Test & Review the Fujikura Ventus Shaft

Test the New Fujikura Ventus Shaft

Could I interest you in more ball speed off the driver?  More fairways hit?  Shorter approach shots?

If those sound like good things, we have a massive opportunity for you.  Fujikura and Club Champion have teamed up with Plugged In Golf to help three golfers improve their drivers with a new Ventus shaft (review of the Ventus Blue HERE and Ventus Black HERE).

Three readers will be selected to go to their local Club Champion to get their driver upgraded with the best Ventus shaft for their swing.  Fujikura will provide the shaft – it’s yours to keep.

Interested in being one of those readers?  Enter below.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include your name, location, handicap, and your current driver (head and shaft).

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf newsletter.

That’s it!  On Monday, September 16, we will contact three golfers via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

The three winners will receive a driver shaft fitting at Club Champion and the Fujikura Ventus shaft that fits their swing.  They will be expected to fill out two short questionnaires about the fitting and the shaft.  Those answers will be shared on PluggedInGolf.com.

The shaft is yours to keep.


  1. Your comment/entry will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.  Please DO NOT double post.
  2. Please leave the “URL” section blank
  3. If your entry does not include the required information or violates 1 or 2 above, you will not be entered.
  4. If you do not enter your correct email address, we will not be able to contact you, so you won’t be able to win.
Matt Saternus


  1. David walker

    David walker
    I play a ping g410 lst
    10 handicap
    San Antonio Texas.

  2. 72 years old
    4 handicap
    Play 300 rounds per year
    M5 driver 11.5 degrees
    regular Project X LZ 60 gram

    Have tried fellow members different shafts and have like the only Ventus I’ve hit best. Would like to try one a.s.a.sp.

  3. Craig Goodwin

    Craig Goodwin
    Colfax, CA.
    11 Hcp.
    Cobra F9 with UST Helium shaft.
    I was fitted to this shaft at big golf store and felt really rushed during the fitting. First time I’ve had a fitter said I need light regular shaft and more loft. Out on course I wasn’t impressed and adjusted the weights and loft down to keep from ballooning my drives. I have been thinking about getting refit to see if their is a more suitable shaft option and everything I’ve read on the Ventus sounds like a great choice!

  4. Zane Tallant

    Name: Zane Tallant
    Location: Halethorpe, Maryland
    Handicap: 4.4
    Current Driver: Titleist TS3 8.5, HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 70g.

  5. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson
    Play a g400 Max Ping
    4.2 handicap
    Towson, Maryland

  6. Ben Hargraves

    Ben Hargraves
    Orlando, FL
    Callaway Epic Flash Triple Diamond 9 – Project X Smoke Green Hulk 6.0TX

  7. Blake Hall
    Green Bay, WI (willing to drive to Milwaukee / Chicago as needed)
    Callaway Epic Flash Subzero – Project X HZRDUS Yellow Handcrafted

  8. Max Fulkerson

    Max Fulkerson
    10 handicap
    Callaway GBB Epic w. Fujikura Speeder 665 Stiff

    Thanks for the chance!

  9. Andrew Vess
    Ping G400 xtorsion copper

  10. Geoff Metts
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Callaway Epic Flash, 9° set to 8, Rogue Silver 70 XS/HZRDUS Smoke Black 79 gram 6.5(I switch back and forth between the two depending on a few factors)

  11. Mike Harrington

    Mike Harrington
    Burr Ridge
    11 handicap
    Ping G410 w/ SR shaft

  12. Bryan McCarty

    Name: Bryan McCarty
    Location: Chicagoland
    Handicap: +.7
    Current Driver: Titleist TS3 8.5, HZRDUS Yellow HC 63

  13. Chris Nosil
    Virginia Beach, VA
    7 handicap
    Ping G400 Max with Proforce V2 or Stock Alta CB

  14. Colin O'Neill

    Colin O’Neill
    Washington, D.C.
    Ping G400 LST w/ Aldila Rogue MAX Low 65x

  15. Brad Hebert
    Manhattan, NYC
    7 Handicap

  16. Mike Mock
    Milwaukee, WI
    4.8 index
    Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero – Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black 60g 6.0

  17. John Grajek
    Portage Michigan
    6 handicap
    Epic Flash Sub Zero
    Diamana Whiteboard

  18. Umberto Bianchi
    Toronto Canada
    Titleist 915
    Graphite Design YS Nano Reloaded 56g in R flex

  19. Richard Bronson

    Rick Bronson
    La Quinta Ca. 92253
    10 handicap
    Ping G400 10.5*
    Aldila Xtorsion 50R
    Looking for more distance

  20. Philippe Cotennec

    Phil Cotennec
    Location: Cold Spring, NY (near NYC)
    Handicap: 20
    Age: 63
    Started golfing 10 years ago and have never been fitted for clubs. Currently using Callaway Big Bertha adjustable driver with a Fubuki Z Series 50 with Flex-S

  21. Stan Feuerberg

    Stan Feuerberg
    Centreville, Virginia
    Handicap: 11
    Tour Edge Exotics EXS 10.5*
    Tensei Blue 50 (R)

    Always in search of a better shaft. Ventus just might be it.

  22. David Lewis
    Franklin, TN
    13.4 handicap
    Epic SZ
    Fujikura Pro 62

  23. Name: Dan Poehler
    Location: Timbercreek GC, Friendswood, Texas
    Handicap: 9
    Current driver: Callaway Rogue Sub Zero with an Aldila 50 R, Synergy shaft.

