Tifosi 2020 Sunglasses Review

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Sunglasses from Tifosi Optics offer style diversity catering to a variety of outdoor activities.  On the golf course, lenses with Enliven Golf technology make greens, blues, and reds pop with definition.

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Tifosi may not be familiar to the average sports and leisure sunglasses wearer but it boasts a large portfolio of styles for cycling, running, fishing, lifestyle, and golf.  The selection for golf is quite impressive and features five contemporary styles that use Enliven lenses created specifically for golf.  I tried three different pairs of Tifosi frames on the course to find out if Enliven lenses really enhance your ability to read the greens better or follow your ball easier while in flight?


I almost always wear some sort of sunglasses when I play.  My eyes are very sensitive to glare and brightness on a sunny day.  The Enliven lenses have a greenish tint to them.  Sunglasses with green lenses are suppose to provide better contrast than gray lenses and transmit color accuracy better than brown lenses.  Green lenses are ideal for both sunny and low-light environments and are also supposed to reduce glare while brightening shadows.  I was especially interested in comparing the Enliven lenses to the BRONX smoke lenses and the amber lenses in my current pair.

If you are a golfer with blue eyes, then you know all too well that you are more susceptible to eyestrain from glare and the bright sun.  Yes, your eyes can get sunburned by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays.   Enliven lenses do a great job of protecting your eyes.  My eyes were comfortable all through the round.

On the course, Enliven lenses make it very easy to follow ball flight.  The added contrast from the lenses made finding the bright white ball against the green fairway a snap.

I was really hoping to put the Enliven lenses to the test on the greens.  Putting is not the strongest part of my game, and I was looking for any advantage I could get.  The Enliven lenses do make green colors pop.  You can certainly see a difference.

The Enliven lenses were definitely sharper than my favorite amber lenses.  Not as dramatic difference as the above image suggests, but certainly a big improvement.  While I was able to see contours and maybe some of the breaks a little better, I was still hoping for more.  Don’t misunderstand me, these are excellent performing lenses.  My golf buddies and I were impressed by the clarity.  For glasses in the $25-$50 range, the Tifosi line is a great performer with great value when compared to high-end Oakleys and other name brands.

 Style & Fit

Tifosi offers 15 styles of frames and 5-6 different lens types to choose from.  Of the 3 styles I tried, I preferred the CRIT.  I like the minimal frame thickness and the face-fitting lens curve.  Finding the right fit for your specific face shape can sometimes be a challenge.  The BRONX did not fit my face as I hoped, but was still comfortable and performed well.  The Tifosi website does a great job of displaying lens dimensions and frame looks from different angles.


Tifosi glasses are a stylish and very affordable option for the active person and weekend golfer.  An abundance of styles and lens choices make finding a pair that meets your needs a breeze.  As a more serious golfer, they may not be that “magic bullet” you hoped for, but they do enhance the colors around you making your golf experience much more enjoyable.

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  1. Do you prefer the Polarized or the non-polarized?
    I heard on a golf broadcast not to buy polarized sunglasses for golf.
    I always buy polarized sunglasses, but mine just recently broke and I am looking for another pair and I was wondering which ones to buy.

    • Michael Feland

      Scott, according to the Tifosi website, the Enliven Lenses are NOT polarized. Tifosi has a separate line of polarized lenses. Hope this was helpful. Thank you for supporting Plugged in Golf.

    • Matt Meeker

      You are wise to question statements like that Scott. As I always say, “never use absolutes.” Kidding aside, quality polarized sunglasses can be very beneficial for golf vision. Revo and Maui Jim offer nothing but polarized lenses and are two of the best brands in the industry.

      – Meeks

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