Titleist TS2 Hybrid Review

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The Titleist TS2 hybrid looks amazing and delivers a ball that flies high and long.  Consistent and forgiving.


Titleist rolled out their new TS nomenclature last year with their woods and now brings their hybrids into the family.  The TS2 and TS3 hybrids replace the successful H1 and H2 818 hybrids.  For those of you not familiar with Titleist’s nomenclature, TS stands for Titleist Speed – the pursuit of speed in every aspect of the design.


From every angle, the Titleist TS2 hybrid has pleasing looks.  At address, the symmetrical round shape disguises the slight toe-centric head.  Devoid of any markings on the glossy black crown, the white paintfill on the dark face grooves pull your focus to the ball.  The face is a moderate height.

Flip the club over and the sole displays a modern, technical edge.  I find a lot of eye appeal in the silver fangs that seem to guard the weight pod.  The TS2 and classic Titleist script are proportional for the head size.  The colors and precision stitching on the headcover seem the perfect match for the club.

Sound & Feel

I don’t know about you, but I love hybrids that have a touch of head weight, and the TS2 captures that feel.  The face has a firm feel that makes most strikes feel solid.  The metallic crack at impact registers at a moderate volume and is audibly more associated with thicker metal than thin.  Much like in my hands, there was virtually no feedback to my ears – neither being alarming for a hybrid.


It was interesting to learn that the face and crown of the TS2 hybrid are thinner than its predecessor given the solid feel.  Thinner equals lighter allowing Titleist designers to reposition weight for a lower center of gravity to boost performance.   What all that meant to me was a high trajectory with deep apex that had balls seemingly dropping from the sky – perfect for the long par 3s I typically find the need to pull hybrid on.

I could work the ball a bit, but this club is clearly built for high launch and forgiveness.   The Titleist literature states the TS2 hybrid is designed for sweeping swings which suited me perfectly after examining my long thin divots.

That said, working with a qualified Titleist fitter is a must to maximize performance.  I was fortunate to spend some time with my head pro David Damesworth, who was able to evaluate turf interaction and ball flight to find the best setup for me.  With one adjustment of the Surefit Hosel, my left tendency transformed to a lovely baby draw.  In addition to the Kuro Kage, the TS2 hybrid is available with three other high performance shafts.


The Titleist TS2 is one of the best looking hybrids on the market today and a perfect complement to the TS family.  More importantly, the strong performance of the TS2 hybrid mirrors what we’ve observed with its bigger siblings – increased ball speed, distance, and forgiveness.  If you thought Titleist clubs were only for better players, it’s time for a mental reset.

Titleist TS2 Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. Keith Finley

    #SecretGiveaway4 thats a great looking hybrid

  2. Don Sutherland

    #secretgiveaway4. Nice looking hybrid!

  3. This is helping me decide that I am really leaning towards going back to Titleist clubs! #SecretGiveaway4

  4. I’ve got three of these (19,21,25) and my feedback is just like as Matt stated….high ball flight, great ball speed and wonderful decent angle to hold greens.
    I replaced my 818s, which I liked, but have no regrets (other than I dropped a head while adjusting the surefit and scuffed the nice clean black look….).

  5. Garen Eggleston

    #SecretGiveaway#4 another great looking hybrid

  6. Thanks for the review. I love my TS 2 driver and 3 wood. Can’t wait to hit the hybrid. #secretgivaway4

  7. Still play a 915, great hybrids from Titleist,

  8. I moved away from Titleist clubs a couple of years ago but this makes me want to go back and try it out

  9. How do you feel this compares to the older 818? #SecretGiveaway4

  10. Great review. Looking for a new hybrid and this wasn’t on my radar. IT IS NOW!

  11. Phillip Evdokimoff

    Great club, have tried the TS2 Driver, woods and irons. They are excellent. #SecretGiveaway4

  12. Was trying to decide if I wanted to give this or a TS3 a run….now I have to go hit them both!

  13. Just got a set of t200 irons and a 19 ts2 hybrid love it thinking about a 21&23

  14. #SecretGiveaway.4. I went with a TS2 driver early this year predominantly because of the price drop. What I came to learn is that my game has never adapted to the carbon crown revolution. I think I may have Persimmon running through my nerve endings I have now traded in and replaced every fairway and hybrid with Titleist. I even picked up a 975 7 wood.. That Titleist feel is incomparable, and with that surefit hosel one doesn’t need to be a player to enjoy the engineering that’s quietly built in to the design. Bye Bye crayon hues and spaceship feedback

  15. Amazing hybrid but the paint is delicate like crystal.

  16. I needed only 4 swings and a purchase order. No adjustments necessary. I told the Titleist fitter I needed 15 yards more distance than my 4 iron. 4 swings. 4easy to launch baby draws with a high flight and great decent angle for stopping power. Sold!

  17. Ik heb de ts2 24 graden kun je me helpen met instelling lijst ?

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