TaylorMade SIM2 Hybrid Review

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The TaylorMade SIM2 hybrid is a wonderful players hybrid.  Strong ball flight.  Beautiful shape.  Workable and able to hold a green.


As I’ve noted several times in the last couple years, the biggest beneficiaries of technology in golf have been the better players.  There are a wealth of options today that give skilled players the looks and feel they desire with more forgiveness than ever before.  The TaylorMade SIM2 Rescue hybrid is one such club.


TaylorMade states that the SIM2 hybrid as a “modern players shape.”  I would simply say that it looks slick.  At address, it’s all black with a carbon fiber-like pattern on the majority of the head.  It’s slim from front-to-back with a noticeable pear shape.  The SIM2 hybrid is also shorter than average from heel-to-toe with a more iron-like face profile.  Better players are going to absolutely love it.

In the bag, the SIM2 hybrid is the one club in the line that goes totally stealth.  The very small blocks of green and blue really pop off the all black sole.  The Speed Pocket is present but less visible.

Sound & Feel

If you want your hybrid to feel like an extension of your iron set, you’ll love the SIM2 Rescue.  Impact feels very solid, very iron-like.  That strong feeling is complemented by a low pitched impact sound.

Because the SIM2 Rescue hybrid is fairly quiet at impact, audio feedback is relatively minimal.  However, you’ll be able to feel the impact location precisely in your hands.


Despite being a players hybrid, the SIM2 Rescue is no slouch when it comes to ball speed.  In launch monitor testing, I was seeing well-struck shots register smash factors in the high 1.4s.  When impact moved toward the heel or toe, the SIM2 Rescue does dump noticeable amounts of speed.  Poor strikes will still end up in far better places than they would with a long iron, but players who aren’t routinely hitting the center of the face should consider a more forgiving option.

The SIM2 Rescue strikes a nice balance between being long and being able to hold greens.  I found the SIM2 Rescue to be low launching, though the Speed Pocket is very helpful at boosting thin shots.  This strong launch angle pairs with slightly above-average spin to make the SIM2 Rescue workable and able to stick the landing on the green.

Among the many things that separate the SIM2 Rescue from the SIM2 Max hybrid [review HERE] is that the Rescue has adjustable loft.  At the hosel, you can add or subtract 1.5 degrees of loft and also change the face angle.  This is a valuable tool for the consistent ball striker who wants to hit a specific distance or promote a particular shot shape.


For the skilled golfer who wants a beautiful hybrid to ease the stress of the long game, the TaylorMade SIM2 Rescue hybrid is ideal.  This club produces plenty of ball speed and distance, and it has enough forgiveness to keep the occasional mishit out of trouble.

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TaylorMade SIM2 Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. Jeff Houglum

    These were the absolute gem of the SIM2 line. They were exactly what TM’s one needed. Great review Matt. Contender for your bag?

  2. Michael Pasvantis

    I really love this club as a fairway wood replacement for me. Tons of ball speed, low spin and penetrating flight. Most of all the sound and feel off the forged face is like nothing else I’ve hit before.

  3. Yazid Mohd Yassin

    Love this club to be in my golf bag..

  4. Just really looking forward to seeing your review of the Callaway Apex ‘21 and Pro ‘21 to compare to the best hybrids for this season.


  5. Did you find when you increase the loft on the adjuster this sat toed-in? I’d be looking to replace a 4 iron with this so have the 22 at 23.5

  6. Picked up one of these new on eBay a few months ago to replace an old Taylormade burner hybrid. Took it to the range today and just wasn’t hitting it good. I don’t know; the head seems too small or something. Had a couple decent shots but nothing as solid and far as with the burner.

    • Agree with you. Had the burner 2.0 and got this. Can’t hit it as well

    • The SIM2 Rescue was horrible for me as well (With multiple shafts)
      Terrible feel, mediocre performance & zero forgiveness.
      The Cally Apex 21 smokes it across the board.

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