  24. Hi guys, would love to test the shaft. I currently use a ping g driver with a standard ping stiff shaft. I play off of 13. I’m from Glasgow in Scotland!
    Thanks in advance.

  25. Ben Semenak
    Green Bay, WI
    30 ish handicap
    Orlimar Tri-metal driver
    Fujikura pro 70

    I have a Callaway rogue with an aldila synergy 50 on the way.

  26. Scott Kefalas

    Scott Kefalas
    Thomasville, GA
    Handicap 5.3
    Current Driver: Ben Hogan GS53 10.5° with Accra TZ6 55 M4

  27. Name: Justin Poole
    Location: Fishers, Indiana
    Handicap: 4.6
    Current Driver: Titleist TS3 10.25* Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 7X

    Thank you for the great opportunity. I was fitted at Club Champion for my current driver and would have loved to test the Ventus, but it was not out at the time. Good luck to all.

  28. Brian Oby
    Orlando, FL
    7 HC
    TaylorMade M5 / UST Attas Coool 6x

  29. Dan Humboldt
    Atlanta, GA
    .6 GHIN index
    Callaway Epic Subzero w/ Aldila RIP Alpha X-stiff

  30. Richard Moore

    Step 1: Post a comment. Your comment must include your name, Richard Moore location Columbia Tennessee, handicap +25 and your current driver (head and shaft) F-MAX, Cobra shaft light 50. Been to Champions for my grandson they did a great job would love to have a better shaft and driver. Have tested a TaylorMade iron about 15 years ago for them.

  31. Richard Moore

    Richard Moore location Columbia Tennessee, handicap +25 and your current driver (head and shaft) F-MAX, Cobra shaft light 50.

  32. Richard Moore

    Richard Moore ,
    Columbia Tennessee,
    handicap +25
    F-MAX, Cobra shaft light 50.

  33. Your comment must include your name, location, handicap, and your current driver (head and shaft).

    Ben Lenet
    Chicago IL (close to a Club Champion location!)
    Handicap is 3.8
    My current driver is a Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero with a HZRDUS Smoke 70 gram 6.5 flex.

    Thanks for the great opportunity. I’ll be following along for sure on this one whether I’m chosen or not! Been really interested in the Ventus line.

  34. Mark Matz
    Arlington Heights, IL
    18 Handicaps
    Epic Flash
    Aldila Rogue Silver 110 M.S.I. 60 Stiff

  35. Charles Bartholomew

    I’d love to give the Ventus shaft a go. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Charles Bartholomew
    Taunton, MA
    Handicap 11
    Taylormade M3 Projexct X PXv 52 Regular Flex

  36. Dustin Ferrell

    Dustin Ferrell
    Dexter, MI
    Handicap 0.2
    Callaway Rogue Sub Zero
    Diamana D+Plus 60 x-stiff

  37. Corwin Arthur

    Corwin Arthur
    11.7 HI
    Raleigh, NC
    TM M5 w/ Adila Rogue 110-70-2.8-X

  38. Ben Mullins
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Ping G LST Aldila Rogue Silver 60x

  39. Andrew Quinton

    Andrew Quinton
    Chicago, IL
    14.9 HC
    Ping G400 LST 8.5
    Project X Small Batch 6.0 Green(Hulk) 60 gram at Standard


    Kent Schroeder
    Omaha, NE (would travel to KC location)
    Epic flash sub zero triple diamond w/ Graphite Design AD IZ 6 X

  41. Patrick Richel

    Patrick Richel
    9.9 HI
    Chicago, IL
    Taylormade M3 with Mitushibishi Tensei CK White 70X.

  42. John Sweat
    Warner Robins, GA
    Callaway Rouge 10.5 with a Mitsubishi Diamana DF Regular Flex

  43. Ryan K
    Los Altos, CA
    Hdcp 18
    Ping G400 Max, Tensei Pro Orange X 60

  44. Seth Peterson

    Seth Peterson
    Baldwinsville, NY
    NYSGA Index 9.9
    M3 440 with Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 6s cut to 43.5” swing weight D8
    (Matt I’m the one with the “wild setup” you mentioned on podcast 56 with the CC guys)

    I’m pretty sure I’d fit into the Ventus Black but would love to try them all.

  45. Jason Norris

    Jason Norris
    Wilmington, NC
    9.5° 2017 M1 with Adilia orange stiff shaft

  46. Rob – NC
    HCDP : 1.7
    Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero w/ Aldila Rogue 125 TS

  47. Kris Callaway

    Kris Callaway
    4.9 HCP
    Vancouver, BC
    Callaway Epic Flash SZ 9.5 with Project X Hzrdus T1100 6.5

  48. Justin Martel

    Justin Martel
    2.7 HI
    Gainesville, FL
    TS3 With ATMOS 6x

  49. Casey Crooks

    Casey Crooks
    Bernardsville, NJ
    Handicap 4.0
    Cobra F9 9.0 w/ Accra TZ6 65 M4

  50. Louis Baltazar

    Louis Baltazar , Madison Wisconsin
    7 handicap
    Ping g410LST with project x hzrdus black 75 6.5

  51. Mario Garcia

    Mario Garcia
    Miami, FL
    Handicap 10
    TaylorMade M5
    HZRDUS smoke green 70 gram 6.5tx

