new Titleist Velocity was designed with one thing in mind: distance.  A long ball for wider range of players.


I’m going to drop a bombshell for you right now.  Titleist has been the leader in quality golf balls for decades.  For this very reason, the general golf community is constantly looking to Titleist to set the standard in golf balls and keep the needle moving.  Fortunately, Titleist has such high quality in their golf ball products that they don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but they are certainly always looking for ways to improve the golf experience for more than just the elite players.  With these ideals in mind, Titleist clearly went to work for the average Joes in designing the new Velocity golf ball that we’ll discuss in this review.

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Like a lot of ball manufacturers, Titleist likes to work from the putter backward because of how important it is that a ball feels good for every shot on the course.  Of course, feel is typically the quickest drop off as you start dropping down the price brackets, bu that’s also what usually sets a good mid-level ball apart from the rest of the field.  Making the ball go far or spin isn’t difficult for the manufacturers, but making a less expensive ball feel like their tour ball at an affordable price is difficult.  Fortunately, Titleist seems to have found a nice blend in the Velocity.

I won’t try and tell you that the Velocity feels like a Pro V1, or a more appropriately compared Pro V1x, but there are not many golf balls in the $25 price range that feel better than this ball.  It does have a firmer feel as a mid-market distance ball, but it still has an appropriate softness around the green.  The Velocity provides plenty of feedback on the club face which makes consistent shot making easy.

Long Game

As billed, the long game is exactly where the Titleist Velocity excels.  In my experience, balls in this market that actually provide good distance will flat out feel like crap.  I found the Velocity interesting off the tee box because it felt much better than expected, but I was getting a lot of pop off the face of the club.  The ball speeds I was seeing were on par with the Pro V1x and I was getting a nice piercing flight.  I didn’t get the ball too high in the air, but this ball was designed to have a lower ball flight to give you more roll on landing as a result of its new “spherically tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design.”  I wasn’t getting 50 yards of roll off the tee, but I was getting a consistent 20-25 yards of roll on good straight shots, and I bet a player that does typically get a lot of roll would have quite a bit more run out.

Short Game

As a distance ball, one might not expect the Titleist Velocity to hold up as a good short game ball, but it really does do a good job of it.  Around the greens, I still prefer my Pro V1x, but this ball would actually hold its own as a more affordable option.  The Velocity provides plenty of feedback with the wedges and doesn’t feel like a rock on the putter.  You have to be a little more aware of how this ball performs because it isn’t going to stop as quickly as your Pro V1.  You can still stop the ball, but I don’t think the average golfer is going to zip the ball back 15 feet on the green with this ball.

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Who This Ball is For

Yes, the Titleist Velocity is designed for a player looking for more distance and roll, but I think there’s a specific player in my mind that this ball is perfect for.  I have an uncle that played golf in college many moons ago that I’m sure would still play balatas if they were readily available, but he doesn’t hit the ball as far as he used to.  Don’t get me wrong, this guy will still go out on the course and make single digit handicappers look silly, but he has certainly had to adjust his game by relying on tight, straight shots with good roll.  He doesn’t hit a 200 yard pin on a fly, but he lands about 185 and rolls up with precision.  This ball would be perfect for him.  He would likely find he has to lay up less and will gain about one to one and a half extra clubs of yardage.  I think plenty more golfers looking for a little more distance and roll could like this ball, but the Velocity feels absolutely perfect for a player like my uncle.

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Continuing with our normal theme, it’s important to try out multiple options for the equipment you’re looking to invest in and golf balls are no different.  There are multiple factors that need to be considered like feel, performance, durability and even cost.  After evaluating these characteristics, you can decide what you will and will not sacrifice and make the right ball choice for you.  For me, I was pleasantly surprised by the Titleist Velocity in how strong it was for me after evaluating those elements.  At $27 a dozen, I save over $20 from my usual Pro V1x and still get a really nice golf ball and my game will not suffer.  Titleist has developed another ball that will meet the needs of even more golfers and only further cement their place as the leader in the golf ball industry.

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  1. Sam Cross

    why can’t I find out the difference between the single numbered and double numbered velocity balls by titleist

  2. Dan Parker

    Hi Bill,

    Good read. Just for the heck of it I used these balls the past few days and was surprised that they went further and straighter than my normal Pro V1s I use. I did have some adjusting with speed on the greens and prefer a softer ball but the run out on my long irons was fantastic. Now I understand why! Thanks

  3. John Wellfare

    As a senior golfer who didn’t take up the world’s best game until my early 60’s, after a bunch of try-outs of other balls this became my Go-To ball. My swing is only about 75 mph at this stage (just hit 80) but I get pleasing distance with the T-V, and more than satisfactory results in approach shots and putting. And no, I don’t expect to get the spin-back from a wedge to the green that you see from the pros. But if it slows down and stops within 2-putt range, I’m more than happy. I just hope they keep making it.

  4. teetertotter

    I just bought a dozen of the 2018 version last week, after reading several reviews. I’m age 75 with avg swing speed of 75mph. It is winter in Wisconsin and play in a Tues eve indoor league. Off the stubby artificial grass, using my Vokey, 56 degree, F grind, with full swing, 60 yds, I was able to back-up the ball on some greens. The greens were set at medium. The ball did NOT back up a tremendous amount, but was there. Around the greens, depending on landscape and club, I was most happy with results. Long story short, this ball is replacing their NXT Tour S. Not only that, this Velocity ball is designed for straightness, which I am getting too. Distance wise, it’s about the same.

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