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tifosi sunglasses

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The 2023 Tifosi sunglasses offer a huge range of sizes and styles.  Enliven Golf lenses provide tremendous clarity.  Prices that the average golfer can actually afford.

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It isn’t news to anyone who frequents this site that the cost of golf clubs is going up.  The same can be said for green fees at many courses.  With golfers’ wallets being stretched thin, we’re focusing this review on a company that can help you save a little cash without sacrificing performance: Tifosi Optics.

Style & Fit

Click on the Golf Collection on Tifosi’s website, and you’ll find 75 different pairs of sunglasses.  Among these are styles ranging from classic to modern.  The three pairs that I tested are the Crit (above), the Seek FC 2.0 (below), and the Swank (red frames, top).  I prefer a more athletic frame on the course for the light weight and larger lens.  Off the course, I’m a dedicated Wayfarer wearer, and the Swank fits that bill perfectly.  It’s also worth noting that most of Tifosi’s frames come in a variety of color combinations.  There are seven variants of the Seek, nine of the Crit, and an impressive twenty three for the Swank.

Tifosi also offers their sunglasses in different sizes to fit all golfers.  The Swank is categorized as “Small to Medium,” and it is definitely a tighter fit than the other two, though not uncomfortable.  Both the Crit and Seek 2.0 are “Medium to Large.”  They sit very easily on my head without any pinching.  For those in the “Large to Extra Large” class, Tifosi makes the Centus and Intense models.  If you want to get into the details of fit, Tifosi’s website has the exact dimensions of each model.


The focus of Tifosi’s Golf Collection in 2023 is the Enliven Golf lens.  Tifosi states that these lenses turn down the brightness while “making greens, blues, and reds pop with definition” and helping you “read terrain and track your ball against the greens and a blue sky.”  As someone who is perpetually asking, “Did you see where that went?” this was a very attractive proposition.

I was able to test the Enliven lenses in a variety of conditions over the past few weeks, and they performed as advertised.  The difference between the Enliven lens and a typical lens is immediately obvious.  With Enliven, your eyes can relax, but there’s still vivid color and contrast.  With traditional sunglasses, everything gets darker, but you lose clarity and definition.  It’s an easy choice for what I’d prefer to wear on the course.

Finally, both the Seek and Crit are comfortable enough to wear for a long day on the course.  They weigh a mere 23 and 31 grams, respectively.  Both also feature hydrophilic rubber on the ear and nose pieces.  As they get wet from sweat, they swell slightly to lock in place.

tifosi sunglasses


Priced between $30 and $50, Tifosi Sunglasses are some of the best values in eyewear.  The Enliven Golf lens is a significant upgrade over standard sunglasses with its superior contrast and clarity.  With a wide range of styles and sizes, you should have no problem finding a pair that’s perfect for you.

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