TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver Review

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The TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver delivers on the promise of huge ball speed.  Standout forgiveness plus adjustable weighting.  Great sound and feel, classic TaylorMade look.

Check out the new TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus driver HERE


It’s no exaggeration to say that TaylorMade’s Stealth drivers are the most hotly anticipated clubs of 2022 [I also argue that they’re the most interesting HERE].  Thanks to their red carbon fiber face, these are the drivers that are topping everyone’s “must try” list this year.

In this first of three driver reviews, I’ll give you an in-depth look at the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver.


I am thrilled that TaylorMade went back to an all-black crown for their Stealth line.  There is still a “ring” around the carbon fiber crown as there has been for the last few generations, but the carbon fiber is very black which makes for a more uniform appearance.  “Stealth” branding is hidden in the carbon fiber on the heel side.

In terms of size and shape, the three TaylorMade Stealth drivers are nearly identical.  They are all 460 cc with a slightly asymmetrical shape that’s not too stretched in any direction.  Staring at all three next to each other, the Stealth Plus may be slightly shorter from front to back with a shallower face.  I also might be looking for differences where none exist.

Flipping the driver over, your eye is first drawn to the silver “Stealth” branding along the middle of the sole.  The Stealth Plus is the only model with adjustable weights – a sliding track near the face that’s easy to miss thanks to is being black-on-black.

TaylorMade did an excellent job rounding out the aesthetics of the Stealth with a sharp head cover.  The Stealth branding, which is edgy and futuristic while remaining legible, is seen on both the back and around the edge of the top.

Sound & Feel

For the last few generations, I’ve thought that TaylorMade’s drivers have been the best in terms of sound and feel.  I was concerned that the feel would fall off with a carbon fiber face, but I was wrong.  Striking a Tour-quality ball with the Stealth Plus driver produces a very solid feel.  The sensation may be a bit softer than previous models, but it’s still stout and fast.

In terms of sound, the Stealth Plus is muted and staccato, even in a hitting bay.  I suspect that outdoors it will be whisper quiet.  Audio feedback is excellent with mishits being louder and more dissonant.


The focus of the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver is on the face, and rightly so.  After years of using titanium, TaylorMade switched to a “60X Carbon Twist Face.”  60X comes from the 60 layers of carbon fiber in the face.  The benefit of carbon fiber is that it is 44% lighter than titanium which allows for a larger face that’s still very hot.

Despite having hit very few balls in the last six weeks, I produced some of my highest ever ball speeds with the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver.  My first couple swings were rust removers, but the third ball registered a 6 after the 1, which made me very happy.  For me, ball speed in the 160s tells me that the club has some serious firepower.

Equally or more important is that the ball speed stays high on mishits.  Once I got loose, my ball speed never fell out of the 150s, even on gruesome contact.  Additionally, thanks to the Asymmetric Inertia Generator the head is stable so launch and spin rates are robust.

The primary thing that separates the Stealth Plus driver from the other two models is the adjustability.  A 10 gram sliding weight on the sole allows you to tune the club to promote a draw or fade.  Moving the weight from the extreme toe to heel will produce a noticeable difference in ball flight.  Smaller changes will probably be marginal for anyone who isn’t a very consistent ball striker.  The Stealth Plus driver also has TaylorMade’s Loft Sleeve which allows you to modify the loft up or down two degrees.

Beyond the sliding weight, the Stealth Plus differentiates itself by being the lowest launching and lowest spinning driver in the family.  The stock ball flight is very strong, so be careful in assuming you need one of the lower lofted options.  As always, you should get fit to maximize your driver’s performance.  Finally, TaylorMade notes that it gives up some forgiveness compared to the Stealth [review HERE] and Stealth HD [review HERE].


When I first heard about TaylorMade’s carbon fiber face, I was torn between excitement and skepticism.  Having tested the Stealth Plus driver for myself, the skepticism has been put to rest.  This face is large, forgiving, and hot, meaning more drives going further than before.

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TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver Price & Specs

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  1. I recorded my fastest ever ball speed with the STEALTH the first time every trying it.

    The most notable thing about the STEALTH for me was the forgiveness across the face. I had some low/heel strikes that were only 2 mph slower than my typical average. Easily the best driver ive ever hit and a noticeable improvement on forgiveness vs SIM and SIM2

  2. How much weight (grams) is in the back of the inertia generator? Is this weight interchangeable?

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t seen a published weight for the Inertia Generator.
      The weight can be changed, but I’ve not seen weights for sale which indicates that the weights aren’t meant for the consumer to change.



  3. Steve Zimmel

    Hi Matt
    Are the stock shaft offerings “made for” or are they the true decent OEM shafts?

