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TGA Junior golf clubs are specifically designed to fit kids of five different sizes so the game is made easier to learn and more fun.



Some of us on staff at PluggedInGolf are fortunate enough to have young children, and like any parent, we want to share interests with them and do different activities together.  As our kids have gotten older we’ve started looking into the options for getting them started in golf, but of course, it’s not easy and there seem to be more questions than answers out there.  One of the most difficult areas to address is picking appropriate equipment for your child.  Fortunately there are a few companies that are aware of this and provide strong equipment options for your little ones.  I recently had the pleasure of working with TGA to test out some of their junior golf clubs to give my four year old daughter the opportunity to try golf and see if it’s something that interests her.


About TGA

TGA is an organization that dates back to 2003.  It was launched to give kids from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade the opportunity to easily and affordably participate in the game of golf through after-school programs.  As the program gained momentum, TGA expanded into a national franchise and has provided affordable and accessible golf to kids all over the United States.

In addition to a golf curriculum, TGA also offers five different sizes of golf equipment that’s designed to be kid friendly so kids don’t get frustrated and give up.  Maybe most importantly, these clubs can be purchased for a fairly affordable price, and they come complete with headcovers and a stand bag.



TGA offers their clubs in five different sizes to accommodate a wide range of kids, and in both left and right hand.  Fairly intuitively, the sizes are designed for different height and age ranges so make sure you know how tall your child is and keep their growth in mind when choosing what size range.  The shaft flex and weight specifically designed to coincide with the age range and height of the designated set.  The height ranges start at 3 feet and go through 5 feet 9 inches.



Finding good kids clubs that aren’t pieces of junk or a total rip off is extremely difficult.  The prices range from $90 for one of TGA‘s “quiver” sets for small kids through $200 for a larger set for older kids.  I would say these prices are in line with most big box stores and the bigger names, but in my opinion, I think these clubs feel a little more solid and “purpose built.”  Of course, I’m significantly too big to hit these clubs myself, so I can’t speak to the differences at too great of length.



Listen, don’t try and make your kid be the next Jason Day by following his example of finding a 3 wood and cutting it down to size.  If you want to help your child take an interest in golf, get them appropriate equipment that will make it fun for them.  TGA golf clubs are a good value as well as good quality, and a great option for getting started.  My four year old daughter isn’t exactly striping the ball yet, but she’s excited to throw her pink golf bag on her back and walk up to the driving range with her dad whenever she can.

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