  52. William Latreille

    William Latreille
    Fenton Mi
    Handicap 2.7
    Taylormade M1 440 8.5/7
    Upcharge Mf5 ozik black tie 70g stiff

  53. Brad Nicholson

    Brad Nicholson
    Greentown, In
    11 handicap
    Ping G410 LST w Fujikura Evolution II 661

  54. Paul Kielwasser

    Paul Kielwasser
    West Monroe, LA
    7.0 GHIN
    Callaway Epic Flash SZ, Graphite Design AD-IZ 7X

  55. Jonathan Tingen

    Jonathan Tingen
    Age 39
    7.5 handicap
    Richmond VA
    I play the Ping g400 9 degree with the ping tour shaft stiff flex 65 gram

  56. Danny Thompson

    Danny Thompson
    Janesville, WI
    HDCP 4
    TaylorMade M6 9.0 /ProForce V2 65 F4 shaft

    Shaft sounds awesome, would love to try it.

  57. Jim W Rosteck

    Jim Rosteck in Rio Vista CA
    11 handicap
    I am playing a Ping G400 Max with an Accra Fx 140 M3 fitted by Club Champion

  58. Dean Jacobson

    Dean Jacobson
    Cobra F7+
    Aldila NV 44 Magnum Stiff Flex
    9 Index
    Burnsville, MN

  59. Elliott Pyon
    North Potomac, MD
    6.8 HDCP
    Taylormade M3 with Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV 569 x-stiff

  60. Brian Meyer
    Minneapolis, MN
    4.0 handicap
    Callaway Epic SZ driver head w/ VA Raijin 64 4 shaft

  61. I would love to test the new shaft. I play Taylormade m6 9.5 degree with Fujikura Pro 2.0 regular flex. I’m a 6 hdcp. Monday the 16 is my birthday.

  62. Tom O’Leary

    Tom OLeary
    Charlottesville, Virginia
    8 handicap
    Callaway Rogue driver head, Aerotech Claymore shaft

  63. Ryan Peterson

    Ryan Peterson
    Ping G400 max
    Mitsubishi Tensei Orange 70tx
    112 mph
    Handicap 6.2

  64. Ron Vaive,
    Charlottetown, pei, Canada
    Ping G400 LST, left, ALTA CB x flex 55

  65. Grahame Low Choy

    Grahame Low Choy
    Seattle, WA
    9 Handicap
    Callaway Rogue SubZero 9*, Project X HZRDUS Black 75 6.0

  66. Vince Collier

    Vincent Collier
    Cranbury, NJ
    Ping G400 Max
    Talimonti HL-70

  67. Mike Trautman

    Mike Trautman
    St Louis
    Ping G410
    Oban Isawa Red

  68. Kevin Kelly
    Chapel Hill, NC
    Titleist TS3 Ventus 6-r shaft ( need to try stiffer profile or newer options /this was gift from my son!)

  69. Robert Scalise

    Bobby Scalise
    4 hndcp
    TaylorMade M6
    Fujikura Atmos 5S
    Erie, Pa

  70. David Kim
    Shreveport, Louisiana
    3 handicap
    Taylormade M5 Tensei ck orange.

  71. Robert Voght
    Dayville, CT
    8 handicap
    Acer Thriver
    Aldila VS Proto 60R

  72. Russell Presley

    Russell Presley
    Beaverton, OR
    Cobra F9 w Tensei Blue 50x

    this one would be an awesome win! thanks for the contest

  73. Jack Civa
    Frisco, Texas
    7.2 Handicap
    Ping G30 LST with Stock Stiff shaft
    Oh man, could I use a real fitting!

  74. Mitchell Rothstein

    Mitchell Rothstein
    Skokie IL
    Hdcp 15
    Looking for a new shaft.
    Ping G30 w Grafalloy blue.

  75. Tanner Hunt
    Austin, TX
    7 Handicap
    TaylorMade M3 9.5°
    Graphite Design Tour AD-BB 6x

  76. Jeff Leverson

    Jeff Leverson
    Rochester, NY
    Taylormade M6/Fujikura Fuel Exotics shaft

  77. Chris
    New York, NY
    HCP: 6.5
    TM M3 with a Graphite Design DI-6s shaft

  78. Gordon Bennett

    PGA professional
    Tucson, Arizona
    Epic Flash, Graphite Design AD/DI 6 S

  79. Hi! Would love to try this new shaft, currently use a Ping 410 with a stiff shaft . My handicap index is 11
    Play out of Cotswold Downs , Hillcrest, South Africa

  80. Joe Frigo
    Lemont, Illinois
    6.2 Handicap
    Hogan GS53 10.5*
    UST Mamiya Lin-Q Gunmetal

    Would love to test the Ventus Black vs the LIN-Q gunmetal. Supposed to be the same make up low launch/low spin and increased accuracy!

  81. Kip Johnson
    Akron, OH
    Hdcp 6
    Srixon Z765
    Miyazaki Kaula MIZU Graphite

  82. Rob Sikes
    Stonewall, La
    Ping G410 plus/Fujikura Evo 11 661 x at 45” or Fujikura tour spec black 7x for scrambles both at D9 swingweigjt

  83. Tom Connolly
    Hamden, CT
    Hand. 15
    Current: Taylormade M1 w/ Kuro Kage 60XT

  84. Kyle Knutson
    princeton Mn.
    16 handicap
    I currently game a Srixon 765 with a Paderson 75g shaft and really like the combination but the Ventus has peeked my curiosity and i would enjoy testing one.

