Titleist CNCPT CP-04 Irons Review

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The Titleist CNCPT CP-04 irons are extremely expensive – $500 per club.  Sound and feel are not high end.  Performance is very good.


Though 2020 was not slated to be an “iron year” for Titleist, it did bring a revamped CNCPT line.  From the original pair of offerings, the CP-02 [review HERE] moves forward, now joined by the CP-03 and the CP-04.  The CNCPT CP-04 irons are designed to be the most forgiving in this ultra-premium line, so I tested them to see if they were worth their enormous price tag.


In the bag, the CNCPT CP-04 looks almost exactly like the CP-01 [review HERE].  This newer model is silver across the back where the CP-01 had a ribbon of black on the bottom, but the shape is almost identical.  Comparisons aside, the CP-04 has an eye-catching look with its deep, angular cavity.

At address, this iron falls into the game improvement category.  There’s a healthy amount of offset and a fairly thick top line.  Add in a wide sole and substantial blade length and you have a club designed to give confidence to the higher handicap player.

Sound & Feel

The feel of the CP-01 was incredibly disappointing, so I was happy to find out that Titleist changed that in the CP-04.  Unfortunately, I think they still came up short for a club with this massive price tag.

Impact with the CNCPT CP-04 is not loud but it is extremely clicky.  The sound is thin and not very satisfying.  Feedback from this iron is very muddled.  Every shot sounds roughly the same and not much is communicated through the hands.


When an iron gets tagged with the line “Ultimate Speed,” I head straight to the spec sheet.  I was pleasantly surprised: the lofts of the CP-04 irons are strong, but nowhere near the T400s [review HERE].  Despite not having cutting edge lofts, the CNCPT CP-04 irons do create a lot of ball speed.

Not only are the CP-04 irons fast on center, they’re very good at preserving ball speed off center.  Titleist states that these irons have an average of 100 grams of tungsten per iron.  Practically speaking, that means there is a lot of weight on the perimeter of the club which makes it stable through mishits.  Less twisting means straighter shots and more ball speed.

Where the CNCPT CP-04 irons impressed me was in their launch and spin.  When I saw the ball speed numbers, I expected to look over and see frighteningly low launch and spin.  That’s not the case.  Thanks to the wide sole and low CG, every shot gets lofted onto a very playable trajectory with good spin.  The ball flight is strong and carries a long way, but it also lands with a chance to hold the green.


While I was left unimpressed with the sound and feel, the performance of the Titleist CNCPT CP-04 irons is hard to argue with.  For the golfer on the border of game improvement and super game improvement, these irons look good, create lots of distance, and are quite forgiving.  Unfortunately, the price puts them out of reach for many players.

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