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The Titleist TSi3 hybrid packs a surprising amount of forgiveness into a players hybrid.  Beautiful shape.  Adjustability is a mixed bag.

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Titleist hybrids have long been one of those “if you know, you know” type of clubs.  Going back all the way to the classic 585H, they’ve been solid performers.  Earlier this year, Matt Meeker showed me just how good the TSi2 hybrid [review HERE] is, so I was eager to test the TSi3 to see if it could earn a spot in my bag to level the playing field.


At address, the Titleist TSi3 hybrid has one of the most appealing silhouettes in the category.  It has a clean, gloss black crown and an elegant pear shape.  It’s compact from front to back and heel to toe, which should suit the eye of the better player.  As is customary for a players hybrid, the face is fairly tall and the toe is squared to look more like an iron.

The underside of the TSi3 hybrid is surprisingly busy.  Titleist’s SureFit CG Track Technology monopolizes the sole, and while it’s not ugly, it doesn’t match the sleek address look.

Sound & Feel

As I got ready to test the TSi3 hybrid, I recalled my experience with the TSi3 fairway wood [review HERE], specifically the “sniper rifle” impact sound.  I was rather jarred when my first swing with the TSi3 hybrid created a high pitched, metallic, rather loud sound.  As I hit it more, I realized that it’s not that loud compared to most hybrids, it’s just much louder than I expected it to be.

Feedback from the TSi3 hybrid is good both through the hands and ears.  Centered shots feel solid and sound crisp.  Mishits feel progressively more hollow and sound more off key the further you get from the center of the face.


For those unfamiliar with Titleist nomenclature, the TSi2 is the larger, more forgiving model; the TSi3 is the smaller, players version.  As such, I expected that Meeker’s findings of outstanding forgiveness in the TSi2 would not apply to the TSi3.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was wrong.

My first few swings with the TSi3 hybrid were pure.  Trackman showered both me and the TSi3 with praise, even flashing a 1.5 smash factor.  Ball speed was excellent and spin and launch were consistent.

Then, as always happens, the streak of good swings ended.  But what caught my attention as I fought to regain my form was that the numbers on the screen weren’t changing that much.  Ball speed stayed very high and the launch angle remained steady – no moon balls or low screamers.  For a players hybrid, the TSi3 is exceptionally forgiving.

Titleist only offers the TSi3 hybrid in two lofts – 18 and 20 degrees – but it is adjustable.  The SureFit hosel continues to offer 16 combinations of loft, lie, and face angle so you can dial in a precise fit.  The TSi3 also features a new weighting system.  SureFit CG Track is a bit more user friendly than the previous system [TS3 hybrid review HERE] in that you don’t need to carry extra weights, but the impact is not huge.  This system is meant for fine modifications not slice-busting.


If you want the look of a players hybrid but still need forgiveness, the Titleist TSi3 is a wonderful choice.  This club has enough versatility to fit your bag whether you’re looking to replace a long iron or sideline a finicky fairway wood.

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Titleist TSi3 Hybrid Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Thanks for the review Matt. Just curious — I don’t see the position of the sliding CG weight in the pics, and it’s usually easy to spot. Was it removed by chance?

    • Matt Saternus


      It was out when I was taking pictures because I was weighing the components.


      • Thanks Matt for your response. That is great information to know as I was under the impression that the CG elevator and sliding weight were not removable. I have the same hybrid but find the swing-weight a bit too high for my preference, and was wondering how much the little sliding weight weighs and possibly removing it.

  2. That’s exactly what I’m finding too. I just replaced my Speedzone hybrid (which was going left too often) and in the first few rounds this has been great. I set it up a degree in loft, and flat and it’s been a straight or fade bomber. Way more forgiving than I expected it to be from the shape.

  3. Thanks for another great review. I have a TM RBZ TP 2 hybrid that have used since it came out. I am considering replacing it and the TSI3 and the TM Sim2 are the likely candidates. How would you compare the two in terms of performance and preference. Thank you as always and cheers!

  4. I’m debating between this club and the SIM2 Rescue 2 hybrid, any thoughts on preference?

  5. Hi Matt

    I am using the 6 tsi1. And the 5 and 4,tsi 2
    I want to put the 3 tsi 3 in my bag.
    I am 70 years old still playing to a 2.4 handicap but really feel I need to go to hybrids to keep my game going. I feel the three would be for Distance and laying up type shots not so much for accuracy at the pins.
    I love the three hybrids I already have and wondering does this combination sound OK.
    Thanks Tom
    Thanks for all your work. I love your reviews.

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you.
      My preference would be to use the TSi2 as a pure distance club because it’s more forgiving, but your way can work too.



  6. Stephen Rogers

    Hi Matt, great review as usual, could you tell me, is there much difference in size between the TS 3 Hybrid and the TSi 3 that you reviewed, regards Steve …

    • Matt Saternus


      I didn’t review the TS3 hybrid, Matt Meeker did, so I can’t offer a comparison.



  7. Jacob Burlet

    Hi Matt, I recently bought a demo tsi 3 hybrid from my club and I noticed there’s a vibration/rattling noise coming from the head. I think it’s coming from the weight or the weight mechanism because I can’t take the weight out. The guys at my pro shop assured me that it isn’t broken but is it normal for it to make that noise. It’s not affecting the performance but it’s really aggravating. I’ve tightened all the screws but when I test it by letting the end of the shaft bounce off the ground the head still vibrates. Hope to hear a reply soon. Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      If I’m understanding correctly, you’re not able to take the weight out or adjust it?
      I would disagree that a rattling is “normal” or acceptable. I would take it to a good club builder to see if they can identify the cause.


      • Jacob Burlet

        Sorry I am able to adjust it. I think the vibration is just coming from the screw on the weight. Would that make sense?

        • Matt Saternus


          It’s possible that the screw or weight – after being used and abused as a demo club – doesn’t fit tightly anymore and rattles a bit. That’s my best guess.


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