  85. David M Bushey

    David bushey
    Chester, Va
    24 handicap
    atmos 6 red shaft
    m4 driver
    left handed

  86. Jean paul Lemoinne Le Touquet France
    Hcp 14.5
    Driver XXIO Prime stiff regular

  87. Christopher Costa

    Chris Costa
    Southern New Jersey
    19 play 4-5 times per week
    Currently playing a Ping G410 Plus 8 degree with an Aldila VS By You.

  88. Gerry Lapalme
    Quebec, Canada
    2.7 index
    Callaway Epic Flash Sub-Zero 9 deg, Project X Smoke 6.0, right-handed

  89. daniel e bratlie

    Daniel Bratlie
    League City, Texas
    10.2 Handicap
    Cobra F9 head, Graphite Design AD DI 8X driver shaft.

  90. Adam Rodriguez

    Adam Rodriguez
    Hncp 22
    Miami Fl
    TM M4 Hzrdus T1100

  91. Andy Greenwald
    Titleist TS2 (Graphite Design AD DI Stiff)

  92. Lee Bulluck
    Pittsboro, North Carolina
    17 Handicap (16.1 index)
    Taylormade M3 440, Mitsubishi Tensei, CK Series 60, Stiff

  93. Name: Iuri Santos
    Location: Brasilia – DF – Brazil
    Handicap: 11
    Current Driver: Ping G400 LST – Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited 60 grams – stiff

  94. Eric H MN
    3.6 index
    Ping G410 Max with Ping Tour 75 S shaft

  95. Edward Hsu
    Lenexa, KS
    11.9 GHIN
    Ping G410 SFT + Kuro Kage XD

  96. Zane Garr
    St. James, Mo
    6 Handicap
    Titleist TS2 Diamana whiteboard 70, x flex

  97. George Nix
    Dacula, GA
    HC: 8.3
    Current driver: Callaway Epic Flash with Project X Evenflow Green

  98. Gary Lee
    Huntsville, AL
    10 Handicap
    Ping G400 with Alta CB R flex shaft

  99. Geoff Metts
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Callaway Epic Flash, HZRDUS Smoke 6.5/Aldila Rogue Silver 70 XS(switch between the 2 depending on certain circumstances)

  100. I am a 4.5 handicap
    Bombtech driver 10.5
    Pro launch 55 gram r flex shaft

  101. Tyler DeRosia

    Tyler DeRosia
    Davenport, Iowa
    Cobra F9 Tour Length with Atmos Tour Spec Black

  102. John Weeks
    Athens, Ga…..an awesome place to live
    Currently playing to a 12.5 index
    I play a Ping G400 and love the forgiveness but had tried many shafts and have not found what I consider to be the “right” one. I bought it with the stock shaft, the bought the Ping Your 65 shaft and now playing the Mitsubishi Tensei Blue (all of the above in regular flex). Again, the forgiveness is great but I feel like I am leaving a bunch of yards on the table.

  103. Ken Mack
    New Jersey
    Taylor Made M3
    Even Flow Blue

  104. Bob Gallagher

    Bob Gallagher
    Thame, Oxfordshire, UK
    Taylormade M4 with Tensie CK White 70X

  105. Jae Chung
    Plano, TX
    9 index
    Callaway Rogue w/ Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black 70g 6.0

  106. John Maskal
    Denville, NJ
    10 Handicap
    Ping G400 SFT
    Alta CB S Flex 55Grams

  107. David Jolliff

    David Jolliff
    Myrtle Beach, SC
    13 Handicap
    Taylor Made RBZ
    XCON-5 shaft
    Flex M

  108. Allen Doran
    Arroyo Grande, CA
    8 handicap
    Callaway Epic Flash , stock shaft 10.5

  109. Russell Avery

    Russell Avery
    Clayton, NC
    Handicap 11
    Ping G400 Max with KuraKage Regular shaft

  110. Jim Pangle
    Blythewood, SC
    Cobra F9 Speedback
    Atmos Regular shaft
    USGA index 8.4

  111. Jerry Dushane

    Jerry Dushane
    Kansas city, MO
    13 handicap
    Taylormade M2 with Tensi red shaft

  112. I play golf ever day and would love to test your new shaft. Thank you!

  113. Tom Liggett
    Flower Mound, Texas
    10 HC
    Call away Epic Flash (10.5*); Mitsubishi Tensei Orange 60 Stiff

  114. Benjamin Berry

    Benjamin Berry
    Tucson, AZ
    Cobra Speedback
    Kuro Kage TiNi 60s

  115. Scott Karrick

    Scott Karrick
    Palm City, Fl
    20 handicap
    Callaway XR16 10.5 with Fujikura Speeder 565 shaft Senior flex

  116. RC Caesar
    Mandeville, Louisiana
    7 HDCP
    Ping G410 with Tensei CK Orange stiff

    I’d be interested in testing and reviewing the Ventus Blue 6s. Two guys at my club have recently put the Ventus into play and have seen some dramatic increases in ball speed and distance with less spin and tighter dispersion. Their feedback is the feel is very smooth, but stable with a penetrating trajectory. I’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to test the Ventus blue, and post my review to help others determine the best shaft for their game. Thank you Plugged-in Golf and Club Champion for the opportunity.

