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The Titleist 915D2 driver is the most forgiving Titleist driver to date, but it still maintains the classic characteristics that have created the brand’s loyal following.

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In the last two metal wood lines, the D2 driver has been the more forgiving club that is going to be more suitable to the average golfer for their tee shots.  With its 460cc club head, wide variety of stock shaft options, and updated technology, the Titleist 915D2 driver will definitely be a top performer for the average golfer willing to invest at the top end of the market.  A nice added bonus in the 915 driver series in the inclusion of the much acclaimed Aldila Rogue shafts in the stock lineup.

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As a very traditional brand, Titleist has a certain reputation to maintain.  Of course, as the world continues to modernize, golf brands have to try and keep up by maintaining enough modern aesthetic to seem relevant.  Fortunately for Titleist fans, the 915D2 driver has a simple black crown with a neat metal flake in it and a simple alignment arrow.  It’s a 460cc head, and it has a flat, large foot print, but it doesn’t look much different than other over-sized forgiving driver heads.  The one big difference I would point out is that the 915D2 has a bit more of a pear shape to the head whereas other comparable driver heads can often look more like a half circle or U shape.

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Sound & Feel

The sound of the Titleist 915D2 was the absolute first thing I noticed about this golf club.  The first time I hit the 915D2 was at Club Champion and it sounded like a gun went off in the room.  It certainly got my attention and was not what I was familiar with in the previous 910 and 913 iterations of Titleist drivers.  For the player looking to get an explosive sound off the face of their club, the Titleist 915D2 driver is for them.

I tested the 915D2 with a real-deal Aldila Rogue shaft as well as the stock Rogue Silver shaft from Titleist, and I found that the club felt like it had a lot more spring in the face as opposed to the previous generations of Titleist drivers that had a harder feel.  I also noticed that the face had an extremely forgiving feel to it, but lacked quite a bit of the responsiveness that I would expect from a Titleist club.  This may be a factor of using a shaft I was not officially fit for, but it’s worth noting.

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I mentioned earlier that I was testing the Titleist 915D2 driver using the Aldila Rogue shaft, and it certainly had an impact on the performance of the club.  I found that the 915D2 was easily one of the most forgiving drivers I’ve ever hit.  On mishits, I was seeing minimal loss of speed and results similar to my good shots.  Paired with the Rogue shaft, I was hitting my tee shots with a low launch angle and getting significant roll out.  Once again, I’d be interested to see how I performed with the 915D2 if it was properly suited to me, because I really felt like I was leaving yards behind due to low launch.

The club face was certainly hot from the new Active Recoil Channel, but I struggled to get the ball in the air.  Do I think the 915D2 is likely a top contender for a pretty wide range of golfers?  Sure, but to really see what this driver can do, I’m going to have to find more time to tinker with pairing the right shaft and finding the proper Surefit adaptor settings.

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I find myself in a tough spot with the Titleist 915D2 driver.  I really find the club pretty exciting, love the different shaft options, and think it should be one of the best drivers out there for the average golfer.  There’s a reason Titleist is known as one of the premiere brands of golf decade after decade.  Where I’m struggling is trying to maximize the 915D2’s potential.  Typically, I have a general idea of what works for me in a driver and it doesn’t take long for me to get dialed in, but with the 915D2 I’ll have to devote more time to figure out exactly what this club can do.

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  1. The Rogue that is offered stock is a real deal shaft, it is the retail 110 MSI version that retails for $400. Titliest also offers the 95 MSI Black. There is also the limited edition 125 MSI Rogue that retails for $800.

  2. Tony Galloway

    You noted having a hard time getting the ball airborne. I’m having the same problem. Curious if it has more to do with the Active recoil channel than the shaft? Have you investigated more to resolve your own issues?

  3. I have also had problems getting sufficient height with the 915 D2. I am a slow swinger 85 to 90 mph.
    I did choose 12 degree with standard 50 gm regular shaft which should be correct.
    It has taken me many rounds to find a suitable setting. This is 13.5 degrees and it does not balloon.
    I am not impressed with the sound of the 915. To my ears it sounds very tinny/ metallic. Not a patch on my Cobra F6 which my golfing partner coerced me into swapping. The Cobra F6 at 12 degrees was excellent and had a really nice quiet sound

  4. Shawn Biesel

    I picked this club up used about 2 years ago. Still play it. I’ve got a Aloila RIP stiff shaft in a 9.5* loft. I can push it out about 280ish when the swing is on. Put one out there over 300 the other day with some help from the wind. I feel like an upgraded driver and perhaps a different shaft might help me go longer, but I can hit this one relatively straight so I’ve been reluctant to change (and spend the dough).

  5. I got a 12 degree titleist 9152d used a month ago. I am 79 years old and got a higher loft . I found i had a lot more control with this titleist 915d2 driver . And at my age you need more control because you have no distance. My only problem is that the third week i had it . I snapped the shaft in two .

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