  4. So, is it kicking the G425 out of the bag?

  5. Peter Simshauser

    Matt: Curious how you would compare the Stealth to your Ping G425 max gamer (particularly because I’ve had a good experience with that head). Any chance that Stealth will be in your bag for 2022? Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      The Stealth Plus isn’t quite as stable on mishits, but the difference is not huge and the ball speed does stay very high. I won’t be making any final decisions about a 2022 driver for a while.



  6. Jeff Petroske

    Could not get any consistent spin rates.
    Not a believer. I got better numbers off the original sim.

  7. Is there a loft sleeve on all three drivers?

  8. Horacio Resendiz

    Matt superb new less weight and more speed of the swing…..What a oír the stealth iron set, it is also ligotee? Maybe is has to be built of Steel but not of Carbon Wood material.

    • Matt Saternus


      Only the drivers have carbon faces in the Stealth line. We will have reviews of all the Stealth clubs in the coming weeks.



  9. Matt,.

    I recently did a fitting for the stealth driver and was fit with the stealth 10.5 degree with the hzrdous smoke blue rdx stiff shaft at 60 grams. Swing speed was 109 mph, ball speed 150 mph, launch was around 11 and carry distance was around 255. With those numbers should I be looking at a shaft that launches a bit higher to get the carry distance up. If so any recommendations. It was only a 1 hour fitting so I didn’t get to try alot of shafts and didn’t try any of the upcharge models.

    • Matt Saternus


      The first thing I’d be a bit concerned about is the ball speed. Your smash factor is about 1.37 which is not good for a driver. If you were hitting the ball anywhere near the center of the face, I’d have serious questions about how well that launch monitor was set up.

      To your question, if your ball speed was 150 MPH, 250 yards of carry is theoretically optimal by most estimates, so if the ball was actually carrying 255, you’re golden. However, again, I would question what the launch monitor was saying.

      Where was this fitting conducted?



  10. I’m wondering how many ‘tee strikes’ it takes to start marking up / destroying that polymer coating on the face. No way it stays intact long term.

    • Tee strikes won’t hurt the face, sandy balls might wear it somewhat over a few seasons.. Maybe it will then just start to spin a tad more as the polymer is there to lower the spin.

    • I got my new Stealth Plus about 2 weeks ago. I have hit about 100 balls at the range, and have played 3 round with it, and it still looks brand new. It pounds the ball too. I am 53 and I am crushing my drives with this thing. I have been hitting a TM M1 for the last few years and loved it, but the Stealth definitely adding distance off the tee and more forgiving.

  11. Robbie Anderson

    Would you say this model is geared more towards the better player? As always great information. Thanks for your work.!!

  12. Matt, thanks for the review. I’m currently gaming the Callaway Epic Subzero that was custom fitted in 2017 and wondering if it is worth traveling to the next town over to demo this club. Do you think there would be an increase in forgiveness and distance switching to the Stealth Plus?

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the Stealth may be a bit better in terms of preserving ball speed. I don’t think it will be night and day, but it could be a measurable difference.


  13. DarthBlader

    I didn’t see any improvement over the F9.

  14. I played the Sim2 last year and was not impressed by the Stealth. Sound and feel are subjective but I hated it. I could hear mishits but couldn’t quite feel the miss location on the face. The Rogue ST 3D was better all the way around for me.

  15. Matt,

    How would you compare this to the TSi3?

  16. Gained 16 yards over sim and Pxg driver. Way more forgiving than the sim Feels great Ventus shaft.

  17. Hi Matt, what shaft did you use to test this driver, thanks.

  18. Matt. You hit both drivers. Out of the TSI3 and the Stealth plus. Which one would you say is more forgiving. I’ve read both reviews and are torn between the two.

    I would like to add that plugged in gold for almost all of my equipment purchase. Usually spot on👍

  19. Don Portis

    I just joined your group and find the information helpful. I’m not one to buy new equipment often because I believe the success or failure is in the person holding the club. However, I did just fill a yardage void 210 – 220 with the TM rescue club after seeing the numbers. I love the solid heavy feel. Played only a few rounds – so far very good. Will be closely following your information for future purchases. Thanks Don

  20. Matt,

    What is the standard/default tts weight on the stealth plus? I am trying to order a custom and have different option on the tts weight. What would you recommend and why? Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      The standard weight is 10 grams. I wouldn’t recommend changing that unless it was recommended by a fitter for a specific reason.


  21. When testing this head what was the shaft used and how to decide what shaft to use what testing?

    I have found that different heads mean likely a different shaft.

    I am currently in a spat with my Stealth + and will be going back to my TM 440 M1. I am not pleased with the shaft I was put into, It might have been good in the bay but on the course it is a different beast. Will be going to a different fitter but cant not get in for a month…

    Anyways, I was just curious how you all decide which shaft to use with different heads.

    Thank you!

    • Matt Saternus


      Generally, we use the stock shaft as that’s what the OEM has “prescribed” for most golfers and it’s what most golfers are going to use.



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