  117. Bruce Neerhof

    Bruce Neerhof
    Kohler WI
    15 Handicap
    Cobra F9 Fujijura Atoma Tour Spec 6R

  118. I would love to get an extra 30 yards on my drives
    18 handicap. Nike Vapor.

  119. Ed Fiedler
    Spring Hill, Florida
    12 handicap
    Ping g400 aft alta shaft

  120. John C. Coppock

    72 years old Muldrow, Oklahoma 74948
    Epic Flash SZ 10.5 evenflow 55 shaft +3/4 in
    14 handicap
    Would love to see more distance and accuracy!!

  121. Roy H
    Handicap 6.9
    Diamond tour 9 degree head graptor shaft 48″
    Chandler az
    Would test and provide data and reports to readers.

  122. Chuck Warner
    Schnecksville, PA
    5 hcp
    Play the M3 – Tensei Blue but looking at Epic Flash

  123. Painter33
    Wilmington DE
    HDCP: 12
    Ping G30 10.5 (-1°) +16 gram weight
    Graphite Design Purple Ice ® Stiff

    Need a shaft update…obviously!

  124. Josh Giesige
    Edgerton, Ohio
    HDCP 8
    Tour Edge Exotics EXS, Tensei CK Blue 2G (XStiff)

  125. Joe Smith
    Kent, UK
    3.8 Handicap
    Current driver set up: Mizuno ST180, Fujikura SIX XLR8 68X


    Bob MacDonald
    Normanton wf6 1su UK
    8 Handicap
    Titleist 917 D2 driver
    Myazaki 39g stiff shaft

  127. Tom Weirich
    Cleveland, OH
    16 Handicap
    Titleist 917D2, Diamana Blue

  128. Greg
    Ping 400 extorsion copper

  129. matthew deegan

    Matt Deegan
    Vicenza Italy
    8 handicap
    M4 Taylor Made with Matrix White Tie shaft

  130. alan williams

    My name is Alan Williams, I live in Foley Al and my handicap is 13. My current driver is the Project X Even Flow. Thanks

  131. Clinton Hibbert

    I would love to try the Accra Fujikura Shaft never try one before
    Would be something different for a chance.

  132. Sid LeBlanc
    Lafayette, LA
    5 hcp
    Callaway Rogue with Fujikura Speeder Evolution II 661 stiff 44 1/2” long

  133. Josh Brehm
    Jamestown, ND
    5 handicap
    Ping G 9 degree, Alta 55 stiff flex

  134. I’ve played Fujikura shafts previously in Ping and Taylormade, but bought a Callaway Rogue with an Aldila Synergy shaft.
    My personal belief is that the Fujikura’s perform much better, so I would love to try your shaft in my Rogue.
    Senior with a 17 handicap
    Spotsylvania, Virginia

  135. Tom Donnelly, Monrovia CA, 24.9, Bridgestone JGR 12° driver head, Kuro Kage Black HBP 2nd Gen shaft (A flex)

  136. Kyle
    Epic 13.5*/UST Elements Gold 6F4

  137. Deron Sizemore

    This is the one shaft I’m super eager to try. Nothing so far has been able to come close to my Kuro Kage XD!

    Deron Sizemore
    Lexington, KY
    0.6 GHIN
    G400 LST with Kuro Kage XD TX tipped .5″

  138. Joe Sunnarborg

    Joe Sunnarborg
    Owatonna, MN
    12 HDCP
    Ping G400 LST w/ Ping Tour 65 S shaft

  139. Hannah Jurado
    Northridge, CA
    Mizuno ST-190 -UST Helium F2
    I’m a junior in high school and would love to test the Ventus Blue!

  140. Terry Murray
    Coral Springs, FL
    6 Handicap
    TaylorMade M3
    Fubuki J 60 x5ct Flex S
    Love to try your new shaft offering!

  141. Donald Toy
    Yorba Linda, CA
    15 handicap
    Callaway XR16 Fujikura Speeder Evolution II 765 Shaft (S)

    I am very interested in the fitting process as I am a shorter (in-height) golfer but want to be able to maximize distance and accuracy.

  142. Jeff Houglum
    Minneapolis, MN
    8 HC
    Titleist TS3, 8.5, EF White T1100 6.5.

    This is a great opportunity. I have been researching this shaft while on my most recent deployment overseas and now that I am back home I have been looking to get fit for a Ventus.

  143. P.J. Evan’s
    Denver, Colorado
    Handicap: 12.7
    Taylormade M6 w/Atmos Black (stiff) shaft

  144. Aaron Woodill

    Aaron Woodill
    Chicago, IL
    Handicap Index 2.6
    Ping G Driver
    Kuro Kage Black 60X shaft
    I’ve been thinking about getting a new driver!

