Titleist CNCPT CP-02 Irons Review

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The Titleist CNCPT CP-02 irons are the players version of the company’s exclusive new irons.  Stellar looks and strong performance but disappointing feel and enormous price.


Titleist’s new CNCPT irons arrived with limited explanation and even less warning.  One morning, these futuristic irons were all over my social media feeds, followed by questions like, “When do they come out?” and “How much do they cost?”

The CNCPT irons – a two model family which includes the CP-02 that we are reviewing here – are now available, but you better save your pennies.  With a price that raises the bar, we had to ask, does it have the performance to match?


The Titleist CNCPT CP-02 are gorgeous from head to toe.  At address, they have a classic players look: minimal offset, slightly thin top line, and modest blade length.

In the bag, these irons look even better.  The CNCPT branding is sharp and matches the futuristic vibe of the cavity design.  This is a club that will have your friends sticking their hands in your bag, jealously asking, “What is that?”

Sound & Feel

Based on the great look and the massive sticker price, I took my first swing expecting transcendent feel.  I did not find it.  

Pure strikes feel OK.  This iron isn’t very soft, but it’s not super crisp or hot either.  It feels like a compromise that doesn’t really make anyone happy.

When you miss, the CP-02 let’s you know it.  The sound gets very loud, and it feels hard.  While this isn’t a pleasant combination, it does let you know you’ve made a poor swing.


Between the price and Titleist’s description, which includes the phrase “unprecedented iron designs,” I went into this test with high expectations.  Titleist states that the CP-02 has an “ultra-thin face” that uses a “rare, super strong alloy never before used in club making.”  To Titleist’s credit, the ball speeds are quite good.  They’re not unprecedented but certainly among the upper tier.

Part of the ball speed, of course, is due to the lofts.  While the CP-02 has weaker lofts than the CP-01, they’re fairly strong for a players iron.  Launch and spin are still sufficient to hold greens thanks to the tungsten low in the head.  The final result is distance that’s among the best from a players iron.

The CP-02 failed to impress with its forgiveness.  I understand that this isn’t meant to be a super game improvement iron, but at this price it should offer more.  With the iron performance we’re seeing today, a pretty iron with high ball speed isn’t enough to command $400/club, in my opinion.


I have little doubt that the Titleist CNCPT CP-02 irons will find their audience.  High end, exclusive golf products often do.  However, for the golfer that only wants to pay for performance, the CP-02 misses the boat.  It looks cool, but you can find equal or better performance for far less money.

Titleist CNCPT CP-02 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Titleist’s new lineup that is replacing the 718 series takes obvious design cues from these. Hopefully they feel better. Judging by this review, that’s a pretty low bar.

  2. Tom Duckworth

    I’m disappointed to hear that. I was expecting these to be really good. Not that I could afford them anyway. I’m getting used to the looks of the new T100 and 620 CB irons I guess it’s time for the AP irons to ride off into the sunset.
    Their new drivers, fairways and hybrids look great so I guess this rounds out their lineup. I hope you get to review the new utility/ driving irons too.

    • Matt Saternus


      We will certainly be bringing you review of all the new Titleist clubs when they are officially released.



  3. jake krayson

    Matt,,,thanks again for an honest and forthright review.

  4. Milton Taylor

    Wow…Love the straight up, nuts and bolts truth. My only question is why…That’s a rhetorical question..why come out with a line that is just not up to snuff. I recently had the opportunity to hit a few Japanese designed irons and the feel was simply amazing. The price tag was more than your average, but when I hit the club I instantly said to myself, “I’d pay for that feel!” For Titleist; my go-to brand to come with a price tag like that then to be a dud…COME ON MAN..

  5. I felt the same about the CNCPT 02s. I expected better performance but they performed in line with my TMBs. That being said, I had significant improvement with the CNCPT 01s. Yes, stronger lofts but Trackman numbers showed I could accomplish longer numbers with lower ball speed (= more ball speed and higher smash factor) .

  6. These performed amazingly well. 10 yards longer than my current irons (2019 T100S’s) and tighter dispersion. But they felt dead. Very little feedback compared to my current set and other high end forged irons. Despite the improvement in performance, I’m seriously on the fence with whether to pull the trigger because of the lack of feel.

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