  145. Mark Luchan
    St. Louis,Mo
    2.8 index
    Epic Flash SZ
    Haz Smoke shaft xs

  146. Would love to try the Ventus shaft.
    Steve Murray
    Kelowna, BC Canada
    Taylor Made M2 (original) with a Stiff Ozik Red Tie shaft

  147. Daniel Scott
    Jacksonville, Florida
    9.7 index
    TaylorMade M3 9.5, Project X EvenFlow blue 6.0

  148. Hayden Hughes

    Hayden Hughes
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Project X evenflow 6.0 55g

  149. Danny Bonin
    Bakersfield, CA
    0 Handicap
    Callaway Epic Flash, Orange Tensei Pro 60S

  150. Sean Daugherty

    Sean Daugherty
    Petaluma, CA
    3.7 index
    TS3 with Accra TZ6

  151. daryl kariniemi

    Daryl Kariniemi
    St Paul, MN
    9 hdcp
    Honma 737 head and honma shaft

  152. LJ Janiec
    Downingtown, PA (Philly area)
    15ish handicap
    Improving with a hand-me-down 10.5 degree Titleist 915D3 with a Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana D+ White 70 stiff

  153. Ismael Duarte

    Ismael Duarte
    Camarillo, CA
    Ping G30 SFTech, stock shaft

  154. John Pinla Jr

    John Pinola Jr
    Valley Springs, CA
    22 handicap
    Cobra F9 10.5 with Helium 59g Stiff shaft
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  155. My handicap is 14 and I live in tumbler ridge bc.
    I’m currently using a cobra f7 driver.
    I’d love to try this new shaft to see if it will improve my ball striking.

  156. Albert Eng
    Alhambra, CA
    11 hdcp
    Callaway Epic Flash 9*
    Accra TZ-5 55 M3 flex

  157. Hawley Rogers

    Hawley Rogers
    Palm Coast, Florida
    16.5 index
    Ping G410 Plus Alta stock shaft

  158. Rob Jones
    Rome, GA
    Ping G400 LST / Hzrdus yellow 6.0

  159. Brad
    Palatine, IL
    Ping G400 LST with X-Stiff Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana D+ White 70

  160. Ethan Fine
    Denver, CO
    Ping G400 LST w/ GD Tour AD-DI 7x

  161. Handicap is 18 I live in Portland, OR
    Current driver is TS 3 with AD IZ 6 SR shaft

  162. Live in Wichita, Kansas
    Handicap is 7
    Ping G400 driver with tipped stock shaft or Diamana Blue (both Regular flex)
    Hear and read a lot of talk about this shaft
    Love to try it and see if it will carry me to the tour

  163. Paul Beltz
    Irvine, CA
    17 hcp
    Taylormade M1, Mitsubishi Bassara Reg flex

  164. David Asaro playing to 18 HCP, Callaway XHot 8.5 pro, Project X 6.0 shaft. Need help avg. Drive 175 yards.

  165. Bradd Forstein

    Bradd Forstein
    Moorestown, NJ
    8.3 Index / handicap
    TM M2 (2016 1st generation) with UST Chrome Elements 65 stiff.
    I actually had this fit by Club Champion in Bala Cynwyd, PA.

  166. Scott Surell
    Baltimore, MD
    Titleist 915D3 with Aldila Rogue Black 95 M.S.I.
    Handicap: 11

  167. • Chuck
    • Huntington, NY
    (- there’s a Club Champion, that I’ve been to, about 20 minutes away)
    • No Handicap/Avg Score lo 90s
    (.. slowly trending lower)
    • XR 16 w/ Even Flow Blue (R)

  168. Bill Mackintosh

    Titleist TS2 9.5° A1 setting
    Tensai Blue 55g S Flex
    6 handicap
    Holmes Beach, Florida

  169. Rick P
    Athens, GA
    16 HC
    Taylormade M2 (2016), Mitsubishi Diamana W series 60 R

  170. Mike Magurany

    Mike Magurany
    6 handicap
    Milwaukee, WI
    Ping G400Max, Oban shaft (75gm), from Club Champion

  171. Brian P. Martin

    Brian Martin
    Wilmington DE
    4 HDCP
    Ping 410G LST

  172. Cristian Nieto

    Cris Nieto
    Miami, FL
    Index 9.9; Handicap 12 at home course
    Taylor Made M5; Project X Hzrdus smoke 70g

  173. Jim Iken
    Georgetown TX
    Hcp 18
    Ping G400 Max standard factory shaft

  174. 10 handicap
    I play a Taylormade M4 driver w/Fujikura Atmos shaft (red)
    Austin, TX

  175. Steve
    Marshfield, WI
    8 hdcp
    Ping G410 Plus
    Accra FX 2.0 – 250 Driver M3

  176. Charles W Keller

    Your comment must include your name, location, handicap, and your current driver (head and shaft).
    Charles Keller
    Skokie Illinois
    16 HC
    Taylor made M6
    Lamkin Sonar Black Mid Grips

  177. Tomuckworth D

    Tom Duckworth
    Kansas City
    Driver head TaylorMade M2 10.5
    shaft Nippon NS Pro Regio Formula MB

  178. Scott K Giles

    Scott K. Giles

    Goodyear, Arizona

    Handicap is 7.7

    Titleist 915D2. Oban Devotion 6 shaft

  179. Dino. Colona I’ll. Handicap 7. Present driver Titleist TS3. Kurt Kage 50R

  180. Philip J Boyle

    Phil Boyle
    Bluffton SC
    Cleveland DST Launcher
    Diamana A Flex

  181. john wallendal

    John Wallendal
    Adams, Wisconsin
    HCP 5
    SMT DeepBore 9*
    ProForce V2 55 Regular

  182. Brian Melville

    Brian Melville, aged 64,
    Monifieth, Scotland. (Seaside Links).
    H/cap 7.6.
    Current Driver is an M2 with a stiff XLR8 shaft.
    Less height and more run-out would be great.

  183. Mike Hernandez

    Mike Hernandez
    Castro Valley, CA
    11.1 hdcp
    Taylor Made M3 w/ Fujikura ATMOS Blue TS

  184. Blake Smittkamp

    Blake Smittkamp
    Atlanta, GA
    6 HC
    Driver Head 2016 M2 10.5. Shaft Tour AD-DI 6X

  185. Dave Clark
    Keswick, VA
    HDCP 4.8
    Callaway Rogue Draw 9 Degree (LH)
    Aldila Quaranta 40 R

    Thanks for the opportunity…..dc

  186. Bob, Weston, WI, handicap 14.7. I need a better shaft for the Tour Edge HL4 I purchased after reading the Plugged-In review. The Mamiya S-Flex shaft is to whippy and too light for me. I read the Ventus review as soon as it was posted and I like the Ventus Black S-Flex in the 70g weight range.

  187. Ryan Bluffin
    The Woodlands, TX
    9.4 Handicap
    Taylor Made RBZ, S Flex shaft

  188. Jim Dolliver
    Sedona AZ
    Hcp 12
    Wishon Golf 9.5 head bent to 10 degrees
    Graffaloy Pro Launch Blue Regular flex 45 gram

  189. Anthony Perrault

    Anthony Perrault
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Handicap: 2.4
    Current Driver + Shaft: Titleist TS2 with Project X Even Flow T1100 White 6.5-X 65g.

  190. Mark Pollinger. 4 handicap. Harrisburg, PA 10.5 M/5 Tensei CK Pro White 70 S.

  191. John Toenjes
    Champaign, IL
    9.4 HC
    Titleist D15 d2
    Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana S+ Blue 60

  192. Ray Jackson
    Kentfield, California
    Handicap -0
    Taylormade M6 10.5* with Mitsubishi Tensei Orange Stiff

  193. 12
    Teeless Driver regular flex premium Fujikura XLR8 51R

  194. Duncan Armitage

    name: Duncan Armitage
    location: Yorkshire, England, UK
    handicap: 13
    current driver (head and shaft): Nike Vapor Fly with Tensei Shaft

  195. Jonathan Compton

    name: Jonathan Compton,
    location: Clayton, CA
    handicap: 25
    current driver (head and shaft)–Head: Great Big Bertha (Callaway), Shaft: Mitsubishi Bassara e42 (R flex) cropped down 1″ to 44.5″

  196. Robin Stewart

    Robin Stewart
    Edmonton, AB
    TaylorMade M3
    Aldila Synergy 50 S

  197. Steve Murray
    Kelowna, BC Canada
    TaylorMade M2 with Ozik Red Tie Stiff flex shaft

  198. Dennis Denholm

    Dennis Denholm
    Ipswich, South Dakota 57451
    Handicap: 20
    Driver: Head – Titleist 983K 8.5 degree
    Shaft: YS 6 .335 tip Graphite DESIGN MS 1-7 S – FLEX

  199. George Burnett

    George Burnett
    Handicap 12
    Age 62
    PXG GEN1-9 degree
    FUJIKURA PRO 2.0 7-S

  200. George Burnett

    George Burnett
    Handicap 12
    Age 62
    FUJIKURA PRO 2.0 7-S
    Statesboro, GA

  201. Noel Guillaume

    Noel Emu Plains Australia

    Mizuno St 180 with a reg orange tensei shaft


  202. Matthew Schairer

    Matt Schairer
    Trumbull, CT
    Srixon Z355 Miyazaki Jinsoku shaft

  203. Dave Wojton
    Las Vegas, NV
    handicap: 17
    Titleist TS2 with HZRDUS Smoke 5.5

  204. Nicholas Lovatt

    Nicholas Lovatt
    winkler Mb, Canada
    HCP: 2.2
    Titleist 915 D3 – Fujikura Speeder evolution 661 TS x-stiff

  205. Parmer Hill
    Royal Oak, MI
    Handicap 8
    Current Driver – Callaway Rogue w/ Project X Evenflow Blue 65 Reg.

  206. Andrew Cozart

    Andrew Cozart
    Raleigh N.C. Handicap 6
    Currently swinging Titleist 917 D2
    Fujikura speeder evolution stiff

  207. charles ousley

    charles ousley
    winston, oregon
    titleist 915
    aldila rogue black s flex
    i was mentus to demo a ventus

  208. Darrel Devernichuk

    Darrel Devernichuk
    New Westminster, British Columbia
    Hcp: 6
    Current Driver: 9.5deg Titleist 917D3
    Current Shaft: Graphic Design MT-6s

  209. Mike D.
    15 HCAP
    Tour Edge EX-10
    Mitsubishi Bassara R Flex

  210. Mike D.
    Columbus OH
    15 HCAP
    Tour Edge EX-10
    Mitsubishi Bassara R Flex

  211. David Anthony Bernard

    David Bernard
    Auburn Alabama
    Handicap 6
    Taylormade M5 Evenflow Max Carry 5.5R 45 grams

  212. Derek Hartmann

    Derek H., Illinois, 3, Ping G400 with diamana Kai’li 60x shaft

  213. Michael Kazmier

    Handicap index 10.3
    Callaway Epic Flash/Graphic Design Tour AD 6

  214. Albert Quintanilla

    Albert ‘DIno’ Quintanilla
    Ventura, CA
    7.8 your current driver (head and shaft).
    TaylorMade M3 460 Driver Length: 45.00 • 10.5 Loft
    Matrix White Tie MFS 55R ( Out of business, I understand
    R/S Driver Grip Type: STD Grip: +1/16 (Mid)

  215. Dan Corun
    Honoraville, Alabama
    Taylormade M6 D-Type w/ UST/Mimiya Profirce V2 5F3

  216. Randy Sirbaugh

    Randy Sirbaugh
    Ogden, KS
    Callaway BB Fusion Project X LZ 6.0

  217. Scott Stubblebine

    HC 8.3
    Cleveland Classic XL
    Miyazaka B.Asha 4R, 350 tip

  218. Mark Scott
    Colorado Springs, CO
    15.4 handicap
    Current Driver – 2016 Taylormade M2, 10.5deg, pro launch Blue shaft, cut to 44″

  219. A properly fitted Ventus would be my ideal birthday present…to myself

    Peter Shaw
    Handicap 2
    Long Beach CA
    Current Driver Cobra F9 Speedback with Tour AD iZ stiff shaft

  220. Brett Gallagher

    Brett Gallagher
    8 Handicap
    Sharon, MA
    Taylor Made M2
    Matrix Ozik HD Radix 4 X Flex

  221. Rob Franks
    Columbus, OH
    Ping G410LST w/ Fujikura Pro 2.0 TS 7x tipped 1″

  222. William Nettleton

    William Nettleton
    Macon, GA
    Handicap: 12
    Driver: Callaway Rogue = Aldila Synergy Blue 50 Reg.

  223. I play a 10.5 Ping G400 driver with stock Ping shaft. Handicap 14.9. Half Moon Bay, California

  224. Bing Lee
    Callaway Rogue 10.5 degree with Diamana S+ 62 stiff
    10 handicap
    Point Roberts, WA

  225. Ray Shelley
    Manheim, PA
    Handicap 14.3
    Callaway GBB Epic Driver/Project X New HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 60g Driver/Fairway Shaft Stiff Flex

  226. Ashley Schroth

    Ashley Schroth
    Bellevue, NE
    Handicap 10.5
    PIng G400 Max
    Alta CB 55 Stiff

  227. Larry Collins

    Larry Collins
    Tampa, FL
    Callaway GBB Epic – Mitsubishi C6 series

  228. Mike (16hcp) out of Palm Coast, Fla. I need more distance and am interested to try this new shaft in my Callaway Bertha 1.5 Mini-driver which currents sports a 65g Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver TiNi shaft. This could be a marriage made in Fujikura heaven!

  229. Brandon C
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Hcp 20
    Ping Anser with Ahina
    Probably need a good fitting!

  230. Chris B
    Leesburg, Va
    5.5 cap
    Titleist TS2
    Project X HZRDUS BLACK 6.0

  231. Sandy Ussery
    River Ridge, LA
    3.2 Index
    Taylormade M3, 10.5
    Tour AD SL II 5SR

  232. Jonathan Blum

    Love to try it
    Jon Blum 8.3
    Shavertown, Pa
    Callaway Epic. Fujikura Speeder xlr8 63 reg

  233. Allan
    Leonia, NJ
    15 handicap
    Cobra F9 with Blue Tensei stiff

  234. Looking to buy new driver and would love to marry it to a great shaft.

    L. Morris 27.3
    KING LTD Aldila Rogue Black 60 R
    Union WA


    Sam Lincoln
    Auburn, NY
    13 Handicap
    Ping G 400 LST 8.5 degree
    TPT MW 16

  236. John Fecker HC=11
    Cincinnati OH

    Driver. Taylormade 9.5
    Shaft. Matrix White Tie. 55S
    Grip. DriTac Medium

  237. Derik Davis
    Peachtree City, GA
    3.7 handicap
    Currently playing Ping G400 10.5 set to big + with UST PROFORCE V2 BLACK .335 GRPH 6 S (F4) FLEX tipped 1” 45”

  238. Have decided to go Ventus, not sure which one. Currently playing Fujikura Speeder Tour Spec X on an old Titleist 905s 8.5*. Thinking the TS4….
    Hdcp 10.4
    West Chester, PA

  239. Barrett Coakley

    Barrett Coakley
    Srixon 765 stock Miyazaki shaft

  240. Name: Guy C
    Location: Mississippi
    Handicap: 11.7
    Current Driver/Shaft: Cobra Fly Z set to 9.5 N, Mitsubishi Diamana M+ 50S

  241. Philip Chapman

    Philip Chapman
    Bryan, Tx
    Handicap: 7.2
    Cobra F7+ with Fujikura Pro XLR8 stiff flex cut to 42″

  242. Jay Vincent
    Rowayton CT
    GHIN HCP +0.9
    Callaway Rogue
    Oban Kiyoshi HB Stiff

    I enjoy trying new shafts. It seems to me that the shaft is the real engine and transmission of the club than the actual club head and club face. The complexities of club shaft selection baffle the mind. I’ve also learned that manufacturers “stiff” vs “regular” designation is arbitrary. Some of my regular shafts play much stiffer than some of the stiff shafts I play and vice versa. My playing partners are fascinated by my obsession with deciding on which shaft would play heat for any given day on a given course. As I said, I find it fascinating and endlessly entertaining, and spend a ridiculous amount of time reading about, comparing and studying golf shaft specs and characteristics. It’s just another wonderful part about playing this silly game. Thank you for giving us another opportunity to try out new equipment.

  243. Mark Arbuthnot

    Name: Mark Arbuthnot
    Location: Austin TX
    Handicap: 11.7
    Current Driver/Shaft: Callaway Rogue SZ Graphite Design AD IZ 6X

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